Arbatian Mental Institution Ch.2 The Painter

A door slams shut three rooms down as a new individual is thrown in to get cozy. Lola ignores the sound as it’s nothing new to hear and continues to dip her brush into a glob of black paint. She glides her brush in gentle strokes across the canvas and stands back to look get a good look.

The door clicks open as Lenny walks in rotating his night stick.

“Well if it ain’t Van-f*****g-Gogh. You wipe your a*s with the canvas again? Line up it’s random inspection.”

Lola places her brush down and backs up against the wall with her arms crossed behind her back. She looks past Lenny and turns her head squeezing her eyes tight.

“Can I please finish my painting?” Fear gargles her words together barely making her sentence coherent. Lenny stands up to one knee after looking under her bed and turns his attention towards the painting.

A grotesque collaboration of teeth and blood spiraling out of a monster’s mouth is shown. Black leather skin and eyes sewn shut with barb wire. The words DELKATOV are written at the top.

Pulling his shades off Lenny mutters, “Now what in the hell do we have here? This looks how I feel, like s**t.”

“Forcing her eyes open she looks at Lenny and says, “You wouldn’t understand. Can I please finish it and I’ll let you search my room, please Lenny?”

Placing his rough hands towards Lola he slams them on the wall with her head in-between facing his. “Did you really just say you will ‘allow’ me to search your room? You don’t have authority, you don’t have s**t here, the only thing you run here is your mouth!”

A tear rolls down her freckled cheek, his breath laps around the side of her face. It almost smells animalistic. She looks past him one more time and decides to force him to allow her.

She bites down on his upper lip and rears back while pushing him away. He stumbles down hitting the floor as the fold of skin flips open exposing his gapped teeth. Screaming in anger and pain he tries to stand to his feet. Lola wipes the blood from her mouth onto her finger and presses down on the bottom of the paper.

Lenny wrestles to his feet and grabs her by the collar slamming her down on the bed. He miscalculates how far away she is and hits her head on the cinder block wall faded with chipped paint. A thin smear of blood makes a trail to her tangled red hair as she slides down onto the mattress fading out.

“You see what you made me do you stupid b***h? This could of been easy, but you made me do this!” He stands over her breathing heavily as he looks around the room.

“F**k!” He spouts while kicking her art stand to the floor. Different colored paints spill onto the floor warping around his boots. He looks down and sees the painting from the stand lying on the floor along with other ones.

Each one different and grotesque with one word at the top. One has a beast with multiple eyes all red and transparent like jewels, it’s mouth curled back with two large tusks sticking out. One of them broken off at the tip, the word GASTERBAHN is scribbled at the top. Another painting was closely resembled to a human. The body natural with two arms and legs but where a face would be was a slit dividing it in half. The skin separated slightly rolling back pink layers of inside. In the center of it’s face a yellow eye with a black iris was looking out, at the top it said MARGOLOV. All of the paintings had a small red smear at the bottom.

Lenny picks up the paintings in his hands and smirks behind the flesh hanging off his lip. “So these mean a lot to you, huh?”

Lola raises a trembling hand and tries to talk but her words are choked. Lenny shuffles the pictures together and rips them in half. Lola’s eyes widen, wet with pain, she starts to cough as she forces herself to talk. Lenny throws the papers to the side and grabs her by her collar.

“C’mon guess we both gotta go to the Nurse.” He stops for a moment and pulls her in close whispering, “Don’t think I’m gonna forget this, gonna be paying you a visit real soon. Gonna touch you in places that’ll remind you of daddy.” He gets closer and rubs his tongue across her earlobe.

Gritting her teeth with tears rolling down her face she whispers, “Hell has special reservations for you Lenny.”

Pushing her down the hallway Lola tries to pull away from his grip reaching back for her door. On the floor her paintings curl up turning black on the edges before it seduces the rest of the paper turning it into ash.

Some miles away in an empty field a storm forms sucking in cold winds and spitting shotgun blasts of thunder.

The ground moans with snapping sounds, the field begins to pull apart with black smoke dancing it’s way up towards the heavy clouds. A hand raises up slamming the ground sinking its claws in, it pulls as the other hand makes an appearance. A disfigured body pushes out of the crack. It’s mouth hanging open with teeth in a circular position forming razor like rows down its throat, a clicking sound echoes from its mouth.

Behind him two more creatures follow his lead. One with multiple eyes, another almost human. As the third one comes out the ground connects to its other half, giving a look as if nothing had happened. Jewels of water drip down over them from the blackened sky, all three roar with their hoarse cries syncing into one deep bellow. The leader sniffs the air repeatedly with two slits on his face above his mouth. He turns to his left and begins to run with the others trampling the ground under their claws.

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