They Imprint Among Us CH6 – Into The Darkness

Hollys arms were stretched out as wide as she could make them as she felt the ground no longer beneath her feet. With her eyes closed tight she fell backwards off roof. The air was whipping at her ears. She clinched her body tight mid free fall bracing herself for the impact below.

She hoped the trash bags would be enough cushion to absorb her fall. She was ready to accept the outcome. A small part of her deep inside was even ready to accept the worst possible scenario.

The wind was harsh in her ears, screaming And howling at her as she fell. She held her breath as the predicted point of impact was nearing. Suddenly without warning her body had stopped. Had she hit? She didn’t feel the ground below her nor had she heard anymore wind. She opened her eyes, and only saw the night sky above her.

Turning her head she saw her target roughly 4 feet below her. It took her a minute to realize she was suspended in mid air. She was frozen impossibly, and weightless between the ally on her back. She kicked her legs in a state of panic, and then quickly realized it was a pointless endeavor. She gave in and let her body hang limp.

She looked up at the rooftop only to see the young vampire squatting on the corner of the ledge above her glaring down in her direction. He dropped from the roof to the ground below.

“Aidan? Aidan what’s happening? Are you doing this?” Holly yelled.

Aidan walked up to her with a worried, yet confused look on his face. “what were you thinking miss? You could have died!” he said

Holly still suspended looks down at him and screamed. “Aidan put me down!”

Her body slowly lowered to the ground, and she remained on her back staring at the sky trying to grasp the reality of what just happened. Aidan rushes over, and drops to his knees and lifts her head up off the ground, then rests it on his arm.

She looks up at him only to see confused black eyes looking down at her. His arm was cold reminding her that he wasn’t anything close to human. The contact gives her chills.

“what was that? We’re you trying to kill yourself?” Aidan barks.

Holly just stared at him for a moment, and for the first time that night a real smile crept it’s way on her face.

“You stopped me.” she softly said stunned.

“yes miss. I did.” he worryingly replied.

“I had to see if you would save me. I had to know for sure.”

“and if I hadn’t. You’d probably be dead miss.”

“maybe. But I had to know.” she said.

“are you always this wreckless?”

“No. But I had faith you’d do something, and you did.” she said with a slight smile.

Aidan helped her up to her feet and stood back to let her make sense of things. He knows to be careful when dealing with humans for the first time. He had witnessed first time contact before with other vampires. Sometimes revealing to much to fast is to much on the human mind.

Aidan has seen the bad effects it can bring, and Holly falling backwards off the roof made him think that maybe she couldn’t handle it. At least until he saw her smile at him. Maybe it was a good sign. He chose her to imprint. It was his only shot. Until now he wasn’t sure he’d chosen well. Maybe she could handle this.

Normally when vampires reveal themselves to their possible owners they are told not to show their abilities at first. There was proof in the past it was a risky move. He was unsure if he should show her his ability to manipulate fire. But he had. Her falling off the roof may not of been the result of seeing his fire. It was something else. A test. Yes he sees this now

Now she knows more than he wanted her to. Her careless act forced him to reveal another one of his abilities. But he didn’t have a choice. He took a chance, and now he can only hope for the best.

“what did you do to me?” Holly Asks “I was floating in mid air!” she touched her arm just to make sure she wasn’t dreaming.

“yes miss you were.” Aidan replies cautiously.

“You can make things float?!”

“like fire I can manipulate objects as well.” Aidan says.

“oh… Wonderful… More surprises. You must be a riot at parties.” she says sarcastically.

Aidan looks past her at The dumpster. “I can use the atmosphere around objects to move mass using kenetic energy.” he says.

“so… What… Telekinesis you mean? She replies.

“yes miss.”

Aidan hold his hand out. Holly hears a creaking metallic sound behind her, and turns her head alarmed. Her eyes grow wide as she watches the dumpster impossibly rise from the ground roughly three feet in the air.

“oh my god!” she says shocked.

Several trash bags fall out during the process but Aidan stops them mid air and they float back on top, and then he gently places it back down.

“this is unbelievable!” holly says impressed.

Aidan smiles at the approval, and then looks down at his feet. “is he blushing?” holly thinks to herself. She almost chuckles out loud.

Suddenly they both hear a sound at the end of the alley. They turn their heads at the same time only to see a young man standing there shocked, and frozen in fear.

Aidan’s face grows into a scowl. His eyes Sharpen into an angry stare. “is he unclean?” holly asks, afraid she’s going to see another murder.

“No.” Aidan says. He gets into a defensive stance. Ready to attack. Holly calmly reaches out and lightly grabs his arm. Aidan flinches under her touch but refuses to take his eyes off the intruder.

“Aidan don’t… Please.” she softly says.

He glances back at holly, and can see she’s scared. He drops his shoulders and relaxes his face. Holly smiles. “thank you.” she says. Then let’s go of him.

“You!” holly yells out. “I suggest you run now.”

The man just nods his head, and then sprints off into the darkness.

“You were going to kill that man.” holly says.

“The thought crossed my mind.” Aidan replied.

“but you said he was clean.”

“yes, but you can never be to careful miss. Humans don’t like us, and we don’t like very many of them.”

“Aidan listen to me.” holly says.

Aidan turns his head and looks holly in the eyes. She looks concerned but her eyes are soft. This isn’t something Aidan is used to seeing. He immediately trembles under her gaze like a obedient pet to his owner. Holly feels this power shift, and reacts.

“if you want to be my friend then you can’t kill clean people okay? Only do it when you have to.” she says.

Aidan nods his head. “yes miss.”

She smiles at him. She likes the way he just obeys without questioning her. It feels slightly uncomfortable, but she can’t deny it. She feels this odd power dynamic forming between the two of them. Holly always had to have control all her life. Without feeling in Control of situations it made her feel vulnerable, and weak.

Many years ago she made a promise to herself that she would always be the best at everything she did. Her father’s death drove every important decision she’s ever made. She knows this is why her relationships with guys never worked in the end. It was her constant need to feel in control.

She always felt bad about it. Maybe it wasn’t always fair to the guys she dated, but she was the type of girl to get things done. She never had to wait to be told to do something. It was in her blood. Everytime she felt like she was getting to close to someone she’d remember her mother, and why she did the things she did. It wasn’t right, and she didn’t agree with her choices but she did however understand necessity. She would always shut it down before any man expected anything from her.

Now she sees Aidan, and she understands why he is so refreshing to her. He didn’t poke and pry into her head. She didn’t feel the pressure to make him like her like all her dates. He just does. She doesn’t know why he does, and it seems like it doesn’t even matter. It’s simple, and it’s flattering.

“so what now?” holly asks.

Aidan looks over at the wall, and then back at her. “I have to go back home now miss.”

“where is home?” holly asks

“my home is kanthos. I’m my world it’s one of the three most powerful cities. Many vampires like me live there.”

“are there humans there to?”

“Yes. You would not be alone should you decide to join me miss.” he says.

Holly Looks back to the street. It’s empty roads that lead to familiar places, seem so dull now in her mind. She has to see his life. After the miracles she’s witnessed there wasn’t any other choice. It was crazy, but deep inside she liked it.

Holly Boldly stepped up to Aidan, and grabbed his cold hand. Immediately his fingers gently wrapped around hers, and he smiled. “is that a yes then?” he asks.

“that’s a yes. Let’s go to kanthos.” she says.

Aidan exposed one of his fangs, and bit into his wrist drawing blood. He then reached to the wall, and painted what looked like a pentagram onto it.

“step back with me.” Aidan said. He pulled her back several feet, and lifted his hand at the wall. After a few moments the symbol started glowing, and then it disappeared. In its place was a dark circle that led into nothingness, a dark hollow void. Holy clinched his hand tighter nervously.

“it’s OK miss. Don’t be afraid. It doesn’t hurt. It will feel cold though.” Aidan says softly.

Holly wrapped her arm around his waist and pulled him closer. His cold body against her warm skin gave her goosebumps.

“it’s OK. I’m ready.” she says. Leaving everyone, and everything she’s ever known behind her, she held her breath and stepped into the darkness.

  • Konner

    I got a little less than halfway through before I got bored. I’m sorry. I just don’t like the lovie-dovie thing. The grammar mistakes are still there even though we tell over and over again!

  • Jess

    Love this series, when is the next one coming out?

  • ShYgUy

    Has anyone noticed the website to publish is glitching

  • Rose Morrison

    STILL; ally for alley, to for too, and that wreckless AGAIN, aaaaaggh! But, I do still love your series, and am struggling through because your storyline is worth it.