Lifelong Companion

I don’t know where to begin. It has been days since I left my room. The scratching at the door gets unbearable at times, but I can’t show him any fear, or else. To make things worse, I am running out of supplies. My stash of food and water is dwindling, just as my will to survive is.

I’m sorry, I must not be making much sense. My name is Andy. I am a twenty five year old woman, and I used to be normal. Until the scratching started, that is.

I live in a small, quaint one-bedroom house. I am a small time writer, and I work from home mostly. I make my money by transcribing for various doctors and lawyers. Not exactly glamorous, but it puts Dr. Pepper in the fridge, and Ramen in the cupboards. I don’t need much to get by, since I live a mostly solitary life. I did have friends at one point, but I fell out of contact with them. I post to a few forums and maintain contact with people online.

Sorry about that, I know I am droning on a bit. But to understand my spiral into hell, you need to understand how isolated I really am. How loneliness can lead you to do some pretty idiotic things.
Please learn from me.

It all started when I got onto this website called I have always had an interest in the paranormal and witchcraft. I used to feel like I could be a witch, or a voodoo priestess, since even though I am shy and don’t fit in well..I am charismatic if I want to be. But, back to it.

I got onto the site to try and learn simple spells that I could do at home for fun. I didn’t know if they would work or not, but I was willing to give it a go. The first spell I chose was one to inspire luck. It was pretty simple, and only required a necklace and a white candle. I had both on hand, and set about lighting the candle and reading the ritual. It went something like this:

O! God’s and Goddesses, hear my plea! Let luck find and grace me! So mote it be.

You were supposed to read it aloud three times, and pass the necklace through the flames each time you read it. I felt pretty dorky doing it, but I tried it nonetheless. You were supposed to immediately put the necklace on, which I do not recommend doing. It hurts. After that, you blow out the candle, and thank the deities for their assistance. Good luck should follow. It did not follow for me, but I tried.

I went back to transcribing my last recording for the night, and started to go to bed when my computer made the soft ding sound to indicate that I had a message. It was from a username I had never seen before, damocles92. The subject line said Magick just for you. I clicked on it, and was greeted by a photo of a comically drawn wizard who appeared to be drinking out of a flask. His eyes were bright green, very sharp in contrast to his pale skin and beard. He had his other hand stretched before him in a casual thumbs up pose. I rolled my eyes, and scrolled down to the text, which I will post below.

“Hi Andy!

We noticed your interest in the wonderful world of Magick! You casted our spell for luck just a moment ago, and boy has it found you! We want to give you access to our limited edition spell to make your dreams really come true! We know you are lonely, and looking for a friend. We can help you. Please click on the link below and follow the instructions and we can promise that you will have a friend to the end.

So mote it be!

I have to admit, by this point, I was really, really f*****g nervous. How did they know so much? How did they even get my email? I didn’t sign up for the website; I had just browsed the pages. Did they hack into my computer? I really don’t know how to do much with hacking, as I only use computers to download audio, write, and look at various sites.

I immediately closed the computer down and went to bed. This was wayyy too weird, wayyy too quickly. I tried my best to sleep, but I was nervous and couldn’t force my brain to shut off. My curiosity was getting the best of me though. Should I see what the link was all about? Should I try and make my loneliness disappear by taking a risk? It was all too much.

I sighed, and got up. I went back to my computer, started it up, and opened the email again. I took a deep breath, and clicked the link. The screen went black momentarily, and a fuzzy image in the middle slowly began to sharpen. It was a beautiful scene of two people holding hands on the beach, in silhouette. The text below said, Click me. I did, and a soft tune started to play as the screen changed. There were lines of instructions, which I jotted down. I will not display them here, as I do not want anyone to deal with what I am going through.

But just know the ritual was dark Magick. It promised to give me a lifelong companion that I would never tire of. It promised to answer my hopes with vigor. I truly believed in it. I was willing to do whatever it took to ease the aching loneliness. It did take me a while to get ready for the ritual though, as it is not easy to come by a pure black rat to offer up to the gods. But I got one from an obscure pet store in town the next day.

Anyway, that night, I performed the ritual. I am not going to describe my mistake, but it was very bloody and messy. Nothing happened during, no magical flames, no figure rising from my hastily drawn pentagram. It was disappointing. Had I done something wrong? I checked back to my notes. I had done everything correctly. I sighed, and left the room. I needed sleep. Magick had been the only thing I had focused on for two days.

I started to head to bed, but my stomach let loose a loud growl. I hadn’t even eaten that day. Damn. I turned and went to the kitchen to prepare some meager meal to quiet my stomach with. All I had was sandwich makings and some stale chips. I had run out of ramen earlier in the week, and hadn’t thought to get any groceries. Sandwich it was then. I set about making a bologna sandwich with mayonnaise. I dumped the chips onto the plate, snagged a can of Dr. Pepper, and used my foot to shut the refrigerator door.

BOOM! A crash from the office startled me into dropping my plate. The shattering plate made me jump even more, and I swore. I didn’t know what could have made the noise, and I was scared. I don’t have any pets. I don’t have any reason for there to be any sort of noise in the house, aside from me. I mean f**k, I don’t even have a TV. Just my computer.

I didn’t bother picking up the plate. Instead, I held my breath and waited for more noise. There was a slight shuffling noise, very faint. It sounded like a dress or cloth being drug along the floor. That slithery, soft sound. I quietly grabbed a knife from the holder beside me, and crept down the hall. The noise was growing louder the closer I got to it. I was shaking, trying to control my breathing the best I could. My heart was pounding so loud I kept thinking whoever was inside could hear it.

The door to the office was slightly ajar, as I had left it. I took a deep breath, and slammed the door open, hoping to rush in and scare the f**k out of whoever was waiting on the other side. I lifted the knife, and let loose a pitiful scream that probably startled me more than anything. I was face to face with…

Not a God damned thing. My lamp had fallen over, but there was no one to be found. I laughed at my own stupidity and picked up the lamp. It was then that the noise sounded again from behind me. I screamed, turned, and slashed blindly with the knife, hitting nothing but air.
This time, however, I was no longer alone.

A creature was staring at me. A foul, blackened, and wrinkled creature. It had even darker black eyes, and looked like a burn victim. Mottled areas of pink discoloration dotted the small body. It was short, maybe four foot tall. It had long yellowed fangs and two holes for nostrils. No bridge. I am able to describe it so well because it has haunted what little sleep I get.

It was also leaking a greenish fluid from small stores on its body. There was a slight odor, unpleasant, like gently rotting trash. I screamed as loudly as I could. It didn’t flinch in the slightest. It merely stared at me for a few moments longer, studying me. I didn’t move. I could only breathe. My mind was blank.

The creature opened its mouth wide in a huge grin, and spoke. “MAMAMAMAMAMAMA!” It howled, and rushed towards me. I jumped backwards, accidentally dropping the knife and tripped over my desk chair. I fell hard onto my b**t, and tried to shove myself backwards further, but there was nowhere to go. The creature jumped into my lap, cooing as it wrapped its cold slimy hands around my neck.

I gagged at the smell of it, and yanked myself out of its grasp. I flung it across the room as I struggled to my feet, disregarding the muffled squeak and sprinting out the door, down the hall, and out the front door. I had my keys in my pocket thankfully, and rushed into the car, slapping at the door lock and frantically jamming the key into the ignition. I couldn’t catch my breath. I couldn’t think. What the f**k was that thing? Do I call the cops? I swore then as I remembered I had left my phone in my bedroom. I didn’t have anyone I could go to. No one to help me.

I backed out of the drive, and went down the road to the dirt road that led to the lake. It was quiet there, and I could think more easily. The drive couldn’t have taken more than ten minutes, but I felt like I was driving for an hour. My head was so mixed up. I felt foggy, disoriented. I pulled to a stop at a small clearing used for camping. I put my head down, and let out a shaky breath. I hadn’t realized I had been holding it until that moment.

Should I go back home with police? Was I hallucinating? Call a priest? I wasn’t sure. I decided to sleep in the car for the night. No one would bother me out here. I would go back home in the morning and hope the sunlight would drive it away, whatever the f**k it was. I reclined the seat, and settled in as best as I could to try to sleep. I tossed and turned for at least an hour before the blackness overtook me.

The next morning I woke to bright sunlight and an aching back. I adjusted the seat and started the car. I had to go back. Maybe I had just had some kind of bizarre hallucination due to lack of sleep. That thing couldn’t be real. I was not ready for it to be real.

I shook my head, and pulled onto the road. My hands were slightly shaky, and my heart was still racing, but I felt more in control of myself. There was nothing there. Nothing in my house. Nothing. It was not possible to conjure a creature with a few words and a dead rat.

My stomach rumbled, jerking me out of my thoughts. F**k, I still hadn’t eaten. I decided to stop at the corner store and grab some groceries. I quickly loaded up on junk food, ramen, and several cases of Dr. Pepper. I loaded it into the car and drove home. As I pulled into the drive, I studied the out side. Nothing seemed amiss. No figure staring from the window, the door was still firmly closed. I grabbed my groceries and went in.

It was completely silent. The plate was still shattered, though the sandwich and chips were mostly gone. I reminded myself that I needed to get more mouse traps, and decided that I would just grab a few bowls and take everything into my room. I wanted to be in my own little space for awhile, and bury myself in typing.

I gathered everything I needed, and staggered into my room. I set everything down, moving quickly past the office. I decided I would force myself to check it as soon as I set everything down in the room. I put my groceries on the bed, and my bowls by the mini fridge and microwave I have by my desk. I took a few deep breaths, and went out into the hall. There was nothing in the office. The chair wasn’t even turned over. Everything was immaculate. I laughed and laughed. I had hallucinated everything. My overactive imagination was to blame. Thank goodness.

I went back into my room, and closed the door behind me. I opened a can of Dr. Pepper, and a bag of chips and settled into bed. I gorged myself for a little while, only pausing to grab my book from the nightstand. I read for hours, until my exhausted mind could no longer process the words. I silently gave thanks for black out curtains, closed my eyes, and promptly fell asleep.

I woke with a start, gasping. I wasn’t sure what had scared me, but my heart was pounding. I sat up, my breath shallow and quick. It was dark outside, but my little reading lamp kept the room lit dimly. Everything looked fine. My clock said it was 1:25 am. I had slept over twelve hours! F**k. I had to get busy transcribing, and send a long apologetic email.

I threw off the blankets, and sat at the desk. I booted up the computer, and opened the first file. I started typing furiously, ignoring the soft ding from my email. There was time for that later. Right now I had to focus. I typed for hours, until I had gotten the last word down. I sent them off with hasty apologies, and leaned back in the chair and sighed. I was still tired. Even after all that sleep. I started to turn off the computer, but I recalled that I had received an email. I switched to my inbox, and my heart dropped when I saw the same sender and subject line filling the page:

damocles92  Re:Your Magickal companion
damocles92  Re:Your Magickal companion
damocles92  Re:Your Magickal companion
damocles92  Re:Your Magickal companion
damocles92  Re:Your Magickal companion
damocles92  Re:Your Magickal companion

I clicked on one of them with a shaky hand. The email went something like this:

Hi! Andy!

We are so glad to see that you now have a lifelong companion! By now you know his name is Azaz, and he is a very excitable little thing! We know he loves you already. He will keep you safe and secure. You can cuddle up to him at night, and he will do his own thing during the day. We recommend that you don’t forget to feed him though, because he gets angry.

So mote it be!

It was then that the soft scratching started at my bedroom door. I flung myself into the door immediately. The scratching persisted, growing louder and louder. I was sobbing frantically by this point, shaking miserably. I slid down the door, and screamed as I felt a wet finger stroke me from under the crack of the door. “Mamamamama… Please. Hungry Mamamamama. So hungry.”

I ignored it, enduring the scratches and pleas. It seemed like I had been there for hours. My back ached, my head throbbed. It probably couldn’t turn the door knob. It was only scratching. It would get tired of it soon and go away. It had to. The sun would be out soon. It had to be.

I was going mad. F*****g s**t heel insane. Why did I do that ritual? Why did I let my loneliness get the better of me? Why didn’t I take those stupid Ouija board stories into consideration? I could have prevented this.

The scratching had stopped. For how long, I don’t know. My head was full of ramblings and delusion. I slowly got up, careful to be as quiet as possible. I could now read the clock. 6:58 am. The sun must be out. The creature was gone. It would be gone for awhile. I grabbed my dresser and pulled it in front of the door. I didn’t have a door lock, so that would help keep it out.

I lowered myself onto the floor, and peered through the crack. Blackened eyes peered back at me. I screamed, and it let out a delighted squeak. Its purplish oozing tongue lolled out, rancid breath warm on my face. I scrambled backwards, getting into my bed and pulling the blanket tightly over myself. It would be okay. It’s okay. Things are fine. It can’t get to me it can’t get to me it can’t it can’t.

I have been in this room ever since. It has been two days at least. It seems like it has been five nights or more. The clawing at the door never stops. Even if it does, it is all I hear in my head. That and Mamamamama. I eat to stay alive, but I am running out of time. I have rationed it as well as I can. The door has been splintering slowly. I stuffed my blanket into the crack, but I think it has started to eat into the walls like a rat. I am growing weaker by the hour. I would have used the window, but I f****d up my ankle when I moved the dresser. I didn’t realize it at the time because my adrenaline was going. I think I may have broken something inside. I really do.

Please listen. Do listen. You must listen. Listen to me, damn you! Don’t f**k with Magick. Don’t f**k with fate. Don’t do it. Don’t go mad like me. Please listen. Do listen. YOU MUST LISTEN G******N YOU.
My name is Andy. I am not going to make it much longer. This is real. This is happening. I f****d up. Sorry. I know it is getting confusing but I am doing voice to text because my. Fingers hurt. Oh my. God did I leave the bathroom door unlocked oh f**k oh f**k oh

  • Jamie Morse

    Great story

  • I want the story to continue ! It’s so great !

  • Danie Underwood

    Am I the only one that feels really sad for the creature?

    • Blakey

      I think so