Find Me

Friday 14th of July 1988


A girl is standing in front of her window. She looks at the moon who’s rising and the city who’s still full of life. She loves looking at the city. She sits down on a box and takes the doll who’s lying on her bed. She hears much of screaming downstairs. A tear rolls down her cheek and she holds the doll tighter. She hopes the doll will protect her from all the anger and sadness downstairs. The tears start running down her cheeks. She takes the doll and looks at her. Her two black braids and her pretty pink dress. Her tiny red shoes and her big blue eyes. She puts her back on the bed and goes slowly and carefully down the stairs. She wants mommy to sing a song for her. When she walks through the hall to the door she hears the sounds becoming louder. The door isn’t closed. She looks through the door carefully and she sees the situation again.

Father is running angry trough the living room while her mother sits on the couch and cries. Sister comes out of the kitchen with a towel. She doesn’t look happy. She walks to the fireplace and starts cleaning the mess up of a broken bottle of vodka. Her father runs to the fireplace and grabs a new bottle. He throws it in the fireplace! A huge fireball shoots through the chimney.

Sister jumps back when father grabs more bottles and starts throwing them on the ground. The anger on his face is indescribable… then he takes the figurine that the girl made at school for his birthday… throws it on the ground and it breaks in a thousand pieces. She walks inside the room and looks at the present on the ground… she feels tears burning inside her eyes. Everyone looks at her in the room. She looks at her father and she sees a little piece of regret… but when her dad puts a step closer, she runs away. She runs to her room and grabs the doll on her bed. She hears her family running upstairs… and when her family opens her door, she stands on the windowsill.

They stay looking at her while she stands on the windowsill and looks at her…

Her dad tries to come nearer but then she screams!

And she jumps out of the window…

I am the doll. The doll who was in het arms when she fell. The doll was soaked in blood… her blood. The blood who will love me forever!

Now I’m hiding… in an unknown world… I have some powers… and if you find me maybe I give them to you…

A hard job…

To find me, you need to do this:

Go to a hospital and ask one of the nurses: ‘Where did the doll go?’

If she looks at you like you’re a psychopath, then you are wrong. Run away and don’t enter that hospital EVER again.

If you look at her eyes and they change color, you are a step closer. You need to follow her until she enters a room in the basement. Follow her and don’t ask or say anything while you’re following her. Or the ritual will fail and you will be stuck in the unknown forever.

The door will close automatically after you both entered. A painted cross on the floor? Excellent, go stand on it.

The nurse will walk to the white pillow that’s laying on the ground, in front of the cross. She will ask you to close your eyes and keep them closed untill you’ve seen my face in your mind.

Do it.

If you will open them, or you asked something while following, the ritual will fail and you will wake up in an entire darkness were you will never get out.

When you’ve seen me in your eyes, you can open them. You will see that the nurse disappeared, the pillow is red, and there lies something on it. It’s a button. Keep it with you.

Then I want you to cut a scar in your arm. Don’t worry it will be healed soon. Close your eyes. You need to let 5 drops drip in the button and then open your eyes.

You will see an entire darkness with only 1 door in front of you. When you walk in you will see the room of my loved owner… you will see her crying on her bed with me in her arms.

DON’T walk straight to her, go slow.

When you made it to her bed, you ask her:  ‘Why are you crying?’

She will look at you and show you me. O will miss an eye. My eyes are blue b*****s.

Give her the button and she will restore me.

When she’s ready, she will smile at you. Smile back.

If she doesn’t, or you don’t smile back. I will kill you.

When she smiles at you, she will stand up from het bed. She will look at me and then reach me out to you.

Take me and thank her.

You now have me. You will see her walk slowly towards the window, smile for the last time at you and you will see her jumping out.

You will wake up in your own bed and you will find me on the end of your bed.

I gave you immortality.

But you are cursed too, everyone you love will HATE you forever and the entire world will too.

You murdered her.

And you will never be able to get rid of it or get rid of me.

She will haunt you in your dreams… every night. If you try to get rid of me, i will return to the end of your bed. Every time more horrifiying then the previous time.

You will live forever… in a world were everyone is against you.

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    If your eyes are closed, how can you tell how many drops of blood you’ve dripped? And what’s the point of living forever if everyone hates you?? Cool concept, mediocre execution.

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    I agree with Sarita, very cool idea, but your wording was awkward and there were a lot of typos. It really distracts from the story. Proofread and you’ll have a great story!