Bet Number 11

I remember that some men beat me up when I was on my way to my car from the supermarket. It was night and my car was the only one parked in there. That was 3 weeks ago. When I woke up, I was here at a room with 10 other people. 6 dead and 4 alive. The dead people were rotting already and the smell was very putrid. The insides of these people were in one corner and the remaining people were either staring at a distance or crying. The 4 people alive were 2 men in their late 30’s, a woman in mid 20’s, and an old woman in 60’s. The room was plain and there was nothing in it but us. They all looked miserable as if they haven’t eaten and washed up for some weeks. I tried to make conversation but no one answered me. I feel as if someone is piercing me with needles whenever I try to speak and so I stopped talking. I stood up and saw the door. I tried to open it but it was locked.

I tried to stop vomiting from the smell of these dead people but I could not contain it and so I vomited on my side. It has been 3 hours and I did not dare speak any longer.

It has been a day and I am starving really hard. The others seem to not care about being hungry and all. When suddenly, a man’s voice from a speaker said, “We will begin in 48 hours.” The 4 other people in the room began to cry really loud. They were hysterical. I was stunned. Then someone talked again from the speaker, he said, “Bet Number 11, please stand in front of the door.” My ‘companions’ stopped what they were doing and they all looked at me straight in the eyes. The woman said, “You,” then she winced from the pain for speaking. I looked down on my shirt and saw the number 11. I followed the speaker’s order and so I stood in front of the door. After about 2 minutes, it opened and a guard pulls me outside. He blindfolded me and placed a tape on my mouth.

After a few minutes of walking, I was motioned to sit on a chair. The guard removed the tape and blindfold. He walked out of the room without saying anything. The same man talked again from the speakers. He said, “Bet Number 11, I welcome you to our organization. You are inside the isolation booth where you will be forced to change your character.”

I thought to myself, ‘What the f**k is he saying.’ The man then continued to say, “Our organization is composed of people who wants to see real people do real s****y things. The rule is simple, just kill someone from the room you were just in and then we would give you food to eat. Kill, survive, eat, and you are not allowed to speak. But beware, they might kill you first.” I screamed, “What the f**k are you saying! Where am I? Who are you? I did nothing wrong!” He said, “You might think you did nothing wrong. You probably won’t remember what you did. But, just know that you did something that crossed the line. The people you were just with are also in other isolation booths. Right before every fight begins, all of you will be placed in here. A new person comes when the last person has been dead for 15 days. This booth’s purpose is to destroy your mentality and convince yourself to kill a person. Just shout when you are ready.”

The room was now filled with silence. As I start to survey the room, I found that it was really small and it is pure white. After an hour of being alone in silence, I started to hear things. I tried to distract myself by saying any nonsense but after a few more hours, the voices I hear inside my head grew louder. The speaker played horror themed songs and it made me feel like someone is watching me. After a day and a half in here, my mentality was destroyed. I tried kicking open the door, clawing at it, and even pretended to be dead. Then I shouted, “Just get me out of here and I will do what you say.” The man spoke again, “Congratulations, kill and survive. You are not safe here.” The guard opened the door again and put a blindfold and a tape on my mouth. After a few minutes, I knew that I was already in the room with the dead people. I saw that my ‘companions’ were already there. The man spoke in the speaker again, “We will begin in 1 hour.” They all began to be hysterical again. I looked on the numbers on their shirt and saw 1 from the woman and 4 and 8 on the other men and 7 from the old woman. They must have been here for months already.

After an hour, the man in speaker said, “Let us begin.” The woman ran towards the dead bodies then buried herself beneath it. She might have thought that no one will notice her hiding in there. The men started punching each other and trying to bit each other’s arm off. The old woman looked at me and smiled in the most evil way one can imagine. She ran towards me then lunged at me. She was trying to bite me and all I can see was her teeth that were fiercer than the men fighting. I had no choice but to fight her back because I was about to have a heart attack with her actions. I punched her in the gut and she stumbled back. I didn’t know what else I can do so I ran towards the men who were fighting. She followed me but she got stuck with them. The men then eventually divert their attention to the woman then killed her in a really horrific way. All that I can think is, “Kill, survive, eat, and you are not allowed to speak.”

It has been years and I don’t know how many I’ve killed. It is now Bet Number 62 and I am still alive. I think the reward when I survive is higher now because I secretly have luxurious meal when I am in the isolation booth. But every time the fight begins, all I can think is to, “Kill, survive, eat, and you are not allowed to speak.”

  • Jasmine Saunders

    1st, and this is literally the best story on this app ever