Fear Feaster: The Game of Life and Death

Hey you. Yes you, the person sitting in front of your computer in your room. Isn’t it a bit late at night to be up? You should be asleep. Since well, you have nothing to do or bored surfing the web and that you are awake, want to play a little game? Called Life and Death.

You have been playing with your imaginary friend instead of me in your childhood. I’ve been busy looking around everywhere I go to find a child to play with me but they are just… afraid of me.

Remember when the times we had together as children where I was under your bed slipping out my hand from beneath touching and rubbing your leg until you used the blanket to cover it when I was about to pull you in.

Remember those times we had together when you were in the shower and then you close your eyes to rub your face then I was there in front of you but when your eyes open I disappeared instantly?

Remember when you turn off the lights and we race up to the stairs into your bedroom together? Especially the basement, the basement was so much more fun. By the ages you grow I was locked up in the basement for years waiting for you to notice me while I am trying to catch your attention.

I was in great depression when I was in the basement having no one to play with, I grew older too but not mentally. I am still a child in the inside. So I want to play. Finally you noticed me and caught your attention. Let’s play inside your head.


Where are you… oh! There you are. Welcome to your mind, this is where I am going to take what’s precious from you since all that hatred I felt for you all these years, this is my vengeance, my true justice. I am going to take your sanity away, slowly, and slowly, and slowly…

I know you might be confused how you got here, well you just realized that you’re sleeping right now, you fell asleep while reading this and now your head is on your desktop. Asleep you are, you are in the world of dreams, where your dream is like a river, it connects to the ocean where from other rivers come from. This is just a dream but it will physically hurt you. You can actually feel everything that happens to you here. Why? Because I managed to awaken some of my powers throughout the years not just being a scary shadow on the wall at night. Now. I walk slowly to you step by step as I hold my scythe. I am going you 5 seconds to run. 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

Now I’m chasing you but I am not behind you as you look back, you look in front of you again and you see me in front of you. This… is a nightmare. You ran away from me but you don’t know I am following you inside your shadow which is why you look around when you got tired and can’t see me around. I feast on your fear which makes me stronger.

Your sanity is slowly slipping away as the monsters in the shadows lurking started to appear in different forms that fuels your nightmare. You have now a permanent nightmare and cannot wake up ever again. You may think this is not real but a form of literate fiction but it is not. Welcome to your new life in your permanent nightmare, you don’t live in the real world anymore but in your nightmare where all the bad things will come to you such as depression, anxiety, and fear into your new life. You cannot wake up back to your normal life anymore.