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The following story is a collection of transcripts from patient #032849’s file at the Asbey Mental Hospital located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The patient, 9 year old Julia Silverton, suffers from a rare case of schizophrenia, so the statements made within these files may be disturbing for some. The documented accounts were conducted during multiple interviews given by Lieutenant Robert Mathews of the New South Wales police department. Statements made within this document are still under investigation so any and all classified information will be censored.

September 12th, 20__

[Begin interview of patient #032849]

JS: Why am I here?

RM: You’re here because you committed a crime, do you remember what you were doing before we found you?

JS: If I did I wouldn’t have ask, and why am I still handcuffed?

[Metal rattles furiously in the background]

RM: We feel that you are a danger to others and primarily to yourself, handcuffing you was the only way to ensure your safety.

JS: You will regret this, he won’t be happy”

RM: Who is he, can you explain?

[Patient goes silent, begins to mumble incoherently]

RM: Julia, Julia can you hear me?”

JS: 1…2…3…

[A hard thud touches the ground, Lieutenant Mathews is heard in the distance yelling for help. End of transcript]


[Begin Transcript]

RM: Hello again Julia, how are you feeling since our last visit?

[Silence follows his words before any further communication is made]

RM: Julia are you able to speak?

JS: …

RM: Julia, please answer me

JS: …I’m fine officer, Dr. ____ treats me with so many wonderful pills, they help me forget about him.

RM: You’ve mentioned him before, can you elaborate on exactly who your referring to?

JS: He is my friend, he’ll be here real soon, he’ll love to be your friend.

RM: Can this he your speaking of be seen by others or just you?

[Soft banging echoes from the tables surface, more incoherent murmuring is heard. The words slowly morph into understandable speech, revealing the numbers 666 being repeated over and over]

RM: S**t, get the paramedics in here quick! Julia can you hear me?

[The following audio is distorted, a demonic-like voice resonates amidst Julia’s vociferous wails]

JS: hahaha! We’ll be free soon, free of them all, he’s…no! 1…2..3..4…

[The sound of bursting metals doors erupts through the room. A boisterous cry clouds the air then is quickly followed by a strangling silence]

[End of transcript]


[Begin transcript]

RM: Julia this is Dr. __ __, she will be sitting in on our visits from now on, just in case something goes wrong.

JS: 1..2.., nothing will go wrong, as long as I finish counting. 3..

RM: Count to what? What happens if you don’t?

JS: Do you want to know why I did it officer? Why I killed them? They were bad people officer, very bad. They tortured me, they bullied me.

RM: Most of those people you killed were strangers, your family even confirmed that you knew none of those victims.

[Light sobbing is heard]

JS: T-those monsters hurt me, I had to count to make them go away.

RM: How did they hurt you?

JS: I’m just a child, how could they hurt an innocent child, they had to pay, he told me they had to pay!

[The sound of flickering lights can be heard off in the distance, Mathews is heard whispering “what the hell?” under his breath]

[Cracks of bone wafted through the room, gargled screams puncture the fragile silence, the lights flicker once more]

RM: Holly s**t! I need someone in here now!

[Metal doors creak open, various gasps traveled though the room. An unknown voice radios in an emergency dispatch for a Dr. __ __, explaining that the victims body had been brutally torn apart.]

RM: What did you do! How did you do this, tell me!

JS: He didn’t like her, he didn’t like her… I need to count, I need to count..4, 5…

[A loud scream is heard]

[The audio cuts out with harsh static]

[End of transcript]


[Begin transcript]

RM: Welcome back Julia. First things first, I need you to tell me what you did to Dr. __ __

JS: I didn’t do it, he did! I was handcuffed the whole time!

RM: Julia people aren’t just ripped apart by nothing, your imaginary friend didn’t do this, now tell me how you did this!

JS: Please don’t yell at me! I didn’t mean for the lady to die!

RM: What about the other victims huh? Did you not mean for them to die either! You better tell me right now who this he is or I’ll have you tried as an adult!

JS: I can’t tell you, he won’t let me! He told me if I tattled on him he’d kill me! I promise I’m not lying, please believe me!

[Silence befell the room, quickly broken by the Lieutenants sigh]

RM: Ok ok just, calm down, I’m not trying to upset you. You do know how serious this is situation is right Julia?

JS: …yes

RM: So you know why I’m asking you these questions then?

JS: Yes

RM: Good, then can you do me a favor and tell me as much as you can?

[An audible exhale echoes through light static]

JS: Well, everywhere I go, these weird creatures follow me, they even follow me to school. They growl at me and hiss at me, and they threaten to kill me. My friend, he helped me get rid of them, he showed me how to do it. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone; he told me I had to rid the world of the creatures, to make the world a better place.

RM: Did you see Dr. __ __ as one of those creatures?

JS: Yes… but I see you as one too

[No words are spoken for several minutes]

[Lieutenant Williams dismisses Julia from the room and sits alone in silence]

[End transcript]


[Begin transcript]

RM: I want to pick up where we left off, you said you saw me as one of those creatures, if that’s the case, why hasn’t your friend tried to kill me?

JS: He says that you’re important, that you’ll give me time to count.

RM: Is that so..why exactly are you counting?

JS: It makes the creatures go away. 1..2..3..

RM: Julia! What do you mean by go away? Have you ever finished counting?

JS: No, but he says that I have to finish today, that he doesn’t have much time, 4..5..

RM: What does he mean by he doesn’t have much time? What is he planning to do? Julia you have to tell me.

JS: I told you, he’s going to make the monsters go away, 5…6..

RM: Julia please stop counting. You said you saw Dr. __ __ and I as those creatures, which also means all those innocent people you killed were seen as those creatures as well. If that’s the case then the whole world could be at stake!

JS: …7…8…

RM: Julia please listen to me! Please stop counting!

JS: But I’m almost done, he told me there’s no other way, that I had to finish, 9…

RM: Julia!

[Sounds of rushed footsteps toppled the hard tile followed by masculine scream and crackling of hard concrete.]

JS: 10!

[A low growl is heard, the tape cuts with static once again]

[End transcript]

Witness who survived the ordeal found lieutenant Robert Williams’s body mashed against the concrete wall. Many throughout the facility were brutally murdered within a 30 minute time frame, their bodies left emitting a strange black vapor with the aroma of rotted meat. A nationwide witch-hunt was conducted to locate the girl but no leads were ever made. Ever since this strange occurrence, many bodies have been found around the city emanating that same black vapor seen within the facility. To this day, the little girl has yet to be located.

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