Another Update On Satanic Neighbors

If you have read my previous stories, you know the deal. But if you are new, my name is Jupiter. My neighbors worship Satan and terrorize the neighborhood. I recently found out that they have a cult. It’s like six or eight other people they commune with.

About a week ago, my husband Aaron and I went on a late night Walmart run. We needed snacks and wine. And we were running low on toiletries. On our way back we passed Sandy’s house, it looked oddly quiet. We went on home and unpacked our groceries. Curiosity got the best of us. We decided to go snooping. We took our holy oils and our guns as protection. Once we were in their yard, we peeked into their window.

We saw about 10 people in robes in a circle. There were candles lit everywhere. It was almost a fire hazard to have that many candles lit. They had on masks of disfigured creatures. We could hear chanting. A big leathery book started rising off of a small table. One of the patrons lifted a small knife, sliced themselves and emptied their blood in a stone bowl. The others followed suit. Once everyone had added to the bowl, they begun adding various roots and spices to the bowl. They all took a sip and began convulsing one by one. They were growling and their bodies contorting in ways impossible for the human body to move.

Aaron tapped me signaling for us to leave. I reluctantly agreed. Enough was enough. When we got home, I called the police. I gave an anonymous tip and told them about a disturbance at Sandy’s house. Aaron and I watched from the window.

The police got there in 10 minutes. We went to the porch so we could get a better look down the block. Edward answered the door in his robe. I really thought the police would at least check the house or something. They just freaking chatted with that man! Like they were buddies or something! Meanwhile the rest of the cult was probably still conjuring demons in the back room! Aaron and I went back in the house deeply disgusted and annoyed. We went to sleep after a few much needed glasses of wine.

That night, a demon tried to kill me in the sleep realm. I knew it was sent by Sandy. Sandy didn’t realize my mother and father had trained me to fight evil, whether sleep or awake. In the dream it was a place with stairways leading in too many directions. Digital clocks were on 6:66. I smelled something putrid, like rotten flesh and boiled eggs. The air was still. I heard thuds and screams. Something crawled up the staircase in front of me. It was the demon. The demon was pale and tall, about 7 ft. Had horns and sharp teeth, yellow eyes. Hooves and claws thrashed at me.

I was fighting for my life. What you don’t realize is that when we sleep, our souls are actually exploring other dimensions/realms. Some call it astro projection. I turned myself into a large pink dragon and breathed holy fire upon the demon. I chased it back to the sender. I saw a masked cloaked figure and breathed fire on its face. When the mask melted away, I saw it was Sandy. I binded any wicked or evil intent of hers. She stood before me frozen and afraid. My brother Apollo, who passed when we were kids was standing beside me. My dear brothers spirit was supporting me. I am making sure Sandy leaves me alone for good.

When I awoke the next morning I had a piece of fabric in my hand. It must be a piece of Sandy’s robe. I doused it in holy oil, salted and burned it. I told Aaron about what happened. We strengthened the protective barriers and cleansed our auras. I cooked Aaron and I a big breakfast. I made us blueberry waffles, scrambled eggs and sausage. We sat on our front porch after we ate and enjoyed a reprieve from winter’s grip.

It was actually nice outside. Almost like Winter was allowing Spring to shine thru. Edward and Sandy came storming up the block. I got up and quickly went to the door and grabbed my shotgun I keep by the door inside. Aaron rushed down the steps and started flicking them with holy oil. I cocked my sawed off shotgun and told them to get the f**k off my property. They looked shook and ran back down the block. I hope they’ll leave us alone now that they know we’re just as crazy. I’ll keep you guys posted.