A Bloody Ghost of COD4

Many players saw a ghost in COD4 I didn’t want to believe in it until one day I saw it with my two own eyes…

October 18, 2018 – 6:42 PM

Player Name: PulsarHeat4

Last Server Played: My own server

Me and my friend [7u7]IGNITE were playing COD4. Two of us in a 1v1 game. So I played for a while before I hit bed.

Little did I know, [7u7]IGNITE was not moving. He froze like hell in the game. I waited for a while until I looked at the player names to look at my score. But [7u7]IGNITE left a few hours ago…

It gave me the creeps. I thought that this game might be playing games on me…

Until it moved, it ran away and followed me. I saw him walking through walls. I thought he was a hacker but if it is a hacker, the player name must be put. I stayed at the corner of the walls waiting for him to attack until it chatted, “Goodnight.”

And after for a few days, I had to stay on my apartment and my house was sold to a guy I don’t know the name of. I am 18 years old by the way, and don’t you think I’m little old to play this game.

Today I’m gonna check if the hacker is still there.

  • Puddin Tane

    Needs work. Sentence structure and punctuation.