Mousetrap: The Story of a Lonely Girl

Natalie was a foster child placed in an abusive family. She was bullied by everyone. Even her foster parents. She was locked in the basement of her OWN HOME for her entire life (or the seven years she lived there) with only bread and water as food. She had the same clothes and (of course) her school outfit and was sent to school. With a police e****t (because her parents NEVER trusts her) meanwhile her foster sister, Hannah, was out stealing, doing drugs, and getting arrested for major felonies and Natalie was punished for it.

At the age of seventeen when playing with a pebble was visited by a tall, mysterious man with paper white skin and a suit and showed her the ‘outside’ world. She became eager and felt a burning feeling and outstanding strength. When the police came to e****t her to school she broke the handcuffs she was in and head-b**t one of the cops, breaking his nose and kicked another in the knee breaking his leg.

She then ran into the forest, where the man told her to meet him, and revised a plan with him. She screamed and cried as the cops arrived as the man killed them and fed them to Natalie. She chuckled and said, “They were like mice. And we were the trap. Like a… A mousetrap.” She fed on their flesh and then was found and put in jail. She stood in the middle of her cell doing nothing. Whenever she was given a cell mate, she murdered them.

She began feeling more burning rage and began grabbing and twisting the bars and ran towards the exit. She was then interrupted by an officer and she took his gun and shot him running out of the police station and into the forest. She was never seen again. But five years later she returned and killed a family with the same gun she escaped the police station with. She wrote ‘I AM MOUSETRAP’ on the walls in the blood of her victims.