Unsettled Kathryn


Kathryn Collins. The daughter of the queen as of herself Queen In Training. She was what seemed an emotionless person when she was keeping her feelings away. Her dear close friends Sebastian,Ciel,Alois,and her maid Serena stayed by her side helping her. Kathryn has been happy for a while and always seemed to smile with her friends and was always polite in her Mother’s presence. One day Kathryn didn’t see Alois, she just thought he went out for a while. Over a few weeks she started growing worried. She has already sent out 12 search parties for Alois. None of them founded him. Over a few months this started driving Kathryn crazy. Without seeing Alois she grew even more worried. Ciel tried calming her through these times and she would sometimes have panic attacks over Alois’s safety. Over a year Kathryn was being drove insane. She swore on her life she will find Alois. Unknowing he was dead. Kathryn still waits for Alois to return and she can prove everyone wrong that he was ok. She cried every night,prayed,sent more people out to look for him. Kathryn was desperate for Alois to return. She hoped and prayed for him to return. She started losing her mind and started hearing voices. Losing her last bit of humanity she wrote a note saying “Tell me when Alois returns” took a rope and hung herself in her room. Her ghost still waits for Alois every night and day passing by. Kathryn was now dead from her insanity from losing her dear friend Alois. A spirit still looking out for Alois hoping he returns. She was only at the age of 13 and many people sorrowed over the Queen’s daughters death. Sometimes you can hear her voice saying “has my Alois returned…?” or “Where are you Alois…”.

  • Rose Morrison

    A very good idea, and a great story with potential to develop, but this very short, badly spelt, poorly grammared paragraph does not do it justice. Looking forward to a further development.

    • Elizabeth The Killer

      I wrote this when i was terribly sleepy sorry if it wasn’t what you expected it to be.

  • Andres

    Umm… Black Butler much? :/

  • Andres

    Umm… Black Butler much?

  • paityn rion

    A very poor attempt at a side Story to Black butler season two.just to be honest

  • Amber Izer

    This was a great start. I hope you plan to do more. I’d like to see you develop more with this story. Use more detail. Work on your spelling and grammar but don’t give up. There is always room for improvement. Ill be watching out for another chapter.

  • Rose Morrison

    No need to apologise, as I said, great story idea, has good potential, just needed spellchecker and an edit.

  • Rose Morrison

    So glad it wasn’t just me saying about the spelling and grammar! Thought I was the only one! It is good, but needs help to shine x