Marry-an-ette Origin – Part 2

I was lying on my bed in my own blood, not knowing what to do next. I took me a second to realize that if I didn’t do anything, I would die there.

I got up with all the will-power I could sustain and start walking towards the door. Now the apartment door had a little step there for some reason which caused me to trip. I was in so much pain I didn’t even want to try getting up anymore so I just crawled. I don’t know where I was going, probably a hospital or something. As you could guess a small 15 year old literally bleeding to death wouldn’t make it that far before giving out.

I remember making it down the stairwell (two flights) and into the parking lot when I could feel my body weakening. I thought it was over and I guess I passed out, because I woke up in a wooden cabin which I thought looked nice, but living in the city my whole life it was very surprising.

I shot up so fast I began feeling dizzy and I heard a voice from the corner of the room. I turned my head enough to not get dizzy again and see William standing in the doorway. As things seem to fall into place I can see I’m at William’s house. My suspicions were provided correct while chatting with William. As we chat, William said that he was on his was on his way somewhere and was passing by my house and saw me unconscious in a pool of my own blood. So he took me to his house.

I questioned myself why he didn’t take me to a hospital or something. But I didn’t because I know that in a panic, anyone would do stupid stuff. That including William. From knowing William for almost two years, I know he isn’t good under pressure. Whether it be in a blind panic or a full rage, so I just let it go.

He asked me about a lot of things. Like what how to make the animatronics, how I do it, and other business related questions. He tried to avoid the question of why I was on the ground dying or what happened. I guess he didn’t want to worry me due to the fact that I’m still young. William said I could stay there until I was better, so I did. After a while I started to get better so I wanted to start working again, so William took me to my lab. He stayed and watched. In his words “to get a better understanding”.

While I was building the new animatronic, he asked questions like how does it work, or how much do the parts cost. What I didn’t know was that William was going through my diary which had all my ideas and thoughts. I only noticed after he went silent for a while. After I noticed he tried to pull the “I was just curious” stick. I took it from him and said to never touch it with the sound of anger in my voice. I was very protective of that diary. William looked visibly angry. After, he acted like nothing happened and started asking stuff about the animatronics I ignored him as I was still mad. He started looking around my lab, when he saw a cloak covering something. He pulled it off and said, “Whoa~.” What he uncovered was “Marry-an-ette”. He asked what it was and I answered. He looked fascinated by it, not realizing that it looked like me. He asked when I was going give it to him. Thus is the reason why I hid her from him. “Never,” I answered. I never had the thought of giving it away from ANYONE. Now both me and William are mad. He kept trying to tell me why I should give him “Marry-an-ette” but I wouldn’t budge. It got so heated that I said something I would soon regret. “Listen William, no, leave me alone or I will end our contract.” That got William heated, but so was I at the time. He was now screaming at me, so I kicked him out of my lab.

After I cooled my head I realized that I had nowhere to go. I decided to spend the night in my lab. As you can guess it’s pretty hard to sleep in a lab. Later in the night, while I was still having trouble sleeping, I heard rustling from outside my lab. I paid no mind to it thinking it was some animal and tried to fall asleep. About ten or so minutes passed and I was finally drifting off, when suddenly there was a loud bang and woke right up. It scared me see that the loud bang was my lab door. I had a quick reflex and hid behind a cloth that was covering something and held my breath. I could hear the thing rummaging through my lab knocking down things and hitting them.

After about five minutes, the thing sounded like it left and I waited for about a minute before coming out of hiding. I looked around to make sure they were gone. After that I went to shut the door where I was faced with horrible face that William was making behind the door. I wanted to scream in terror, but before I could, I was forcibly pushed down. Next I noticed William was holding an ax. I screamed.”WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” and was moving away from him.

As I was doing that, he was getting closer. Without any warning he swung his ax at me. I dodged it in time and before I could tell him off, he swung at me again. At that time I was just trying to run away. I ended up running into something, making it topple over with me. I then heard William laughed at me saying, “How pathetic and still running.”

At this point I didn’t know what to do, so I just laid there doing nothing. Then William sent his ax down on me and with a single swoop, he cut off my right arm. I screamed in pain, not knowing what to do. William is laughing sinisterly at me. I mustered up the words to ask.

“Why are you doing this?”

He stopped laughing and looked at me and said, “You want to ruin my business, I’ll ruin your life.” I didn’t understand what he was talking about, when I remembered what I said in the heat of the moment and knew I f****d up by saying that. I didn’t have time to explain before I was swung at again, but this time it was my left leg. Due extreme pain I was put in, I was crawling and screaming and cry a lot. I didn’t want to die, so I tried to crawl away but couldn’t get far as William was blocking the door and I only had one arm and leg. I ended up crawling to the closest thing to me which was the thing that was toppled over.

That thing turned out to be “Marry-an-ette” and I crawled on her like I was protecting her. I remembered how William was persisting on having her and I hugged her tight. Soon I realized that I couldn’t even protect myself, much less something else. I don’t know why I did it, but I took out the left eye of “Marry-an-ette” and clutched it in my hand and cried. I looked up at William who had a sinister smile on his face, before closing my eyes and heard the words “goodbye old friend,” and felt something cold on my neck and more pain there, before blacking out completely.

  • MsSleepyKiller

    Hey! I absolutely love your story and cannot wait for the next part!

    • Marry-an-ette

      Thx. I’ll get right on that.<3.

  • MsSleepyKiller

    Hey not to be annoying but I’m sorta nervous about a creepypasta I want to post. do you have any advice? Because yours is really good.

    • Marry-an-ette

      Well, what i can tell you is that you shouldn’t be nervous about posting, since we all love creepypastas & horror stories. But i will tell you that you should put an unexpected twist in the story & make it as scary as possible along with an interesting title & thumbnail. Otherwise it might not get enough attention. I’m not the best writer but i know u should ask others for advice. It helps👍

      • MsSleepyKiller

        Thank you very much!!