Arbatian Mental Institution 2 Ch.4 Muscle

“Help me, please!” Jillians voice is distorted between the hail breaking through with bits of debris. Lenny runs down the hall swinging doors open after frantically searching for the right key, Jillian being eight doors down was a long way to make, but he had to make sure all were safe.

She could hear Lenny’s voice travel from nearby, he had found one stuck in the cell. Down to the entrance Lenny ran with the client as more parts of the ceiling began to crumble. The roof over Jillian turned a darker color spreading like an oil spill in the ocean, seeping through the old deteriorating wood. Loud groans slipped through the storm, Jillian laid down on her bed and awaited what was next, he wouldn’t be back in time.

Lenny uses his arm as a shield for the client Anna from the incoming rain and broken plaster, it blows in heavy bursts while they run to the front. Crouching to his knees he slides his hands under a wide board resting on a pile of broken wood, he strains to lift while Anna crawls through making her way to safety.

Turning to run back, the hail storm blazes through viciously tearing apart the hallway. He is forced to leave if he wants to live, pulling up the board he looks back teary eyed with an aching heart, there was nothing he could do when the screams of clients rang down the hallway. Walls and ceilings collapsed crushing them, some cried with a slow agonizing death keeping them company.

Jillian suffered to her last breath, a board caved in heaving into her stomach, her upper intestines separated from her lower ones. Each second of life remaining was like an eternity of torture, she coughed up blood and fell back into the bed losing control of her bodily functions.

Ricardo appeared as Jillian glanced over one last time as warm blood oozed down her chin, her eyes cold where joy once resided, her hands frail and clenched, which once comforted his dying soul. Ricardo let out a wail and wrapped his arms around Jillian’s lifeless body. Weeping on her shoulder, he’s suddenly distracted by the feeling of fingers crawling across his shoulders.

He leans back while another transparent being holds him tight. In shock he giggles before crying again, Jillian lets go and smiles with a heart melting smile.

“Why do you cry my love? We can finally be together. Let us leave this place once and for all, together, forever.”

Jillian locks hands with Ricardo as her soul escapes her body and floats off into the unknown, with her soul mate.

The asylum being too cheap to repair the wing, decided to leave it be. Cole heard of Jillian passing and took it hard, she was his friend and the only person that didn’t look at him odd for how large he was. He grieved while he could, before life forced him to move on. Even so, he was still void of his medicine he needed, Lenny was in his emotions as well blaming himself for the residents who didn’t make it.

So, without Lenny’s help, of course Nurse Penny refused to treat him. At dinner a week later, Mark and Kelly sat together.

Kelly limps into the dining room, a worried look on her face. Bloodied gauze wrapped around her knee with a slow leak sliding down her calf.

“What the f**k?!” Mark yells as he runs over to pick her up and carry her to the table. Gently placing her in a chair he asks “What happened ma?”

Tears forming from her sweet blue eyes “He found me last night. I must of dozed off, cause I woke up in pain, a chunk of my knee was missing. Somewhere in the dark, it was spit back out at me hitting my chest. It laughed while I screamed, but Melanie was on guard and thought I was playing a prank.”

She leans forward pulling her hair apart revealing large swollen knots on the back of her head “Punished me until she saw my knee, claims I must of done it myself somehow.”

She then rolls her bandage up exposing a hunk of meat missing, the indentions and marks show what looked like a row of razors tore through, layers of muscle ripped away.

Mark slams his fist on the table “F**k! This isn’t right! I’m gonna get you out of here,but we can’t do it alone, we need others, we need a plan. I swear it love I’m gonna get you out of here, we’re gonna do what no ones ever done, we’re escaping.”

Mark turns to the center of the room when he begins to hear screaming all of a sudden.

“I need my medicine! You tell that devil w***e if she values her life, she’ll bring it!”

Cole falls to his knees screaming in pain “Get it please! I beg you!”

His eyes transition to a dark yellow color fixated on the full moon gleaming in through the barred windows, his fingers tremble on the ground, skin slowly splitting in half at the tips while sharp points push through. A guard runs in quickly jumping on his back with a syringe gripped in his shaking hand, he stabs Cole in the throat injecting a serum.

Cole flings the guard across the room with ease slamming him into the concrete wall, his skull splits like a rotted watermelon leaving a streak of blood on the wall as he slides down quickly. Cole stands up howling for a brief moment but then turns into a moaning, then crying. Cole stands human again with wet eyes crying when he sees the dead guard “No! I didn’t mean it! Not again!”

He drops to his knees as he’s dragged away by two guards, shielding Kelly the entire time, Mark turns to her and says “Get ready to leave, one month from now. I just found our muscle for the plan.”

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