“G******n this rain!” I grit my teeth, holding onto the edge of my seat. My boyfriend sat beside me attempting to calm me down, by easing up on the gas, he gave me a side glance and a smile.

“Please baby…keep your eyes on the road.” whimpering, I swallowed back my fear as my voice broke. I had closed my eyes, laid back against his leather seats, and tried to keep myself calm.

“Babe, I’m an alright driver, we will get to your moms house sooner then you think.” he let go of the steering wheel, to lay his hand gently against my swollen stomach. His thumb rubbed gently, the muscles in my back relaxed some. I opened my eyes, to look at him. It was only a moment. A single moment where he allowed his eyes off the road, the wipers making their noise against the windshield. I almost started to relax.

A movement ran out into the road, a man waving his arms, his mouth open into a scream. He was covered in brown, and red. His hair was knotted, his lips were cracked, he had teeth missing and one of his eyes were closed, as a crimson river fell over his cheek.

James slammed on the breaks, we started to slide. My muscles tensed, and we hit him, we hit the man. I felt the thud, James cursed. He kept turning the wheel as our car slammed into the median, hitting a railing, and we started to tip over. This time, it wasn’t just me screaming…I could hear james through the crunching of metal, the shattering of glass. We were rolling down the embankment. I felt James attempting to reach to me…but the pain I felt within my temple made me close my eyes.

“U…uh…o…ow…” I was careful, I couldn’t see anything, but I could hear the ticking metal and feel the heat radiating off the car. The smoke, was filling fast and entering my lungs. I shook my head, forcing myself to stay awake. I reached for the seatbelt release; my body fell hitting the roof of the car.

My head kept pounding, and my stomach had an odd pressure pain to it…I couldn’t quite see out of my right eye, and my, left arm seemed impossible to move.

“James…?” I cried, and received no answer. I reached out, to feel my surroundings…warmth filled around my eye and fell down my face. I groaned, the pressure in my stomach growing. I managed to find a cool, wet patch and followed the airflow.

My knees touched wet grass, and I collasoed on my back. The rain was cool, and I had started,to close my one good eye.

“Sylvia? Where are you? I can’t move…my back is killing me.” I was on my feet in a second.

“James?! James where are you?!” I cried, I heard him cry out, I went back to our car, to his side. He wasn’t inside…

“Over here…” he sounded in so much pain. My knees were wanting to buckle underneath me; my stomach had heaved, I felt the sudden pain, I screamed.

James, laid out on the slope of the embankment, I reached out…blinking my one good eye.

“How bad am I?” he laughed, before coughing.

“I can’t move, I can’t feel anything.” I reached out, touching the several pieces of glass and metal bits that were embedded into his stomach.

“Sit me up Syl…” he groaned, I looked at his face, seeing half of it gone.

How was he still alive? How was he still talking? I reached to him, and I touched the flap of skin hanging off his skull. He didn’t even flinch.

“You….you really can’t feel that?” I asked. He started to chuckle.

“No. I can’t. I can’t feel anything. Help me up…please…” I grunted taking one arm, with my one good one. As I lifted him up, he began to scream.

“Sylvia!!!! Your arm!!” i looked at the arm that I couldn’t move. I screamed too; my arm was almost completely decapitated. Hanging loosely by a straind of skin, and fat tissue.

“Y…your eye…its…its got a piece, of glass in it…” I turned to look at him, he was reaching out to my stomach. For the first time, I looked down, I had started to cry.

My stomach, was agape. Blood glistening ribs, the rubber appendages dangling in between my thighs. I had looked back to james, I began to cry.

“Are we dead…?” I asked. He started to shake. He was trembling, as was I. My brain, had refused to process the word ‘dead’.

“If we were…how are we talking? How are you standing?” he asked and I just shook my head. I couldn’t even answer. I didn’t even know.





“OVER HERE!!” a voice shouted.

I turned to look above us. Fire fighters came, running down, the car had finally become engulfed in flames.

“Hey!!!” I screamed.

The men didn’t turn, they didn’t make a move to us.

“Syl…theyre not going to hear you…” I left him laying there; I started, walking to them. They were using a hose to put the fire out. I reached out, my hand landed on one of them, yet they made no sign of seeing me. Or feeling me.

“God poor people…how far along do you think the woman was?” I turned away. I followed the voice, a police officer had a torch; my eye followed the light, and there I was. Tossed to the side like a rag doll. Stomach agape, intestine hanging between my legs, and my unborn baby boy casted out of me like trash. He was,a few feet away from me. Still. Unmoving, not even a cry. James. Was tossed roughly seven feet away from me, impaled by a tree…the branch sticking from his lower back.

I covered my mouth, seeing half of his face, sliced clean in half…i watched as the sponge of his brain, leaked out of his nose and onto his pants.

We were dead…

How could we still be talking…

If we were dead.

“Got movement over here!” a voice shouted. A man came running over, and I looked.

My son, started to cry.

It was, impossible…

No…there’s no way…

He was moving, he was crying.

“Save my baby! Please!” I cried out, though they couldn’t hear me. I reached out, begging. Pleading for them, to at least save our son.

  • Scott Fagner

    Oh man, this story gave me the chills! Loved it so much. Especially at the end, goosebumps for days

    • FinalHope

      Yah agreed even though it gave me chills it was a great story you should write more you have talent as a writer

      • Shannon Williams

        Thank you both, so much. I was hoping this one would be good 🙂

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    So sad