A Black House in the Snow

7:30 p.m.
As dusk approaches on the cold shivering plane, I began to wonder where my parents could be now. One said they were off to find some supplies for the big snow storm that was supposed to hit us, and the other said they had to work late. I couldn’t bear the feeling that I was alone in my house as it was getting even darker.

10:00 p.m.
Still none one has called me or even bothered to shoot a text saying they were coming, but I began to fear the worst. What if they got trapped in the storm already, or perhaps they were in an accident, or worse? But I am still sane and hoping for the better.

11:00 p.m.
The snow has already closed off my door, so no one can get in or out of my house. As much as I wanted to shut my eyes and wait for tomorrow to come already every time I shut them I hear something in my attic, the sound was chilling and very unsettling, but I brushed it off and it might have been the storm. But as it continuously happens, I began to hear the sound shift and change sound, I don’t think it was my head playing tricks but it sounded so real that I felt that there was something with me.

12:00 a.m.
Still feeling the fear already rushing through my veins, I began to lose consciousness because of my lack sleep. All of sudden the house blew a fuse and all the lights were completely black. The closest light that I can use was my flashlight that I keep in the basement. But even though it was dark and I needed my flashlight, I always had a fear of the basement, the sounds that the floorboards were making, or the feeling that someone was there watching you. I didn’t bother to go get, so I instead waited more. But that sound that I heard earlier wasn’t in my attic anymore, it was in my room. I felt the coldest, darkest, energy that was projecting out of my door. I wanted to close it but I was frozen in fear. And all of sudden the adrenaline in me forced to run and retrieve the dark hidden flashlight that was in the basement and ran up to see what I can spot. The feeling of death coiled my body like a snake and when I pointed the flashlight at the dark, I couldn’t describe the feeling of dread it gave me. The evil stare that as it was staring me down, the long, slender fingers that were exposed one the side of my bed coming towards me. This was not human, no, it was most certainly not from our world, it didn’t give the “alien” look but it was foul.

1:30 a.m.
I’m still trying to sleep, it felt as if so much time has passed, but it was very fast and scary. I can never close my eyes to see a demon reaching out at me, the image and body of it damaged my eyes and my mind. And I still wonder where my parents could be and I couldn’t feel myself stay anymore awake so I gave in to the exhaustion.

7:00 a.m.
I finally wake to the sound of my parents calling my name from the kitchen informing me that they finally arrived from there 500 year delay outside doing who knows what. I told them about what I had witnessed while they were away. Their expressions faded to a grim look, I didn’t think that they would believe me, but they did and they were frighten by the news. They had told that the house was originally used for dark forces to enter the “real” world and dwell within our homes. I had not only experienced this dark force, but it also reached out to me and let me go. I guess you can say I was saved for now of course we planned on moving to a different house with a lighter history, but that house, that was the house that tore my life in pieces.

  • KillerF999

    The story is pretty good, but there are some grammatical errors which can be corrected. I rated 4 out 5 stars.

    • Nancy

      I agree, good story but needs editing for grammar.