All Good Things Must Come to an End

I turned ten today, and since I really didn’t have to many friends, nobody came. This happened on my last birthday, too. Last time me and my dad just drove around town looking for a fun store to shop at. “Don’t worry, Nack! We’ll find something fun!” My dad said Nack was a “unique” name, but don’t get me wrong, I still hate it.

We ended up seeing a store that was under construction. There was a sign that said, “Your Store. Under construction.” It was weird, but what made ne super exited was the weird goop they were poring on it. I asked my dad, “Can we keep coming here everyday? I want to look at the construction and go in there as soon as possible.” “Sure, Nack!” My dad said.

We ended up shopping at Wal-Mart and just getting a hundred dollar laptop, but I still loved it. We went home, watched an episode of Rick and Morty, showered, and went to bed. I was really excited knowing that we could look at that store again when we woke up.

We woke up and got dressed, and went to the store at 12:00 PM. When we arrived, we didn’t see wood and bricks as we did before, but rather a clean, nice looking building, that said at the top, “Puzzles, Electronics, Books and More!” That was everything that I liked. “Dang,” I said “This place really is my store.” My dad said quickly after “Really? You like fishing and hardware?” I was confused, because for me the sign said the opposite of that. I said, “What? I’m pretty sure a store with the name ‘Puzzles, Electronics, Books and More’ wouldn’t have anything to do with fishing or hardware.” “What? No! The sign says ‘Fishing and Hardware’!” My dad said. Me, remembering the goop they were poring on it realized that the goop could be magic, or at least some kind of element that we haven’t discovered yet. I told my dad my theory and he hesitantly agreed. We finally went in the store.

When we walked in, we didn’t see each other, which made sense because we technically were walking into different stores. Everything was free. I got everything I could. I got a rubix cube, a good book, and a really new and sleek phone. When I walked out, my dad walked out at the same time. He wasn’t carrying anything because he said it creeped him out how everything is free.

When I used the cube, each turn made it harder to turn. When I almost finished, the cube melted in my hand. I was surprised. There really was something weird with those things. I started to read the book, and the pages got stickier every time I turned the page, and again, as I almost finished the book, it melted in my hands. I tried the phone, but it was already really slow. The moment I opened the first app, it melted, too.

I told my dad what happened and he drove me back to the store. I walked in and told the guy at the front what happened. He said, “Greed is not rewarded. All good things must come to an end. Including your store.” The store walls, shelves, and items melted into goop and went to a drain that I only just noticed. He said again, “All good things must come to an end.” His body melted and under was an evil looking person with a menacing smile. He said one more time to me, “All good things must come to an end.” I tried to leave getting sick of him saying the same thing (and I was kind of scared). I found that I couldn’t move, in fact my feet were melting. I tried to walk with my hands, but everything that touched the ground melted. I knew that this was my end, so I let my body get sucked down the drain.

All good things must come to an end.