Lotte was sitting on her couch looking out of her window. It was 3 a.m on a Friday and pitch black outside. It was raining very heavily and there was the sound of thunder and quick flashes of lightning in the distance. She had all of her lights off and was just watching the lightning and listening to the thunder.

Suddenly, the door out of her living room and into her hallway loudly slammed shut. The suddenness of it made her jump and fall off of her couch. She got up and sat back down on the cough, she assumed it was just the wind and went back to looking out the window. A few minutes later the door slammed again, now she was getting scared. She lived alone so she knew it wasn’t someone else and the door had already slammed and she didn’t open it so she knew it wasn’t the wind. She picked her phone up, turned on the flashlight and walked over to the door. She opened the door and asked with a shaky voice:

“I-is a-anyone o-out t-t-there?”

She received no response, she asked the same thing again and received no response. She decided to look around so she entered the hallway which is when something flashed quickly in her vision, it looked like a human face but it was semi-transparent and horribly deformed to the point where it only looked only vaguely human with blood dripping from where the eyes and mouth would be. It also had hands that reached out for her and it made a horrible, piercing screeching noise that sounded like an extremely high-pitched car skid. It was so loud it hurt her ears almost to the point of rupture even when she plugged them. She shut her eyes tight when this happened and when she opened them up again she was sitting on the floor, staring at the hallway with nothing looking out of the ordinary.

Lotte stood up, brushed herself off and looked around for anything weird but saw nothing. She sighed and rubbed her eyes, thinking she was just tired and seeing things. She decided it was time for bed so she walked into and down the hallway to her bedroom to go to sleep. As soon as she got into her bedroom she stripped down to the n**e and crawled into her bed to go to sleep. As she drifts to sleep, she thought she saw the apparition in the corner of her eye, but she paid no attention to it and drifted off to sleep. She didn’t dream about anything that night and she awoke at 7 a.m to nothing strange. She sat up, stretched, yawned and rubbed her eyes. She got out of her bed, walked into the hallway again, went into the living room and headed into the kitchen to get some breakfast because she was hungry.

After she was finished, she went to her bathroom to take a quick shower and to brush her teeth before she had to go to work. When she got out of the shower, dried herself off and brushed her teeth, she headed back into her bedroom and got dressed for work as she had to leave in 20 minutes if she wanted to make it on time. After she was dressed, she sat on her couch and watched TV for 10 minutes before going downstairs to her front door to get her shoes on and to grab her keys. As she was walking down her stairs, she felt like something was watching and following her but nothing was there when she turned around. She shrugged it off as nothing and continued with what she was doing. After she was all ready she went into her garage, got in her car and drove to work.

She worked at a place that makes ice cream and they sometimes invent a new flavour. Her job was to supervise the employees tasked with coming up with new flavours. She found her job extremely boring as she did basically nothing. Her entire job consisted of her sitting in her chair in her office and occasionally looking down at the employees. She also talked to her superiors when they did eventually make a new flavour. Since she doesn’t do much work she uses her computer to do research on what she saw that night/morning. She didn’t find out anything about the particular apparition she saw, but she found at that the time she saw the spirit, 3 a.m, was a common time to see spirits and other supernatural entities. She did research on spirits for her entire shift as the employees didn’t come up with anything.

After her shift, she returned home, immediately as she entered her house the hairs on the back of her neck stood up, she felt a chill down her spine and she felt like she was being watched. She took her shoes off and hung her keys up before walking up her stairs into her living room. She sat down on her couch and turned her TV on, trying to ignore the atmosphere of the room and the feeling of being watched. She decided that tomorrow, since it was the Saturday and she doesn’t work on the weekend, that she would go buy an Ouija board and try to communicate with the spirit and see if she can find out why it was here. For the time being, she was just going to watch TV and hope she can not focus on the feeling.

After a few hours, at 11 p.m, Lotte decided she should go to sleep, just in case the spirit appears only at 3 a.m. So, she got off the couch, walked through the door in the hallway which then slammed behind her but she just kept walking until she reached her bathroom. Once she was in her bathroom she brushed her teeth and she constantly saw the spirit appear and disappear quickly in her mirror. Once she was finished brushing her teeth she went to her bedroom, stripped down, dropped onto her bed and fell asleep. She didn’t have any dreams or nightmares that night which was a present surprise to her when she awoke.

She looked at her clock when she woke up and say that it was 11 am so she got 12 hours of sleep. She got out of bed and walked to her kitchen with nothing out of the ordinary happening on the way there. She decided to make some hash browns for breakfast which she made very well. After she was finished eating she walked to her bathroom which again, went very smoothly and she had a shower and brushed her teeth. After she went and got dressed and decided to go onto her computer which was in her bedroom to try to research where she could buy an Ouija board. She found the location of, as the Internet says, a ‘supernatural’ store which was fairly nearby, at least a 15 minute drive from her house. So, she went downstairs, grabbed her keys, got in her car and started driving towards the shop.

After the drive, she parked her car and entered the shop. She was greeted by a woman, who looked like she was at least 56, with a friendly, “Hello and welcome!” Lotte nodded at the woman and started looking around. She didn’t see any Ouija boards around so she walked over to the woman and asked her:

“Hey, do you have any Ouija boards?”

The woman said, “Yes I do, give me one second.” The woman walked through a purple curtain behind the counter, she stayed back there for a good five minutes before emerging with an Ouija board box in her hand before she set it down on the counter. The woman then said, “I must warn you, this is a very powerful spiritual artifact that must be handled with extreme care. Demons will sometimes use these to possess someone. When you are done with it you must break it and burn it to close the spiritual tear and make sure that nothing lingers in this realm of reality.”

Lotte shrugged and responded, “Yeah, sure I’ll do that.”

The woman replied, “Great, that’ll be $9.99.” Lotte sighed and payed for the board. After she had paid she took the board, got back onto her car and drove back home with the board on the passenger seat. Once she got home she grabbed the board and went upstairs to her living room. She decided to wait until 3 a.m to use the board so she chilled and watched Netflix until then.

Once it was 3 a.m, she put the box on the floor and kneeled down in front of it. She took the board out of the box and set it down in front of her. Then she decided to set up some candles so she went and lit some candles and set one on each side of the board except for the one she was one then she turned off every light in the house and get back into position. She took the planchette out of the box and put it in the middle of the board before taking a deep breath. She placed her fingers so gentle onto the planchette that she was barely touching it as she said:

“Are there any spirits with me right now?”

There was a couple minutes of nothing and just has she was about to take her hands off of the planchette it started slowly moving to the top left of the board, eventually stopping on ‘YES’. When Lotte saw that her heart started racing as she didn’t really expect it to do anything. She tried to calm down and compose herself before asking anything, which did take a couple minutes. After she had calmed down she asked the spirit:

“What’s your name?”

The planchette started moving again and it spelt out, ‘E’ ‘L’ ‘I’ ‘G’ ‘H’.

Lotte thought to herself, ‘Eligh, that’s a weird name.’ She then asked the spirit, “Why are you haunting me?”

The planchette started moving again and it spelt out, ‘I’ ‘H’ ‘A’ ‘V’ ‘E’ ‘M’ ‘Y’ ‘R’ ‘E’ ‘A’ ‘S’ ‘O’ ‘N’ ‘S’.

Lotte frowned at that answer as it wasn’t really an answer, it was just something obvious. She replied to the spirit, “Yes, I know that, it’s pretty obvious but I want to know your reasons, I’ve never done anything to hurt anyone so why me?” After she finished speaking the spirit appeared and was kneeling on the other side of the bored with its hands on the planchette as well, the spirit looked up at Lotte right before it stood up, showing that it’s legs were just as messed up as the rest of its body, being all mangled and not straight at all. The spirit was 5’10” which was much taller than Lotte seeing as she was only 5’3”.

The spirit slowly reached its mangled arm towards Lotte’s head who was extremely scared and showing it clearly on her face as she did not know what was happening or what was going to happen. As soon as the spirit touched her head, her vision went completely black for a few seconds. When she did regain her vision, she found herself lying down as well as surrounded by complete and utter darkness with a pale figure which she recognized as the ghost standing 10 meters away. Lotte stood up and the spirit disappeared and reappeared only 3 meters away in less than a second. This suddenness made Lotte fall back down but jump up a couple seconds later. When Lotte composed herself she asked the spirit:

“Where and we and why are we here?”

The spirit replied in a pitch-shifting voice, “We are in the depths of your mind that are never used and we are here so I can communicate with you easier.”

Lotte nodded, understanding and replied, “I see, so what are we going to talk about?”

The spirit replied, “We are here to discuss your question, it would just be too tedious to do with the Ouija board.”

Lotte replied, “Well, what are your reasons?”

The spirit knelt down to look Lotte in the eyes and said, “Because you indirectly killed me.”

Lotte was visibly shocked by this news as she never tried or wanted to kill someone. She asked the spirit, “How did I kill you, please tell me.”

The spirit replied, “I’ll tell you. When I was alive, I went to buy some of your companies ice cream. When I ate some, I had an allergic reaction to an ingredient that wasn’t mentioned on the container which sent me into a dazed confusion, sending me out of my house and onto the highway near my house. I got hit by a bus that was speeding by going around 135 km/hr. The bus sent my flying off of the highway and into a tree which I fell out of. Then, I fell down a very jagged rocky hill which is why I look like this.”

Lotte looked horrified at the story the spirit just told her and she said, “I-I’m sorry that happened to you, I’ve never wanted to hurt someone.”

The spirit put its hand on her shoulder and said, “I’m sure you didn’t.” The spirit starts squeezing her shoulders, “but I’m here for revenge” Lotte’s face becomes filled with fear as the spirit says, this time with a deep and menacing voice, “and by the way, I’m actually a demon and my name is Azzadon. I help Lucifer whenever he wants someone to be exterminated for one reason or another.” After that Azzadon disappeared and it seems like Lotte was back in her body, but the problem was that her body was moving without her wanting it to. That’s when she heard a voice in her head that sounded like Azzadon say, “I have taken control of your body, you are no longer able to dictate what this vessel does, you’re just along for the ride.”

Lotte was freaking out as she didn’t know what was going to happen or if she’d ever get her body back. She notices that Azzadon was heading towards the kitchen which is when she realized exactly what was going to happen. As Azzadon arrived in the kitchen, he started going through different drawers, looking for where the knives were. Once he found the knives he started tapping on her chin, thinking about which one to use first. He decided to start with the thinnest and sharpest knife which he grabbed with her right hand and admired at first before turning her left arm to expose her wrist and slitting it with a slow but pressured slice. This made Lotte moan in pain inside her own head as the only thing Azzadon had allowed her to do is feel the pain of every action he made her body do.

After he finished slitter her left wrist, he chuckled and did the same to the right one, prompting the same reaction from Lotte. Once Azzadon had finished he chuckled again and said, “How about we step this up a notch, and by the way, you and your body only dies when I choose it does.” The next thing Azzadon grabbed was a butcher knife as he put her left arm on the counter, he raised the butcher knife into the air and brought it down quickly onto her left wrist, cleaving right through it making Lotte scream internally in pain. Azzadon laughed and placed the butcher knife down with the blade up and grabbed one of the chef knives from the drawers and quickly slit her throat and tossed which made her moan in pain again. Azzadon then spotted a 10” knife which he smiled at as he picked it up. Once he had it in the air he turned it on her and shoved it deep into her stomach and dragged roughly to the left, disemboweling her which again made her scream in pain. Azzadon then said, “I think we have time for a couple more.” He raised her right hand into the air and brought it down hard and fast onto the knife, cutting her right hand clean off, making Lotte scream in pain once again. Azzadon than said, “This is goodbye.” Azzadon brought her head back and slammed her forehead directly into the blade of the butcher knife, getting it lodged into her head and bouncing her head off the counter and her body flopping lifelessly onto the floor. As soon as her head hit the knife, Lotte’s vision went black and there was absolute nothingness, she was dead.

  • Tristan Seaburg-Sweat

    It was a pretty good story until you found out it was revenge on her over some ice cream?!?!?! I mean come on, why did he blame her? Or how did he even know she was the reason I mean like u said she just supervised and didnt really do anything so seems like a stretch on his choice for her… js

    • ShreddedNinja

      I agree, I made this story two years ago when I tried to put a conflict in all of my stories making some of them not the best. I now just make stories about psychopaths/sociopaths and don’t have any conflict. At least no external conflict.