The Demonic Child

Night 1:

She stared at me with a deep intensified look in her eyes. She follows me wherever I go. She isn’t real so everyone says but when she gets close I can feel her warm breath on my neck… Slow and steady like the pulse of a heartbeat. At night she promises me the older kids who picked on me would disappear. And that my life would be better. But only this could happen if I brought her to life using a sacred ritual.

Night 2:

I know she is lying to me. She says I’m the only one who can save her from the darkness. So now she will not stop bothering me or talking to me until I do as she says. This is my curse and now I must live with it. Tonight I’m going to go out and call her forward and make her go away forever. If it fails more of her kind will go after me. Wish me luck….

Night 3:

It went wrong. Can’t breath. Running. Hiding. Can’t think. She is coming for me. Her name is Succubus. She is a demon. She tried to trick me. Its almost day she can’t do me harm then… I… Must… Keep… Running… I’m almost there… It’s almost 7:00 I can make it.

Night 4:

I don’t remember what happened. But everyone is ignoring me. My teacher called my name multiple times and looked around the room and marked me absent I went up to her and yelled my name. She still didn’t hear me. Why? I’m going back to where I tried to make her go away.

Night 5:

I’m almost there. Just one more mile. I’m here. There’s a little girl on the ground. Her hair is brown and her skin is pale. She looks about my age. I’m going to turn her over to see if she is okay. There is blood everywhere. She… Oh my god… THATS ME!!! How am I dead. What happened? HuSh LiTtLe BaBy DoN’t SaY A WoRd MaMa Is GoNnA BuY YoU A MoCkInG BiRd… It’s my mom… But she is dead… I’m in my house… I see her putting a little baby to sleep but… There is something else… her eyes… There turning black… She now has multiple eyes… “Mom? Are you okay?” I reach out to touch her… “YoU ShOuLd HaVe NeVeR BeEn BoRn YoU DeMoN!!!” She went to hit me then everything disappeared… Everything is black now.. And I’m fading into the darkness…. Where I was supposed to be Queen of the underworld. My name is Persephone. And you shall all perish… You can run BUT YOU CANT HIDE!!!

  • Sid

    Iam going to use this story in my narration👌👌