Answer the Door Part 2

The note was finger painted, and was somewhat fresh. The note was finger painted in dark red…dark red blood.

I screamed and dropped the note by my feet. My husband ran over to me and asked “What happened!?”. I pointed to the note. He yelled for the officer’s to come see it. They took the note as evidence.

And within 20 minutes almost all of them left, except for one generous officer. “Look, I know you guys have been through a lot, and this house is fairly new am I correct?” He asked. “Yes, we just moved in two weeks ago,” my husband replied. I stood in silence, afraid to speak. “So do you guys want me to take you to a hotel for the night? Just to feel more safe?” The officer asked. “Yes! Thank you so much! Can you give us a minute to grab a few things?” My husband asked. “Go ahead,” the officer said.

Me and my husband went inside and didn’t close the door behind us. We didn’t feel safe in that house. Me and my husband grabbed our phones and our phone chargers, I grabbed my sketch notebook, and my husband grabbed some of our clothes, our wallet, and his PSP. (With charger). We walked outside, and my husband thanked the officer once again, and we drove off. I didn’t look back at the house.

We got dropped off at La Quinta about 15 minutes away from our house. We registered into a room. The room number was D-6. 4th floor, 6th room. We situated into our room, and made ourselves feel at home, but in a hotel.

I immediately sat down at the little table in the corner, and started sketching to keep my mind off the incident. I sketched 3 things, the first thing was a unicorn, the second was a kitten in a box with huge eyes, and the third one was disturbing. It was the hanging body hanging on the porch. I didn’t even know I was drawing it until I was completely finished with it. I don’t know what came over me!!

I got creeped out, so I closed my sketch notebook for the night, and tried to go to bed with my husband already sleeping in the bed.  How could he sleep after this!? I thought. It was already midnight by the time I went to bed, but I didn’t fall, asleep until 3:00 am, thinking of that body. That poor innocent soul, so unfair and unfortunate how that happened to her.

After 2 nights of staying at the hotel, we decided to go back to the house. When we arrived, our windows had been vandalized. Muddy hand prints were scattered all over the front windows, and words repeatedly written in mud, “Wanna hang out?”. What was even weirder was that it was only the front 3 windows that were vandalized. The mud was dry, so that, was a good sign that the person might’ve been gone for a while.

It only took 10 minutes of scrubbing to get the mud off. I didn’t speak for the 2 days we were at the hotel, and I didn’t speak for the first day we got home either. But the next day I started speaking again.

One month later we had completely forgotten about everything. Nothing was ever out of the ordinary since then. And just a week ago, me and Henry (my husband) found out we were going to have a baby. It felt like a fresh new start, a new chance to a happy life.

8 1/2 months later

On a Friday night, it was very late, about 10:00 pm when we got home from a movie. We were excited because in about a little more than a week, we were expecting the baby.

We went upstairs after the movie, and got our night clothes on. I was in the master bathroom, brushing my teeth, when I heard a slight knocking sound on the small bathroom window. I stopped brushing and spit out my toothpaste, and put my toothbrush back on the holster. Henry was in the bedroom, flipping channels on the TV. I slowly approached the window. As I got to the window the knocking stopped. It went eerily silent. Then BAM!! I muddy hand smacked the window and smeared it with fresh mud, and it went away. I screamed my lungs out and ran into the bedroom.

“What’s going on!?” Henry asked as I ran into his arms. I told him about the hand and the mud. I, stayed on the bed as he went into the bathroom. 15 seconds later he came back in and told me nothing was there. It was impossible! I then shook it off as my imagination. I was probably just stressed out about the baby coming.

I woke up to pain in the middle of the night. I don’t exactly remember when it was. I realized my water had broke. I quickly woke Henry up and we rushed into the car and drove to the hospital. I noticed, there was also blood.

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    Why is this a multi-part story? By splitting your not-scary story into multiple pieces, you just screw with the pacing and make it even less scary.