It Taps for You

Hey I’m currently blocked in my room I don’t quite know how to start something like this well I’ll give you the basics right now, as I may not have much time left. I’m Ellie, I’m 14 years of age and currently I’m home alone due to my parents being out. Well I say home alone I thought I was alone until I looked out of my bedroom window and saw something, something human-like. I couldn’t make out the face as it was just sitting in the middle of my garden with its head down. I thought to myself “I cannot have this there all night can I? Maybe I should tap on the window letting him know I see him.” So I did just that.

I tapped on the window hard letting it know I have seen it. It’s head jerked up so quickly showing a horrid twisted smile that I’m sure no human can achieve. The only thoughts through my head at this time was “it saw me! It f***ing saw me! Why was I stupid enough to tap!” As quickly as I could got down and in case of anything tried to find things I could block the door up with I moved a chair under my handle of the door figuring that’s enough. I sat there silently waiting for anything sounds, steps, doors opening and closing. After a few minutes or so, I could hear the faintest tapping on my garden door I slowly moved towards my bed trying to make so little noise trying to avoid all those creaking floorboards to reach my phone I managed but by the time I could there the tapping became louder with much more force put into it like, this thing was letting me know it knows! I clicked the following numbers 999 but I didn’t dial yet I had this by me in case things got worse. I sat there for a while with so many thoughts running through my head you know as they would when you’re in a frightening situation. Not a moment later I heard the smashing of glass “it broke through my garden door!!”

At this rate I wasn’t taking any chances I dialed I didn’t care whether that thing would hear me talk or the operator. A few seconds later a lady answer “999 what is your emergency?” I began whispering tears streaming down my face “something broke into my house I don’t know what” the operator took a few seconds before replying with “Are you able to get out of the house?” I took a deep breath wiping some of my tears away I said “NO! I can’t, send someone please!” I hung up and turned off my phone. I listened at the door I heard footsteps but they were not human like I also heard  deep breathing like its fun has just begun. And now I’m here I caught you up with what happened and now I’m still waiting.

I can hear glass smashing from the kitchen which happens to be right under my room.. a minute has gone by since this had happened and it stopped! It stopped oh “thank you” I whispered as the tears stopped. I was about to check out the window when I heard this creatures footsteps coming up the stairs I’m too scared to shed a tear I’m too scared PLEASE someone help me. I can hear screeching as its digging its sharp claws into my wall it has reached the top stair at this rate and begun tapping on my door it’s breathing continuing. I looked for the window as I no longer cared I just wanted to get out before it got to me! I thought to myself “F*ck it’s too high up” I stood there looked down at this notebook and wrote “Mum and Dad if you’re reading this then my fate is pretty much sealed I love you” the tapping got louder and much more stronger I’m weeping tears I shouted “I don’t care anymore!” The begun digging its nails into my door almost as if it was carving something a second later my door swung open…

Its twisted face smiled at me I saw its long nails with little splinters of wood from my door I turned my head to the door and read “it taps for you”


  • Crucible King

    Fasntasic story

  • Hi_there

    Couldn’t understand anything because of the wording

  • Wolfy

    Well damn