Callie Likes to Play

1:34 pm, December 6, 2002

I was sitting in the Break room. I was sipping my tea while browsing trough the files of the new patients who arrived today. Luckily it was break time for me, so no one would bother me.

The children on our department were taking a nap, and they weren’t allowed to leave their rooms until 2:20 pm.

So I had plenty of time.


My name is Franciska Avory. I’m a nurse in the “Blue Wings Kids Hospital”.

Our kids department wasn’t big. It was a small building, that used to be the normal hospital until they built another huge building next to it, so they made that the Kids department.

There were only a few examination rooms, 30 chambers for kids, a playroom and a break room for us.

It wasn’t much… but we liked it anyway.


Angelique came in and looked at me.

“Fran?” she said to catch my attention.

I put the files down.


She looked over her shoulder, at the info desk.

“There’s this new patient that just arrived, and you should come have a look…”

She turned around and walked back. Something felt weird when she said that.

Alright, I got up from my chair and walked after her.


“Here she is…” Angelique looked at a little girl who was standing in front of the desk, staring at us.

She had long blonde hair and two big bright blue eyes. She wore a little dark blue dress and a pair of black shiny shoes. She was holding a little Teddybear. I looked at her and her bright eyes looked like they were glowing… it gave me an unsettling feeling…

I tried to get over it and smiled at her:

“What’s your name, sweetheart?”



She didn’t say anything. Angelique looked at the computer screen.

“Her name is… Callie.”

I first looked at Angelique and then I looked back at Callie.

“Well nice to meet you Callie!” I gave her a bright smile.

She just looked at me. Angelique coughed and grabbed the girl by her hand and grabbed her suitcase.

“Let’s go to your room, dear. Come on!” She said, trying to sound happy.


She gave me a strange feeling…




~Later that day~


I was bringing the food around for dinner. I looked at the chamber number.


The number reminded me of something… But I couldn’t remember what. I coughed, knocked the door and walked in with het plate of food.

“Good evening, Callie! Here is your dinner!”

I put the plate on the table and looked around.

Strange… where could she be? She wasn’t here… The bed was empty and there was no one in the bathroom.

I turned around and suddenly I was looking into bright blue eyes of that small girl that was standing behind me. I jumped up!

“Callie! Y-you scared me dear… Here is your dinner… Enjoy!” I said.

I slowly walked out, and she kept staring at me until I closed the door behind me.


~9 pm~


I turned off the lights in the hallways and walked back to the break room. I heard something like footsteps behind me… I ignored it…

They became louder… I switched on my flashlight and turned around.


Nobody there.


A shiver ran down my spine… Just imagination…

I kept walking. After a few seconds I heard the footsteps again, and they were louder… I turned around again.


But I thought I heard a slight chuckle… somewhere… Nevermind, I rubbed my eyes started to walk faster.

Again footsteps…

This time I decided to ignore them…

I walked into the break room and I looked at the Chamber board.

There was 1 red light burning.


If someone needed a nurse, they could push “the red button” in their room. Then a red light would appear next to their room number on the board so someone could go see what was wrong.


I looked at the board…


I heard a giggle from behind the door. I turned around and opened the door.

Nothing. Again.

I swallowed and walked trough the hallway, on my way to “her” chamber…


I felt shivers running down my spine and held my flashlight tight… I thought I heard more chuckles, and at the same time, it was terrifyingly quiet… The hallways were creepy, dark and empty…

In front of the door… there was a teddybear… her teddybear. I pointed my flashlight at it.

It was looking at me… its eyes were following me… I tried to ignore it as I opened the door and the light of my flashlight filled room.

There was again no one here…

I rubbed the back of my neck, she couldn’t leave her room at this t-

Suddenly my flashlight turned off. I almost screamed and tried to turn it back on.

Then I heard the door of the room. It slammed shut. Ghostly chuckles echoed through the room…

I dropped the flashlight as I suddenly saw what was written on the wall in front of me, bright red letters almost glowing:


“Want to play? 🙂 <3”


– End of Part 1 –


  • Puddin Tane

    It’s ok. Can’t say exactly what’s wrong. Just feels off. Maybe a bit hurried.

  • Madalina Mihaela Vasilescu

    When are you going to release the 2nd part of “Callie wants to play”?