Perfect Girl

I’m not sure how to start this, I’m horrible at writing, so I’m going to try my best.

When I was in middle school, there was this girl that was a grade above me, which is putting her in High School. She wasn’t in any of my classes, but since the middle school building and high school building was connected, I knew her. Her name’s Chloe. She was pretty cute and compassionate. She’s the girl that cried over dissecting a frog. I mean, I know other people hated doing that, but she was the only one that cried! To me, that was pretty cute. At least she cares about something little like that.

She was maybe 5’3 or 5’4, thin, pale skin, had long dark brown hair. The cool thing about her and what made her stand out more was her eyes. Her right eye was green, and the left was gray. Sure, a******s made fun of her for it, but I thought it was cool. Another thing that made kids bully her was she had ADHD, a bit of OCD, and again she’s sensitive.

Another thing that made her super cool was she’s fantastic at playing the violin and was great at singing. She even made up her own songs, but they were always sad. Chloe was also really kind. She would always smile at random people or say hello. Outside of school, of course. However, she was still caring and kind to everyone, but our music teacher and I knew that she was broken inside.

You see, Chloe’s family life wasn’t the best. She had an older sister in High School too, she was the cheer captain of the cheerleaders, president of the Debate Club, and was a straight-A student. Basically, the good, perfect daughter that every family wants! Chloe also has a younger brother. He hadn’t done anything significant, but he was a little brat, and their parents allowed him to get away with everything. He was the baby, and her dad always wanted a son. So, that pretty much explains it.

Her parents favored both her older sister and younger brother, where Chloe had to fight to be noticed by them, but since she isn’t a straight-A student, only a Cs or Ds student, and she can’t stand sports or after school activities. Now I saw her sister, and she’s the type of girl that every guy at school wanted to get with. Chloe’s cute, but her sister was HOT! Her sister had the smarts and looks, and Chloe isn’t the baby anymore, which didn’t matter anyway. Her younger brother got most, but all of the attention the same went for her older sister.

I mean Chloe tried her best to be another good, perfect daughter, like last year she did join the girls’ soccer team but was kicked off due to her getting the goals messed up and scoring on the wrong side because she was frustrated and couldn’t focus on what was going on…

The look on her parents’ faces, embarrassed and ashamed. The next day, kids laughed at her. Her sister called her a failure, an embarrassment to the family, and that she shouldn’t have been born!

Whenever Chloe had enough and was ready to break down, she ran to the music room where the music teacher allowed her to stay. She’d play away on the violin. Chloe didn’t like to sing in front of people, but if it was just her and the music teacher. Chloe would sing as she played.

There were a few times I came into the room, and she was singing. She could give all the great female singers a run for their money. But she was too shy to perform in front of a crowd.

Singing and the violin was the only two things she loved. I was there the day the teacher told her that she could keep the instrument. Chloe’s face lit up! She was so happy and thanked the teacher profusely…! Sadly, her happiness ended two days after, and her new instrument was destroyed.

It was the start of music class, my friends and I sat in the back, listening to the teacher go on about sheet music, but she paused when the door opened. Chloe’s stood behind her mom, who was holding the violin. It was broken in two! Her mom glared at the music teacher, who looked just as confused as her students.

“Did you give this to my daughter?” her mom hissed, the music teacher nodded. Chloe’s mom rolled her eyes with a heavy sigh. “Well, sorry to tell you, but she broke it, and I’m not going to pay for it! It was your fault to give something like this to a child like her!” her mother snapped!

Yeah, Chloe did it, sure. It was probably her bratty brother or b***h of a sister.

The music teacher looked at the students as they were holding back from laughing. The teacher dropped her eyes on Chloe, who was staring down at the floor, rubbing her eyes and trying not to cry. The teacher then gave a light smile as she took the broken violin, telling Chloe’s mom not to worry that she’ll inform the principal it was an accident.

Now with that being said, you would think Chloe and her mom would leave, and everything would be fine? Wrong! The degrading of Chloe wasn’t over. It was just getting started!

Chloe’s mom grabbed her by the arm. The lady pushed her daughter to stand in front of the teacher and all of us. “Say sorry!” her mom demanded. Chloe was in tears and trembling when she didn’t speak, her mom yelled at her more, that’s when the kids started to laugh. Chloe cried more. The music teacher told her mom it was alright that she didn’t have to do this, but her mom kept pushing, saying it was the only way to get a child like her to learn!

Before Chloe did apologize, but over her sobs, her mom called her an imperfect girl…! That was the day Chloe changed. The kids laughed more as the teacher looked stunned and covered her mouth… Chloe just looked down at her feet slowly, balling her fists at her sides.

After the incident in music class, the bullying for Chloe got worse. People would call her imperfect, a crybaby, or try and make her say sorry. Her older sister and her friends did that one all the time.

“Say sorry for being in my way!”

“Say sorry for breathing my air!”

“Say sorry for being alive!”

But Chloe didn’t react. She just stared at them blankly, which would end up of her being pushed into the locker or onto the floor. The songs she wrote were sad and calming but were now haunting and dark that would send chills down the world’s strongest man’s back.

I remember the day when things got immensely worse. Chloe wasn’t at school. Neither was her sister, which was weird. They always showed up for school. I was sitting in music class once again. Things were normal until a policewoman came into the room. She was followed by the principal and two other police officers. They asked to talk to the teacher. She told us that’s she’ll be back shortly. There’s a window in the door where everyone watched as the polices spoke to her. We saw her face turned ghostly white as she covered her mouth, shaking her head with tears falling down from her eyes.

The school was let out early that day, before leaving, we were told to be careful walking home, to be cautious at night and to stay with a group.

I rode my bike home but took a different way, wanting to tell Chloe about the warning and to see if she was okay, but when I got there, police cars and a paramedic van were parked outside the home, and there was yellow tape around the house. A neighbor was outside walking his dog. Stopping beside them, I asked what happened.

“Don’t you know? The family was killed sometime last night,” he answered.

My heart dropped before I could ask about Chloe. He spoke again, what he said made me want to throw up!

“Yeah, their middle kid went crazy, killed them all, even the young boy. She’s still loose. The police are hunting for her,” I was about to leave because there was no way she could have done this, but the man stopped me when he added, “you know last night I heard someone playing the violin, it was… unsettling.”

When I got home, I went online looking up the news, just something, anything to tell me about Chloe and her family! Sure enough, the top story was the death of a family in our town. Clicking it, the first picture on the page was a family photo. They were all smiling all but Chloe, who was staring off into space. Scrolling down, I got the whole story.

‘Early this morning a family was found dead, the father (Daniel K. Park, age 48) was bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat, was found in the bedroom. His wife (Mary B. Park, age 45) was found dead in the bathroom. She was strangled to death to the point she was almost decapitated, a string from an instrument was found wrapped around her neck, the string is believed to be from a violin, on the mirror someone wrote ‘Perfect’ in blood. DNA testing shows it belongs to the mother.

Their first daughter (Stephanie A. Park) was stabbed to the heart. Their son (Daniel K. Park Jr) was smothered to death with a pillow. Their second daughter, believed to be the killer, (Chloe E. Park) is still missing, and there is no report of her being seen.

However, citizens have reported that they have been hearing someone playing an instrument and the sounds of someone singing that’s coming from the forest but has been false information.

The authority is telling citizens to be on the lookout for Chloe E. Park and to immediately call the police if seen but not to confront her because she is dangerous.’

She did it… She killed them… How-how can someone like her do this? I couldn’t wrap my head around it, but I snapped out of it when a fire truck with loud sirens flew down my road, looking out the window as black smoke rolled above rooftops and trees. Running outside with my mom yelling for me to stop, but I didn’t listen.

I rode my bike as fast as I could towards the source of the smoke. Getting closer to where the smoke was coming from, there was a lot of police cars blocking off the road, only letting the fire truck in. News vans were already there the same with other people wanting to see what was going on. The school was nothing but flames and smoke! The firefighters were having trouble fighting the fire as it grew.

Many people were so focused on the show until someone screamed and pointed up. We all looked to see what they saw. The sounds of people talking or yelling and the sounds of sirens and other sounds, nobody could hear it — the sound of someone playing the violin.

On the roof of the burning school, stood Chloe. As she performed, her eyes were closed. The firefighters were attempting to get to the roof to save her, but the flames blocked their path! It was like the fire had a mind of its own! Chloe kept playing as the school burned to the ground. When the music abruptly cut out, everyone thought she perished…

When the fire was out firefighters and other people went into the school to clean up, they didn’t find her body. They, however, found the body of the music teacher… She had hanged herself in her classroom, at first they didn’t know who it was because the body was unrecognizable due to it being burned, but her car was the only vehicle in the parking lot, and inside her car, they found a suicide note.

The music teacher wrote that she wished she could have done something to keep Chloe from doing what she did, but our teacher was in fear of losing her job. She blamed herself for the death of Chloe’s family.

They still searched for Chloe’s body, again it was never found, but it was rolled out that she died in the fire.

As a few weeks go by, I’m still in shock, sitting up in bed and trying to make sense of it all. There was a murder, the school was burned down, my music teacher that everyone loved, killed herself, and the girl that’s blamed for it all, is dead… So they think because outside my window I hear the sound of a violin playing in the distances and the song is one of Chloe’s.

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