The Rake

Crime Report; Son Kills Father, Claims Insanity.

September 22th, 2017


This entry, titled Sleep Deprived, was found on the father’s computer, it was sent to a psychiatrist, Nyu Anden MD.

By Canadian Law, the son’s identity is to be kept a secret due to him being under the age of 18.


September 20th, 2017 at 7:37 PM,

“There are some things no one can explain, but then again, I write stories for the unexplained. For the past few days I haven’t been sleeping as much, nor have I been feeling fully nourished from the sleep I’ve gotten. I see things following me, stalking me, some people call me insane, but I don’t think I’ve fully gotten there, yet. I sleep with the lights on but then again, my son, —–, has been the same way, sleeping in the dark he see’s a dark being, jumping from his bed to the floor at any time, he cries in his bed quietly until he no longer see’s it. The dark circles under his eyes show how bad the sleep deprivation is getting. He says the being was on all four, it has dark sage-grey skin with glowing eyes. I have called the police before but they joke that we are just crazy, but I’ve seen it’s footprints before, I’ve seen it’s teeth, the f*****g large glowing eyes, I don’t know what to do anymore, I just can’t do this anymore, —– kept mumbling some words, saying something about claws, large, long claws. I woke up this morning to my son, he wet his bed, he’s fourteen years old, this shouldn’t happen. I hope to talk with you this saturday about medication or something to help me and my son with these nightmares, thank you for your time.

– Jeffrey Russell”


The father that night was killed with an unknown weapon, deep cuts shown to be some sort of spear or long knife, nothing of such was found on the scene, the young boy, 14, was only to be found with the victim’s blood on his clothes as well as committing cannibalism. A witness perspective of the ‘demon’ titled by “The Rake” seen by both the boy and father, was drawn by the boy himself, stating that this being was to have committed the murder and possessed the son to commit cannibalism, here is the drawing: