The Kemorbos



The Kemorbos

As silly as it seems, the Kemorbos (Cover of Death’s Edge) is a 2 by 2 meter board used in the 1700’s to contact the supernatural. Although it can be used to contact good natured spirits it is also used by devil worshipers who sought to summon demons to reign over the area, that is why they banned it in England, China, and Japan in 1775.

The Kemorbos has 3 levels of the dead. The bottom is hell, then limbo, then heaven. Each has a rotating cross made of metal and a window just below the cross. The cross is about 2 by 4 inches and each must be the same height and the window can be as big as you want it as long as it doesn’t overlap the cross so it can fold open. Each window must have a depiction or drawing, Heaven has an angel, limbo has dark shadows, and hell has a demon. Only the priest or leader of the religion can create one.

Now here’s the fun part. To summon a spirit you must set the board on a table and burn 2 candles symmetrical to each other right by the corners of the table. You must draw a 5 foot radius circle and step in it (only you). Then you must say the following words: “To God and our angels we summon thou dead to become one with one’s self, courage, and hence fourth locate the dead with our Kemorbos.”

If done correctly the candles should flutter a little. If 2 of the following happen you must bless the board with holy water: The flame goes out or ANY cross turns upside down for that means you summoned a demon. If nothing bad happens and only one cross turns left or right than you’ve summoned a being from that level.

NOTE: Hell level ghosts always turn the HELL LEVEL’S cross upside down.

NOTE: Once you’ve summoned the spirit from that level you must keep that level’s window open at all times to communicate with it, hold each side of the window open by putting a palm on it.

To talk to the spirit you must start out with “Dear being from____(That Level).” A yes is cross turned right, no is left. To leave the spirit you must close the window.

Hell Level: Hell level ONLY WORSHIP THE DEVIL and can make you hallucinate, move objects, make noise, mess with you emotionally, and could possibly physically harm you. They will be your biggest fear and threat.

Limbo Level: Only physical form is a hallucinated shadow. Commonly pauses when asked a question, and are only in that area because they used to love whatever they did when they lived. Another thing they could do is getting attached to you. Easiest to summon.

Heaven Level: Can show you loved ones, peaceful, the 2nd rarest to summon, don’t hesitate when asked a question.

Dealing With Evil

Lot’s of things can happen if you don’t have holy water: Usually after 3-24 hours of summoning they’ll attach to you forever, make you go crazy, kill you. To deal with stopping evil there are 2 known ways, holy water and civilization. If it’s attached and you aren’t by civilization IT WILL MAKE YOU MAD. When in Civilization the only thing it can do is scare you.

Others To Note

Even though this may not be helpful(Distribution of Kermobos has been banned 1804), this information can still help if someone(s) has been in contact with a Kermobos. Only 7 Kermobos’ are officially remaining (Japan, China, US, India, UK, Russia, Brazil) and must not be shown to the public. Know matter what, you touching a board receives a 10% chance to summon evil spirits (shown on test #6b, #9a, and #4d) so wear gloves. Because of the 10% chance we believe the Kemorbos was used for evil intentions. Boards were used to date 1704. Originated in India. 5% of the world’s population of the X Gen and up know about this. Made up of about 15% of demonic possession from 1705-1905.

Research and institute of the supernatural(R.I.S.) 1996 Support in distribution by JON Corp. “Truth is Us”

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