Living with Slenderman / Lily the Forgotten Demon Pt. 1

You might have heard the story of Lazari, but have you heard of her younger sister? A couple years after Zalgo created the demon child Lazari, he created Lily for another family that desperately wanted a baby girl. (Lily’s Story) Their was a wife and a husband that wanted a family more than anything, and after numerous tries to have a baby they failed every time. One day they were walking in the woods and heard a voice, the voice asked if they truly would do anything for a baby girl. Of course they said yes, a minute later baby Lily was in the wife’s hands. Lily had beautiful long red hair (for a baby), adorable black eye’s, and light skin. “Oh… and you should know, that’s a demons child!” the strange voice said before it mysteriously vanished. They continued to raise Lily as a normal human, and tried to hide to everyone that she was a demons child. When Lily was about 3 years old, she started to crave humans. When Lily’s mom and dad were asleep, she killed her dad and ate him. Before Lily’s mom woke up, she put a not on her dad’s pillow that said, “i’m sorry but i’m leaving you and Lily. I just can’t stand living with a demons child anymore! I’ve met someone else, me and her have been dating for about two years. I asked her to marry me, she said yes. I hope you change your last name back to Bond.


Ex-Husband Mick.”

When Lily’s mom woke up, Lily could hear her sobbing from the other room, she then came running into Lily’s room. “Lily… well… daddy isn’t coming back.” Lily’s mom said in between sobs. Lily’s mom missed work that day also, at the end or the day she grabbed rope and told Lily, “I’m going on a little walk in the forest, stay here and remember I will always love you.” Lily hugged her mom the responded, “I know! I love you too mommy!” It’s been almost an hour and Lily’s mom still isn’t home, Lily is scared (she’s only 3). Lily remember’s what her mom had told her, she told her to call the police if she was ever scared. She calls the police and says, “Hello! Can you please help me? My mommy left for a walk in the woods and she’s isn’t back yet. ” “Ok, where do you live?” The responder asked, “196 east Pine Street!” “Thank you, I have police on their way!” Lily waits for a couple minutes before the police arrive, when they arrive Lily opens the door she shows them which way the forest was. The police walked with Lily threw the forest, after about a half hour of walking they found Lily’s mom. When Lily saw her mom hanging from the rope she screamed so loud the neighbors could hear. When she searched for the police men to tell them where her mom was, they were nowhere to be seen. Lily then just sat next to the tree her mom was hanging from, and started crying. Then a very tall man in a suit approached her and asked, “Hi, I’m Slenderman are you Lily? And would you like to live in my mansion? I know your older sister.” She then looked up and answered, “I’m Lily, and sure I wanna live in your mansion. Who’s my sister?”

Original story by: Aimee Connell

  • DannyPhantom79

    I think you should have gone through your story again to make sure there were no spelling errors and it was a little short for me but I liked the direction it was heading I just wish it was longer

    • creepypasta_kid

      Thank you for the suggestions, I will put more detail in the the other parts