Ballet Shoes

Anne was a normal ballet student until she came across a pair of antique ballet shoes at an antique store. They were in pristine condition except for a little mark on the sole but Anne payed that no mind. She bought the shoes and went home immediately, she went into the basement and did a few exercises on the Barre, the shoes seemed to fit okay and she liked how they moved so well with her. In fact, they seemed to be made for her and not anyone else. She almost took them off but… She didn’t want too. Then, realising that always wearing the shoes would damage them even faster so she quickly removed them and went back upstairs. The next day when she went to ballet practice one of her more… B***hy classmates said Dance ’till you drop”  in a rather ominous tone but Anne payed it no mind. She got ready and when it was her turn she danced for just a little longer then usual and almost wanted to dance longer. But that was just because she had gotten into a sort of groove. Right? she asked herself. And what her classmate said flashed in her mind Dance ’till you drop. is this what she meant?! Does she want me to end up like that girl in Supernatural? (The one that danced in the cursed ballet shoes until her feet… Exploded, for those of you that don’t know) Anne was frantic now and she seriously considered throwing away the shoes. Or burning them. Burning was a good idea. But a little voice in her head said “Don’t burn us. We will help you.” Naturally Anne freaked. But something in her snapped that day. So she kept the shoes. It was a bad idea. A very bad idea. She almost asked how they would help her but ahe didn’t. And the next week she really did dance ’till she dropped. She danced and danced and danced until her feet were bloody and broken. She kept dancing until she fainted and. Died of blood loss. Dance ’till you drop she heard over and over in her head. And she did. Nobody did anything. That’s what was most odd about it. It seemed like Anne never existed. It was very odd. And the shoes disappeared and… Reappeared in the antique store in perfect condition. The engraving was a warning. But nobody read French so girls kept dying until one day the shoes disappeared too. Nobody knows how and nobody really… Cares. Everybody remembered their loved ones and gave them proper funerals. The antique store was shut down because of the shoes and the owner became a hermit. He later died of heart failure and wasn’t found until the next week. Some people said that he got what he deserved. Others say it was revenge from all those poor girls. Nobody knows why he did it and that was quite disturbing. Maybe he was just a jerk. Nobody knows for sure. Beware of antique ballet shoes and learn french. It just might save your life

  • Nyelli

    Hon hon hon! Look at hese lovely ballet shoes! Wait nvm f**k that sh*t!

  • wawe

    The ballet shoes came in to quickly in the story, try making an introduction of the person or something before getting to the main thing, otherwise well written.

  • Nadibeballin Ballin


  • Cameron Dilworth

    Oh my Goodness!!! I loved this episode!! Nice work, I love Supernatural