Patchy Patchwork – Chapter 2 & 3

Patchy Patchwork Chapter 2

Now Patchy has a knife he has to put it to good use. He went outside in a during that Saturday to go use his knife and kill something. He went to the woods to find something to kill and saw a cat.

That beautiful cute kitty cat he stared for a minute as he just stands there not moving a single inch of a muscle. His eyes went constricted like pinpoint eyes and his brown eyes became darker.

Patchy, without conscience to tell him to stop he didn’t stop. He went up to the kitty as it meowed at him happily to see someone new and the kitty rubbed herself onto Patchy’s legs. The kitty must have liked him…

Hunter still has no conscience or whatsoever to feel anything so… he murdered the cat in the most gruesome way possible.

“I’m sorry. But…” he smiled, “I wanted to feel something…”

At last, his very first emotion has been felt called “Bloodthrist”

Patchy had blood in his hands so he went to the lake of the forest to wash it away.

He came home feeling disappointed because what he killed was something small and not something… human. He felt great after killing that cat but he wanted more, something bigger…


Patchy Patchwork Chapter 3

In school, Patchy has been always been bullied because of his weird behavior as a psychopath which having no emotion to the tone of his voice was an example of it why he is getting bullied. Sooner he observed everyone around him and learned how to pretend to have emotions and use so called “friends” to protect him so he pretended to have emotions, manipulating his classmates, and pleased them like a savior would.

Finally, Patchwork is no longer being bullied because of his popularity in school and have high scores in his grades.

He tripped down onto the floor and a few laughed at him, then a gothic nice girl gave him her hand.

“Are you okay?” asked she

“Yeah, I’m fine-“ he was interrupted by her dark beauty

He got up taking her hand.


“No problem! I see you all the time alone with people, guess maybe I should keep you company since you’re gothic like me too.”

“Oh, I’m actually popular in my class.”

“I’m not, I have social anxieties that makes me a loner, but you also someone like me, makes me want to be friends with you without even thinking about my anxieties because I know you can understand me.”

Patchwork skipped a beat in his heart and felt something, he was internally confused on why he is feeling like this and soon enough he realized this… is what love feels like.

“What’s your name?”

“Patch… call me Patch.”

“What a cute name, I’m Cody! Wanna eat lunch with me?”

He was extremely shy as he is blushing becoming even more and more nervous so he made an excuse to leave and saying sorry that he can’t come with her today.

As soon as he came home. He thought about her and he fell madly in love and he went crazy for it. He abused love because he never felt something so amazing before and sooner or later he became quiet even more unstable than he was already before.

Yet, he cannot show this true nature of his to everyone especially to Cody.

“I love you… Cody…”