A Vampire’s Bite

Have you ever believed in monsters? What about vampires? In this story the monsters are real…

My name is Jenna and I’m 16, I didn’t believe in such a thing as vampires. I used to watch the movies but they were never scary, and I was never scared until the day of Christmas eve. My relatives were coming over for the holidays and I had to prepare the table for dinner. My mother asked me to go and get the tablecloth from the garage. Don’t ask why it’s  in there, we kinda keep the garage as a storage room. The garage has always been terrifying, the light is broken and my father keeps his weird,creepy paintings he makes in there. However I had to go in there to get the tablecloth, I opened the door and turned on the light switch. The lights flickered and I stepped in. I wrapped my arms around myself due to the freezing temperature in there. I walked into the corner and I saw the tablecloth under a box. I picked up the corner and tried to drag it out from underneath and ended up falling backwards into a pile of cardboard boxes. I stood up and opened the box I landed on to see if I did any damage to what was inside. Inside was a bottle filled with red liquid and a couple candles sitting on top of a black cloth. I quickly put the tablecloth and put it into the box I fell on. I quickly ran inside and turned off the garage lights. I left the tablecloth on the dining table and took the box up to my room. I shut my door and opened the box. I picked up the red liquid, examining it to find out what it was. It could’ve been anything. I suspected it was wine but I wasn’t too sure. I decided to pour it into an empty glass sitting on my bedside table. I sniffed it at first. I couldn’t smell a thing. I breathed in deeply and took a sip. I instantly recognized it was blood I wanted to spit it out but it was too late. I swallowed and then screamed. My mother instantly yells out to see if I’m okay. I said yes because I didn’t want to let her know I drank it. A couple hours later at about 10:00 my relatives had already come over. We all sat down at the dining table. My uncle,aunt and grandma were talking with each other while my mother and father ate their food. I decided to eat as well. I look down at my plate. I take a bite out of the spaghetti bolognese that was served on my plate. I spit it out and scream in agony. U run up to my room as fast as I could and locked the door. I ran to my dresser and threw it across the room in front of the door. As I was doing this I didn’t acknowledge my strength. I continued to scream until nothing more came out. I sat in my corner facing thwle wall thinking of what was in that food. “Meat, tomato sauce, tomato paste, garlic-” I ate garlic. I knew there was no other explanation than… I was a vampire. I thought of how I drank that blood and imagined me sucking the blood out of someones veins. I jumped from the corner.to the other side of the room in a single leap. I grabbed the box and opened it once more. I took a glance at the candles before laying them on my bed. I took out a hooded robe that I thought was just a cloth. A piece of paper fell out. I picked it up and it read “Dear Mr Kunosey it’s Dr Hale from the asylum. I just wanted to warn you that you can’t control this. You will kill everything, you must kill yourself for the sake of mankind, you’re  really a… monster..”

Is this what I really am? Just a heartless monster? I put on the robe but leaving the hood down. I hear a knock on mt bedroom door. “Jen, is everything okay?” Said my aunt. “Come down for dinner sweetie.”  “Okay… I’ll be there in a second” I replied. I took off the robe and threw on a new sweater after spilling my meal on my current one. I went to my vanity and picked up hair brush and brushed my dark brown hair. It was then when I realized what happened to my eyes. They were yellow and my pupils turned into thin slits. I just remembered in time not to scream. I went down to my family and sat down at my seat and stared down without saying a single word. It was a month before I actually needed to drink blood to live. I decided to just drink the blood out of the bottle I had found. As I drank it I began to feel power, but not enough. I drank the entire bottle but it wasn’t enough. I was starving for it. I gad no either choice then to bite somebody. My parents were gone and I could never s**k their blood. So I decided to call my boyfriend Alex. He said he would come over. I decided to change my outfit. I put on some leggings and a crop top and sat on my bed. He had already came in and opened my bedroom door. He sat next to me. “Hey, do you want to know a secret?” I asked “uh sure” he answered. “Come closer…” I persuaded. He came and put his ear up to my mouth. “Do you know how much I love you?” I asked as i stared at his delicious neck. Before he could reply I bit into his neck with my fangs and drained out all his blood. By the time I was done he was crying in pain. “Buh-bye my love.” I whispered to him just before I slit his throat with my long piercing nails.

  • Ray Ramirez

    Great story!

    • LuciousFangs


  • Tigergirl

    It was a great read! Please continue to make more.
    Please check the spelling when you do write, and edit it, i was lost at few words, but the story was really good!
    I’m saying this to help you as there are people out there who are grammer freaks…. lol thank you so much, for the spook!

    • LuciousFangs

      Thankyou! I’m currently creating a new story right now. Sorry for typos i’m using a new phone to type my stories and the letters are super small 😂

      • Tigergirl

        I know how that is 😂😂 first hand

  • Phoenix

    This is good but not that scary