A Dolly Named Molly

“A phone call received by a local police station in [data erased] on May 13th reported disturbing noises coming from the caller’s next door neighbor’s house. The police teams that were sent to investigate recovered an old hand-crafted doll, a video camera, and several video tapes, of which all but one was blank.

The officers also noticed blood smears leading out the back door of the house and into the surrounding wilderness. This is suspected to be evidence leading to the finding of local college students Armin [removed], Gregor [removed], and Rebecca [removed], who went missing last month. Studies are underway to locate the three civilians.”

The following is what could be salvaged from the non-blank tape and camera that were found at the crime scene. If you are reading this then you have been given special clearance from the [data removed]. The videos show what is assumed to be the events leading up to the disappearance of the local students that were previously mentioned. This is what was found:


LOG ONE, March 8

(The video starts out from inside a car. The camera is pointed at the driver, which is a girl who looks about 19 or 20 years old who has auburn hair, gray eyes, and rather fair pale skin. She’s wearing a [name removed] tank top and jeans. In the backseat, just barely within the frame, is a scrawny boy who looks about 18 or 19. He has very short black hair, bright green eyes, and his skin is slightly darker than the girl’s. He’s wearing a blue and green striped sweater and black sweatpants. The boy in the back seat notices the camera and sticks his tongue out. An off-camera voice speaks up.)

??: Gregor, stop that! (Sarcastically) What would your mother think of such HORRENDOUS behavior? *Laughter*

Gregor: I’m sorry my mother spent all her time focusing on training Rebecca here to be such a PERFECT young lady!

*Both laughing*

Rebecca: Ugh, you two need to grow up. Hey heads up, we’re almost there. I can’t believe you two numb-skulls got accepted into this school.

(The video ends)


LOG TWO, March 10

(The video starts in what seems to be a small wooden house. A tall boy with messy platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin running towards the camera alongside the girl from the previous video. They’re both wearing pajamas and look like they just woke up.)


(Laughter is heard off-camera)

(The camera spins so that we now see Gregor (the black-haired boy) running around)

Gregor: Welcome to today’s tour de la hou- (gets tackled by other boy) ACK!


(The camera is thrown behind a dresser. In the center of the frame is a little hand-stiched doll. It has black button eyes, a black dress, and a white apron. The doll’s skin is made of a mix of peach-colored cloth and porcelain, stitched together into messy patterns on the face and limbs, and the doll’s head has no hair. It also has little red lips, and it looks as if the nose was chipped off, leaving a little bare spot on the doll’s face. It is also lacking ears, and simply has holes on each side of its head where its ears would be. One of the boys comes over and picks up the camera, and notices the doll.)

Armin: Hey guys, look what I found!

(He lifts the doll into the frame)

Rebbeca: Woah woah woah. Ooookay, creepy doll you found behind a dresser? No thanks.

Gregory: Hey, lighten up Rebby. The thing looks harmless!

Rebecca: And motherfucking creepy.

Armin (off-camera): *gasp* SUCH PROFANITY!

(Gregor takes the doll from Armin and throws it at Rebecca)

Rebecca: (staticy) HEY! COULD YOU [static] UGH!

(The camera starts going crazy and everything goes to static before it cuts out and the video ends)



Log three was impossible to understand through the static that was playing. All that was understood was:

“That damn thing is-”


“That is one BIG tre-”

“Who’s that girl?”

The video never cleared up enough to see any pictures.


LOG FOUR, April 14

(The video cuts in to Armin and Gregor at a local park. They’re sitting on the swings, which swing lightly in the wind. The sun can be seen going down on the left side of the frame.)

Armin: So, are we gonna do video blogging or just videotaping stupid stuff like this?

Rebecca: What do you mean? This is SUPER important!

(A girl walks into the frame from the right, her head down. She has no hair and she’s wearing a dark dress and an apron. She looks about 21 or 22 years old. The three don’t notice her. Her head turns sharply so she faces the camera. For a brief moment you can see she has b*****s sewn into her eyes, red lipstick, and no nose or ears. The video then abruptly cuts out.)

The next few videos are mostly static, with some understandable parts in-between. The understandable parts go all have the girl from Log Four in them, at the very edge of the frame just in view, staring dead into the camera. Most of the clips take place at a lake setting, surrounded by woodlands.

The other clips take place in the house seen in Log two.


LOG EIGHT, April 27

(This video takes place in the house. The camera seems to be set up on a table, judging by the fact that all three teens are in the frame at the same time. The girl is standing outside the window behind where they’re sitting. They seem to be re-watching the previous videos.)

Gregor: What the hell are we looking for?

Rebecca: A clue to what the hell is happening.

Armin: There’s nothing in here that’s going to explain why there has been a human sized doll in the edges of your vision, Reb. You’re probably just stressed out about school starting soon and that doll that freaked you out so much REALLY isn’t helping.

(Rebecca sighs and goes over and picks up the camera. The girl in full view now. She’s smiling eerily.)

Rebecca: Might as well transfer this video to the tape.

(The video ends)

The tape footage ends there. There is one last log on the camera. The following is what the camera shows:

(No log title.)

(The video shows the two boys sitting in a dark bedroom next to each other. Screams and bone crunching can be heard from outside the door. The camera is focused on the boy’s faces. Gregor is crying.)

Gregor: (sobbing) Oh my god Reb, I’m so sorry. Oh god oh god oh god…

Armin: Shut up, that thing might find us.

(Gregor silently nods)

(Light footsteps are heard outside. Quiet humming of an unknown yet enchanting tune is heard from outside. A woman’s voice starts singing.)

???: Riiiing around the roooosyyy.
Pooooockets full of poooosiiies
(Longer pause)
Aaaashes, aaash-


(Silence. The door slams open and the girl from before is seen, now in more detail. She is identical to the doll that the teens found behind the dresser. Several of her limbs seem to have been chopped off then replaced with porcelain ones that have been sewn back on. The boys scream while she smiles down at them. Then she lunges. The video cuts out for a second, then cuts back to the girl skipping around in one of the boy’s body. The boy could not be identified. She’s holding the doll they found and singing “Ring around the Rosy” to it. The video cuts out.)

It is unknown how the room got cleaned of evidence so fast, although authorities suspect that’s what the commotion was that the caller reported. The doll from the videos seems to be the same doll that was found with the tapes and the camera. Authorities have given up on the search and proclaimed the three teens from the videos dead.

“After the events of May 13, the police have reported that a piece of evidence, a small hand-crafted doll about 10 inches in height, has been stolen. Authorities are calmly searching for the perpetrator as we speak. In other news, reports of a humanoid Doll-girl, dubbed “Molly” by a young townsgirl, have been flooding in at the local police station. Stay tuned for more news at 11:00.”