5 Days Before My Sister’s Birthday

5 days , before my big Sister’s birthday. It was a rainny day , the clouds are thick , and I can’t see the sun. I’m going to buy her a teddybear , a human size teddybear. So I went to a Toy Shop , there are so many toys around , Cars , Dolls , and a TeddyBears. I look for a human size teddybear , I can’t find one. So I approach the sales lady and says , “Out of Stock”.

I get out from that store. A few minutes later while walking , I saw a Toy Store then I go in and look for a Human size teddy bear. And finally ! I saw one ! It’s color brown , realistic eyes , it has a ribbon on the head. It looks cute so I buy it. After that , I go back to my House and place the teddybear above my closet.

I’m looking forward to my Sister’s birthday and I can’t wait to give him my gift.

4 days before my Sister’s birthday , I woke up and ready our breakfast. My Auntie and My Sister woke up , I invited them to eat the food I served , now were done eating breakfast and be ready for school. Before I go to school , I heared some news that our Neighbor’s Daughter is missing. I’m a little bit worried about our neighbor. After school , I went home and take a nap. I dreamed about a brown teddybear eating a white cat and It looks like the teddybear I bought. After that nap , I go into my room and look for the teddybear , and its fine… ” its just a dream” asked my self.

3 days before my sister’s birthday , no classes today since its Saturday , my sister and I went to my grandfather’s house. And after we visit my grandfather , I heared some news again , our another neighbor’s son is missing. I’m curious on what is happening. I go back to my room and rest. I’m hearing the door is creaking. There’s someone’s tresspassing. I look into it and I found it in the bathroom , I can’t see him clearly but , he is Large. “I woke up”…that was only my dream.

2 days before my sister’s birthday. There’s no classes since its Sunday. We went to Church. Its just a normal day , til the night time. It was a cold night and I can’t sleep. So I’m planning to wrapped my gift *teddybear*. So I look for the teddybear. The teddybear is missing ! I can’t find it. I look on my closet , none. I look above my drawer , none. I look under my bed , none. “What am I going to do ?” “Should I buy a new one ? Or spent my whole time searching for a teddybear ?” Someone speak behind me with a scary voice “are you looking for me?” … I slowly rotate my head and.. Its the Teddybear ! It pushed me to the corner and bit my arm. While the teddybear is pushing me , I speak “wh..what are you ?!” The teddybear replied “I’m a teddy , teddybear !” And then suddenly.. His chest opened , and there’s a black tentacles trying to reach me. I pushed Him and I go to the kitchen , I get a knife and I headed to my sister’s room. My sister is not there , so I go to my auntie’s room.. My auntie is not there too. I’m hearing a footsteps toward me.. I’m scared , I pointed the knife to where I heared the footsteps… Its the teddybear ! , “don’t you come near me !” The teddybear replied “don’t worry , I’m not going to hurt you”.. The teddybear went close to me , so I stabbed him on his chest where the tentacles came out , I ran out from that house and Shout with fear ” Help me !! Someone help me please !!” Someone came with a car and says “what happened ?” I replied “help me , I’m scared..” We went to the nearest police station and I tell them what happened to me and they are not believing me. I asked the police “can I sleep here ?” The police let me sleep in the police station.

1 day before my sister’s birthday. The police investigated my house and were searching for my sister and my auntie. They can’t find them. I called my grandfather , He’s not answering my calls , I tried and I tried.. And after a few minutes of trying. Someone answered my call and says “hello ? I’m teddy , teddybear.. How can I help you ?”