Okay some creepy a*s stuff has been going on, but I should probably explain from the beginning. I’m Lily, Lily Little. I’m in Maryland visiting my grandmother before I leave to Paris for college. So my grandmother has three foster kids; two girls and one boy. The girls were visiting their aunt and uncle, the boy was in the hospital like always. He’s not very healthy, poor boy. His name is Andrew. He’s skinny as hell and so pale he’s almost see through. But what’s really freaky is… his eyes… They’re, well… all black… But besides that, he seems pretty normal.

Okay, now that you know all that, you’re basically caught up. Now I’ll tell you what’s been going on. On the first night, me and my grandmother were just watching movies when I needed to go to the bathroom. She told me where to go, but as I passed the front door, I… I saw him! He was in a hospital gown stained in… BLOOD!? His cold black eyes stared at me when he smiled. I ran upstairs as fast as I could and locked myself in the bathroom. I stayed in there for what felt like hours. When I finally got the courage to leave, I was still shaking a little. On my way down the stairs, a door opened revealing and all pink room.

“Is this the door me and grandma are fixing tomorrow?” I shrugged and peeked in when a wardrobe opened and… there he was! I ran back downstairs as fast as possible in the scene next to my grandmother.

“What took ya so long? Did you fall on the toilet again?” she snorted.

“Heh yea,” I said nervously.

“I was just jokin’ hun.”

I smiled, “I know.”

“Good, let’s eat then get some sleep.”

About an hour later, we were laying in bed. Grandma was already asleep, but I just couldn’t sleep so I decided to turn on the TV for a while. After about an hour or so, I turn the TV off and lay down. I look back up at the TV and… I see his reflection! I sit up and turn around, but… he’s not there! I decided that I was just tired and go to sleep.

The next morning grandma and I were eating when I asked.

“Hey grandma, i-is Andrew out of the hospital?”

She looked up at me confused.

“No, why?”

My heart starts pounding faster. Who or what have I been seeing?! Am I going crazy?! What’s happening?! My thoughts were interrupted by,

“Lily Little, why are you asking?!”

I look at her surprised. She never said my full name.

“Be-because I-I thought…” I bite my lip. She looks at me sternly. “I-I thought I saw him last night…” She looks at me surprised and worried.

“What was he wearing?!”

I look up.

“A hospital gown.”

She comes closer.

“Was there anything on the gown?”

I was a little taken back.


I bite my lip and and think of a dark red blood stains all over the gown.

“LILY LITTLE! WAS THERE ANYTHING ON THE GOWN?!” She’s never yell at me before.

“Y-yes it was stained in bl-blood.”

She looks at me scared.

“We have to go… NOW!”

She grabs my arm.

“Go where?!”

She drag me to the car. About 10 minutes later, we’re outside of Andrews room.

“Wait here.”

I sat down and she went into his room. After 30 minutes, I need to go to the bathroom, so I got up and passed his room and met my grandma.

“Andrew, you will leave her alone! You’ve taken too many people from me. LEAVE LILY ALONE!”

I heard her walking to the door, so I quickly sped off to my seat. She came out sighed.

“Grandma are you okay?”

She looked at me and smiled, “Yes I’m fine.” We get back into the car and go to the store. After getting everything we need we went back home. When we went to fix the door, it was opposite of the door that opened last night. My eyes widened.


Wait, does that mean Andrew opened it!?

I was panicked.

No! That’s not possible… is it?!