Last Week I Found a Box

A few months ago I bought myself a brand new metal detector for about 300 dollars. It is very expensive but it has many b*****s and switches. And I still don’t know what all of them do, but I’m working on it. Reading the manual also helps, but I like to find out how things work by myself.

I would really like to find some coins or some other old relics that were left from the war or something. Ready anything I would like to find. And I did find some stuff. When I was sweeping trough the woods I found a load of chucks of iron ore. I kept them all and I would say I now have like 4 kilo’s of only iron ore. I also found some bike parts, some random household items and some other random items.

But last week I found something peculiar. A little iron box the size of a lunchbox with a tiny padlock attached. I put it in my backpack and took it home. The lock was very rusty so I decided to smash the padlock with a hammer. With 3 taps the lock broke loose and I was able to open the little box. When I looked inside I saw a photograph of a boy. It was very unclear but it was definitely a child. Next to the photo was a bundle of old sticks. There was also a little toy and a tooth. A small tooth that probably belonged to the child.

I thought the child probably would have buried the first tooth he lost, and put a photo with it to look at it later. I took the photo out of the box and turned it over. It was hard to read but all I could read was a name. It read “Max”. I closed the box and put it in my desk in the garage.

The next morning when I woke up, I went downstairs and cleaning myself. To my surprise I saw the box on my coffee table. It was opened, and everything was still inside. At first I was just staring at it for a couple of minutes. In disbelief I examined the box again but I was unable to figure anything out. I knew something paranormal was going on.

I put my finding on a forum and soon I got replies. Some said “cool” and some said “go kill yourself”. Of course I should take the comments with a grain of salt, so I did. But one comment was actually helpful.

“It is possible you dug up a sacrificial item, or maybe disturbed the child’s death.”

It got me interested so I told them on the forum that it appeared in the room when I woke up. I told them I left it in the garage. Suddenly many more replies came in and everyone started asking for photos. I took a few pictures of everything and uploaded them. The hate disappeared and everyone suddenly knew everything about the box I found. Only one comment stuck out to me.

The bundle of sticks is sacrificial sage, you can see it is black on top, so it has burned. The tooth could be the link to the spirit, it could be attached to that. If you keep the box, more strange things might happen. I replied that I was not going to throw it away. I would rather keep it and see what happens.

When I was asleep that night, something woke me. I thought I heard a light voice was calling out my name. It sounded like a child’s voice. I looked to my opened door and I suddenly hear faint footsteps running trough my hallway. I got up and walked to my hallway. I looked around but I didn’t see anyone. I put on the lights and started to investigate my house.

Near the hallway is the bathroom. The door was open and the light was on. When I walked towards it, I could hear a giggling coming from the bathroom. The door shut and the hallway was drowned in darkness. I quickly switched on the light in the hallway and walked towards the bathroom. I knocked on the door and I said to my surprise something I did not expect coming from my mouth.

“Max, is that you?”

I got no reply. Then I thought, this must be a kid and must be treated as one. I said,

“I will count to three and I want you to open the door max!”

I began counting, “One…!” I again heard a giggling sound from the bathroom.


“Thr-…” and before I knew it the door slammed open with a bang. But there was not no one inside. I could feel a sad presence inside the bathroom. I could feel it staring back at me. I did not feel scared, it felt like it wanted my help. I put the lid of the seat down and sat on it.

I put my hands on my legs and asked, “How can I help, Max?” I heard nothing. I waited for about 10 minutes and listened to all the sounds I could hear. But also the feeling of someone staring at me disappeared.

I sat there for another 15 minutes and no other activities happened. I repeated my question multiple times and had no response. I decided to post my experiences on the forum again. So I updated my post. A few minutes later more replies were left on my page. Most of them felt sorry for Max. Some of them said I was mentally ill and I needed help. But I know better. I know what happened. I decided to set up my camera for the night while I was asleep. I seen it in many movies and maybe I get to see something I told myself.

I put my camera in the corner of my room so it could record everything. And I went to sleep.

The next morning I was really excited to go trough my footage. And sure enough did I find something strange. At 3:29 P.M. my door opened up by itself. A few seconds later I roll over to the other side of my bed. I can see the sheets go up a little bit as if someone is entering the bed. I can hear a sound on the video so I decide to amplify it in audacity. I could not make out what it said so I decided to pots the audio file on the forum. Someone told me in a comment it said “I’m scared” and it was definitely a high pitch voice. I listened to the file this person uploaded which was a modified sound of the original. And sure enough you could clearly hear the voice say “I’m scared”.

I decided to buy a very sensitive microphone to capture more sounds and voices that I was unable to hear. I put it everywhere I went in the house and listened to it with some headphones. It recorded everything, so if I heard something I would be able to review it later.

The next day I had some more voices which I put on the forum. They got modified and everyone was able to hear the same thing.

One recording said “help” one said “my teddy is gone” another one said “what’s happening” and the last one said “he is chasing me”

Everyone got emotional over the last voice they heard. But we were certain this was the spirit of a kid looking for a way to the afterlife. Everyone gave tips on how to tackle this. But I was not sure what to do. I decided to give it some time. Stop the recordings and wait for a couple of days.

Every night for 3 nights I would wake up to a scream or a banging noise or some other strange noises. Every time I went to check it out, there was nothing to see. Only some moving lamps and some opened doors. I decided something had to happen. This was something I could not ignore anymore.

The next morning I grabbed my shovel and metal detector. I decided I was going to look in the area for clues that might help. When I got to the hole I dug for the chest I sat down and took a sip of water. After a couple of minutes I swung my metal detector over the hole again, but I did not get a response. Nevertheless something in my head told me to dig there. So I widened the hole and started digging.

After about 30 minutes of digging I got pretty deep. And when I pulled the next shovel of dirt on the ground above me, I could hear something scratch my shovel. I looked over the edge at the sand. I could see a white bone. It looked like a chicken bone, but I knew better. I started to scoop out more and more bones. Ribs, leg bones. Even finger bones.

I took my phone and called 911. They got there in no time and told me to back off and let them do an investigation. They would tell me everything they found. After pondering behind the cops and investigators for about 2 hours, 1 investigator walked up to me and handed me a small flask with a letter in it. On the flask was written, “to my gravedigger”

I opened the flask and took out the little piece of rolled up paper. I unrolled it and it said, “Thank you for setting me free. Don’t be scared when you get home.” I grabbed my shovel and my metal detector and went home. Once I got to the porch of my house the door was slightly open. I pushed open the door and carefully scanned the hallway. A feeling of happiness and dread took over the atmosphere in the house. Then I walked towards the living room. On the couch sat a boy, about 6 or 7 years old. He turned his head. But when I looked at him, he had no eyes to look back at me. I got scared at first, but I remembered the note.

He smiled and moved his mouth, I was unable to hear what he was saying but I could read his lips for some reason. He said, “I will never forget this, thank you for setting me free” then in a blink of an eye he got up and ran trough the hallway up the stairs. When he got out of my sight and reached the floor above me, he jumped 3 times and then it was silent.

I walked up to the second floor and looked around in every room but no one was there to be found. This happened yesterday, and last night I slept really good. I think I might have seen him again in my dream last night. But whatever, must be coincidence right?

I shared the story on the forum. People were in awe. And some called me bad names. But you need to take their comments with a grain of salt, remember?

3 days later I read on the front page of a paper “missing child found dead in forest”. It went on about where the child had lived. Who the parents were, and some other things. That night I went out and looked for the his parents and eventually found them. I told them what had happened. They started crying and thanked me for telling them what happened.

Written by Michael Kraus

  • AnBathory

    Good story, a bit anti climatic but it worked well, wondering why “b*****s” is censored >.<

    • Jaxaloth

      Thank you. I could of made the story longer, but i tought this was a proper ending.

  • Giulia

    Very good. Five stars 😉

    • Jaxaloth

      Much apriciated 🙂

  • Anners

    Omfg this was so good

    • Jaxaloth

      Thank you very much. I might upload more.

  • Jaxaloth

    Thank you very much. I have more but i dunno if i should upload them. Im always afraid i make a bunch of spelling and grammar mistakes.

  • Skullfuck

    A few grammatical errors, but not enough to complain about. Good job.