Area Scary – Part 1

Kevin, Amari, Jaxon, and Jayson are a group of friends who live in Cleveland. Every day when they didn’t have school, they would go to these this group of forests they called area scary. They would often find things such as dead wolves, deer, and other things. It always got Jaxon scared and tripping out. One night though was the scariest yet.

“It’s been a long time since we last came.” said Kevin.

“Yeah.” Amari said, “It’s been a good month.”

“Let’s call Jaxon, And Jayson and see if they wanna come.”

Ring… Ring… Ring…

-Picks up-

“Yea Kev.” Jayson answered on the phone.

“Wanna come over to area scary?”

“Be there in 3 minutes.” then he hung up.

“Well that’s one way to show excitement.” Kevin joked.

Jayson’s bike was seen in a short distance away, but where was Jayson?

“Hey isn’t that Jay’s bike?” Amari questioned.

“Yeah…” said Kevin “Jayson?”

“BOOOO!” said Jayson out of nowhere. “Goddamnit Jayson!” Amari said angered.

“Ha, I knew I would get you Amari!” said Amari “But Kev, not so much.”

Kevin was the toughest out of all of the kids, and hardest to scare.

“Let’s just go.” Amari said.

Nothing was in the first forest.

There was a living bear they saw in the distance in the second forest, But the third one was the scariest.

“This hasn’t been to bad yet.”

“Don’t jinx it.”

“Just saying.”

“It’s been an hour, should we leave?” Amari asked.


But as they were heading back, they heard a loud scream.

“What the f**k was that?” Jayson asked.

“I’m going to go investigate.” said Kevin

“DUDE! LET’S LEAVE!” said Amari.

“You guys can be pussies.” Kevin said, “but im checki-” “and I’m leaving.” Jayson interrupted.

“Ok leave then!” Kevin scolded at them.


But Amari stayed just in case anything happened, but Jayson left.

As Kevin was walking in the direction of the scream, he had found nothing. He was about to shrug it off and head home when suddenly, He heard a scream that sounded like “HELP GOD PLEASE” in a sobbing tone. Kevin ran fast in the direction of the scream. But this time, he found someone or something.

“AHHHHHH S**T” Screamed Kevin, “HELP, HEEEELP.”

Amari was listening and his eyes were wide. He saw someTHING with Kevin squirming in its arms. So many things were twirling his mind, such as “What should I do” “What will I do” “Will Kevin survive?” while all those thoughts were in his head, Amari looked back and saw that “thing” and Kevin was gone he didn’t know where it was. Without thinking he jumped on his bike and rushed home. He wanted to tell his mom but he was too panicked and scared to speak. About an hour after it happened, he heard a scream…