Luka’s Birthday Party

NOTE: there will be flaws in my grammar and most likely more errors due to the fact I’m not very well with my writing skills or rather my grammar so if you could please look past that and enjoy♡♥


Your probably wanting to know what happened… What happened to Luka. If you’re not formerly with that name or rather his story.. I’ll tell you.
Luka how could you describe him let’s see he had dirty blond hair, Brown eyes, skinny and had a rather sickly look to him. He was a smart boy but that was his downfall, because of that i would always see him pushed around by some kids at school but nothing more. It seemed that boy could always find himself in the hands of trouble, And yet he’d always find a way to smile no matter what people would do or say.

The more I knew Luka the more I understood him, He was like me. it almost made me relived that I wasn’t the only “messed up” one, but at times it seemed Luka was on a different level of messed up. At the time I was only 14 Luka was 13 almost 14. His birthday fell on October 9th two days away. Luka and I would always meet at a park it wasn’t that far from were we lived. we’d find our self’s talking for what seemed to be forever. I’d tell luka about most my problems and he would sit there and listen. He never told me much about him self I’m not sure if he didn’t trust me or if he was scared.

I hope you didn’t wait to long. looked up to see those words coming from Luka. even on hot days Luka would always wear a long sleeve and jeans. Luka sat down beside me and was quick to turn away from me. what’s wrong luka, come on its not nice to look away when someone talks to you. I turned his face to see he had a black eye. He held his shirt as if he had something to hide, i was quick to lift his shirt up to reveal he had been beat up. some of the marks looked like they had been there for a while and others recently. my eyes filled with tears I was shocked to see the state he was in. Luka who did this to you, was it the bullies from school, mark it was mark wasn’t it. I raised my voice LUKA why, why are you just sitting there, why didn’t you tell me, we have to tell someone we could tell you’re parents, or the cops, maybe they would listen.

as I got up Luka grabbed me by my arm he grabbed it with a strong grip but not hard enough it would hurt me. Luka started to cry soon his cry grew more into a laugh. you don’t understand no one can help me not even you. if we asked for help the person we asked would just get dragged into my mess if we called the police and the person hurting me were to get locked up, it still wouldn’t do anything don’t you see my own parents are the ones putting me in this hell im living the fact is they made me so messed up I feel like I deserve the pain and yet I can’t take it anymore.

that night I stayed up thinking of how Luka looked when he was crying I had never seen him cry before.
the next day Luka was back to his happy self but this time it wasn’t like the times before he actually looked happy. my birthday is tomorrow I decided this year I would throw myself a party. promise you’ll be there and don’t worry you won’t be the only guest. of course I’ll come I said with a smile. it was good to see luka was looking forward to something, and that something made him smile.

I had got him a camera, to me it seemed a little lame but this had been the camera he had wanted ever since it came out. the party started at 2:00 pm and that was the time I arrived. the party was made up from four balloons a sign that looked like it was clearly made by hand, happy birthday! it said with red paint dripping down from it. I gave Luka his gift, his eyes got big seeing it was the camera he had always wanted. here let’s go down stairs everyone is waiting for us and then we can all take a photo together. As we were walking down stairs luka started to laugh, look at the holes in the wall, I made those trying to get away from my parents when they were beating me, its funny how far one will go to escape from ones grasp some struggle and survive their demons, and others not only survive but become their demons. anyways, mom and dad say hi to my friend she got me this cool camera so smile and we can take a photo. I was shocked of what I saw in front of me two lifeless body’s sitting in a chair. their lips had been sown together they were both covered in blood. the sight of them made me let out a scream.
I turned to see more dead body’s killed in the same way.

I started to shake seeing the look on Lukas face he looked crazy I knew right then and there he was clearly not the same Luka I knew. are you going to take our photo? Luka said with a calm voice as if he couldn’t see the dead bodies. L-luka W-what have you done you killed them I said with scattered words. you sound just like my parents, don’t you see my mom tried every f*cking night to drown me in the tub tried choking me. my dad beat me up saying he could be the only man in the house he dressed me up as a girl and laughed. when they wanted to change it up they both took me down here chained me up and kicked me over, and over and OVER, AND OVER AGAIN, they told me I deserved it, they starved me shoved things down my throat . the pain I got used to it but they would never shut up they kept talking, and talking I couldn’t take it soon the voices took over they told me to do it. even now I can’t near my own thoughts the voices are filling my head with how I should kill you what I should do.   Should I cut you up, drown you, no that’s to good for you. So I’ll give you what you deserve.

After that everything went blank. The people who lived next door called the police for loud activity coming from the house. I woke up in a hospital bed and I didn’t remember much it was said when the police arrived Luka had already escaped. Since Lukas birthday party his name had been all over the news he was known for being a murder. I had been questioned by the police and every time the thought on why he didn’t kill me went passed my head many of times.. And yet Sadly not even I know that.

Luka I know your out there I hope we meet again in till than goodbye!

  • Hi_there

    Where are the punctuation sqaud?

    • Cookie Monster

      Oh don’t be mean I’m sure they did their best

  • ThatOneOkamii

    Amazing story love!

  • Ben Drowned

    Love it

  • Meldakoala

    Boi, if ur going to write a story on creepypasta, you have to make sure there at least aren’t any run-on sentences. And u should probably check for spelling errors too. 😂 Cool storyline though!

  • Cookie Monster

    Have you been skalking me cuz the first part sounds like the story of my life…. Smart, but that is the downfall

  • Simon

    The English language is a beautiful, beautiful thing… This story isn’t.

    • Rose ThePainter

      Dude, that’s rude. It’s a good story but I do see the creator needs to practice a bit more on dialogue. But what you just said is just plain up uncalled for. Give advice, Not a mean comment.

      • Simon

        Ok, here’s my tip: If the writer’s grammar is of such a poor quality that I choose to comically express my disliking for it rather than any of the other terrible elements of his story, then maybe said writer should reconsider publishing the story online for the world to witness, as to not tarnish his reputation amongst the community and his potential writing career.

        Basically, have some freaking quality standards, atleast when it comes to your own personal work.

  • Haylee

    I love your stories! ❤ they never dissapoint! The only thing, I get a little strike of fear in the middle of the story, but the majority iis sadness.
    P.S. doint mind the haters words, they don’t know what a good story is! 😉😊