Abandoned Alex

“Alright, I’m leaving for school now, I’ll see you later” the fourteen-year-old boy shouted up the stairs to his mother as he locked the door and started walking down the street. His name was Alex, he had ginger hair and winter grey eyes. He didn’t mind school as it meant that he could see his friends however like others, he didn’t like the actual lessons, he believed it was a waste of time, and that he would rather play video games with his friends.

After school had finished, he walked home but when he got there, there was another car outside. He slowly opened the door to see his parents waiting for him, next to his father was a woman, she looked to be around 37, he could tell from her wrinkles. Her hair was light brown with strands of grey that went to her shoulders, her eyes were a mouldy green colour and she was dressed as if she was a strict teacher.

To clear the awkward silence his father coughed, and spoke,
“Alex, your mother and I are going to be on a business trip for a couple of weeks, you can’t be alone for that amount of time so we got you a babysitter to make sure you are okay as no one else could watch you,” Alex’s father turns to the middle-aged woman “this is Janice, she will be watching you whilst we are away”.

Alex made eye contact with Janice, she gave him a glare, which was enough to make the hair on his neck stand up, he put on a smile and waved at her, although she continued to glare at him. His parents said their goodbyes and left for their business trip, which left Alex with the sitter. Since he had only came home from school, he decided to look in the fridge for something to eat.

The sitter smacked him on the head, he turned around to see Janice looking at him, in a disappointed way, she spat “and what do you think you are doing?” He looked at her, confused, “I just came in from school so I was going to-“ he stopped as she interrupted him “you do not talk back! And you will be getting food!” Alex was weirded out by this but went up to his bedroom anyway, to play his favourite video game with his friends. It was about one in the morning when he decided to turn off his console, he turned off the light and went to sleep.

He was awoken by a hit on the back with a bat, he screamed and fell out of bed. He saw the sitter, glaring at him, she ordered him to get ready to leave for school. After around one week, Alex’s friends and teachers began to worry about him, he showed to class with bruises and he had gotten extremely skinnier, he didn’t answer any questions about it though.

On Friday he wore a navy blue shirt, black jeans and a grey trench coat. He took the long ways home, when he got there, the door was locked. He turned around to see Janice, she dragged him to the woods, she dropped him and hit Alex in the head with the bat, he passed out. When he awoke, it pitch black and everything was silent until there was a growl coming from behind the trees…

Alex stood up when he was jumped on and felt his face being bitten, he tried to scream but his vocal cords weren’t responding. The wolf bit into his hand, eventually ripping it off, Alex felt so much pain that he passed out once again. He woke up near a lake, it was still dark but he still found his way out and back to his house. After getting back into the house, he looked around realising Janice was asleep.

He picked up her bat and turned on the lights, she shouted at him and reached for her bat, she realised that Alex had the bat. She started shouting at him more, telling him to put the bat down. He didn’t move, there was silence, then a scream, as Alex beat her to death. He looked at Janice’s lifeless corpse, he realised that he had to leave, he grabbed a bag and put in items he wanted with him, when he heard sirens, he ran as fast as he could, he ran far into the woods to an abandoned cabin, never seen by anyone since.

Two weeks later Alex’s parents got back, looking at their house which had become a crime scene, the police still hadn’t found their son. They tried to find him every day but never had luck, they regretted ever going on the trip, which resulted in them losing everything they cared about. After the case was closed, they lay at night, wondering if their son would ever come back or if they could find him.

Little did they know, he was in a cabin, miles away from home…

  • Sarita Tinsley King

    Very promising story, could go a lot of different ways. Would work on some sentence structuring and story telling but otherwise it’s beautiful. 😁

  • Jed

    1/5 This person is clearly writing with good intentions, but they give us good buildup and no payoff.

  • Puddin Tane

    Story s***s. It’s all over the place. Very hard to read. Needs a lot of work.