Closet Game

Now, if you read the title, you might already have an idea about what this game is. Don’t think that it is like 7 minutes in heaven, it’s not. It’s more like hell, I suggest you play this alone. The more people the more demons. Now, let’s move onto the rules.

Rule 1. Never end the game early

Rule 2. Make sure you have a stuffed animal, it’s very important

Rule 3. If you do end the game early, make sure to sleep with some salt or put it around your home.

Rule 4. Never play with more then 4 people, more then 4 demons will be no match for you at all.

Rule 5. Each person gets there own demon to pay with in the closet.

Final rule. Don’t play this game.

If you rejected the final rule then your playing at your own risk. There are some items you need to get for the game, so I’ll list them down below.

1. Stuffed animal.

2. Knife.

3. Salt

4. Notebook

5. Pencil

6. A live animal

I’ve listed them from most to least important. Now into the steps.

Step 1. Turn off all the lights and place your stuffed animal in the middle of the room.

Step 2. Place your knife next to the stuffed animal.

Step 3. Surround yourself and any others who might be playing with a circle of salt.

Step 4. Use the notebook to draw a pentagram with the pencil.

Step 5. If you did get a live animal, place it by the stuffed animal. If you didn’t, skip this step.

Step 6. Wait until midnight and say, “Play with me in the closet.” 3 times.

Step 7. If the stuffed animal hasn’t move you failed. But if it started to twitch, grab the knife so it doesn’t grab it.

You have summon the demon. Quickly go into the closet with it, bringing the knife and a flashlight. Before you can start playing, you must ask, “What is hell like?” It will answer you in its own answer. Next you must hide the knife behind your back and tell it a lie. If it finds out that you lied, your dead. You must stay quiet when it begins to speak about a game you two could play. You must agree to the game.

Once you start playing the game the demon told you too, you must stab it once. If you stab it and it sees you, it will rip your skin off. If it doesn’t, you live. As you get more into the game, you have to turn in the flash light and point it at the stuffed animal. If it reacts to the light, quickly run out screaming, “No closet no closet no closet!” Now if you had a live animal, quickly push it into the closet with the stuffed animal. If it lives, your free to go. If it dies, you must keep running. If you didn’t get one, keep running until you get to the front door. Don’t open it, stay there until 5:37 in the morning. If you fall asleep it will wake you up. So don’t fall asleep.

Now, if you have survive this, just asking because you could have played in your mond, hwo was it? But don’t play this at all.