The Music Man – Part 1

I saw that man a few weeks ago and have been seeing him almost everyday since. He was standing on the street corner, guitar in hand and hat by his side. It was odd, because it seemed as though he was playing quite loudly, yet, no one even acknowledged him. He wasn’t dressed like the rest of us either. He appeared to be dressed in some sort of 1800’s attire, very unique compared to everyone else. Not a single soul who passed him dropped any money in the hat, except for me.

He politely thanked me as I went on my merry way. As I walked down the street, I happened upon a sudden realisation, I’ve heard that song before, though it seemed to be totally original, maybe even written by him, so, where had I heard it before? I thought to myself, “could it possibly be-” and then, I cut that thought off. There was absolutely no way that could be the same, faint song I’d heard in my nightmares. Though, thinking back, it did seem strikingly similar. It seemed as though it matched the rhythm perfectly.

I’ve been dealing with him for some time now and it’s very difficult to get the image of him out of my head, even though I never got a good look at his face. Everytime I see him, he always appears in some odd place, the kind of place no one would be. His face is always blackened by shadow as he just stands there, staring intensely. I’ve pointed him out to others before, but I always get the same results. They tell me I’m just staring at a blank wall.

He’s beginning to get a bit more bold by the day. He’s getting closer and the music is getting louder. Everyone in my house has begun to act strange ever since that damn song started playing, I’m the only one who can hear it, but it’s having an effect on them. They’ve become increasingly violent and it seems to be escalating. The news around town hasn’t fared much better either, freak accidents have become commonplace. They said they had shut down an entire street because everyone living there had apparently been simultaneously electrocuted. The eerie part was someone mentioned in an off comment that they thought they could hear some kind of song about lightning, playing somewhere and how odd that was.

That is not the weirdest thing that’s happening though. I swear to god, I can sometimes see him in the news footage and no one else can. What’s even worse is that, when he’s on screen, he seems to know where I am. I’m starting to think that there might be a link between the man, that song, and the electrocutions that happened. I have no time to dwell on that as he seems to be getting closer by the minute.

The music is getting even louder. He’s playing the song from my nightmares. My head is aching and my body is fatiguing, It seems as though he’s getting too close. It felt like forever, but he didn’t stick around, it’s quiet now. I don’t exactly know why he went away because he does seem very adamant to kill everyone who crosses his path. This puts me in mind of what happened a few days ago.

I was taking the subway home which was crowded with people when ever I noticed something, the man had just boarded. As usual, no one paid him any attention. When he started singing, all hell broke loose. What was he singing you ask? He began to sing a song about fire. I swear, at that very moment, the heat inside the train rose rapidly.

Luckily my stop had come up and I got off. When I turned on the news that night, the story was of how a subway train car had spontaneously combusted and everyone aboard burned alive. Whilst thinking about it now, there’s a pattern. Whatever song he plays or sings is a clue to what catastrophe is going to happen.

I don’t know what this being wants, he seems to have chosen me for something. I fear I’m running out of time to find out. Not only that, the music has stopped, that’s not good.

  • Richie

    My first assumption was it was just a ghost story, and well it went from 10 to 1000 real quickly. Very scary tbh

    • Tiny

      Thank you👍