Bloody Silver

The drawing of one of the witness of the Bloody Silver.

Everything started since she was born. She was different, she looked different. Her hair was a white silver color instead of your regular blonde, black or brown.

He didn’t wanted her.

He thought of her as a freak.

The woman who was holding the baby, still in bed. Went over what the doctor explained. Turns out the cells that colored someone’s hair didn’t work in the baby’s body so that’s why she had silver hair.

“I don’t want her”, the man stated.

“What? But she is your daughter!” the woman exclaimed her eyes starting to cloud with tears.

“No she is not. I don’t want a freak as my daughter.” The man stated as he walked towards the door. The woman quickly hold on his arm and begged.

“Please… Don’t leave me. I love you…”

“Then get rid of her and we can be happy together.” the man’s eyes softened as he said this.

The woman looked down, she couldn’t choose between her daughter or the love of her life.

The man got impatient and new the woman’s answer.

“Goodbye Darla” he said as he got free from her grasp and walked out the door, out of her life.

The woman’s tear finally started rolling down her cheeks as the baby was sleeping.

Since then she never saw the man again, who she thought was the love of her life. The woman decided to name the child Luna because of her silver hair.

Since Luna was young she was called.. an odd child. At least how the woman’s friend would say. Luna never wanted to speak, neither to socialize with the other kids. She always stayed behind alone. Even though she never wanted to speak with other people, she would talk alone as if she was with someone else even though she disliked company of others. The woman as Luna’s mother, tried to help her. Her efforts were in vain. The woman was just trying to protect her child, but she didn’t knew how. Soon Luna started school at 5 years old. She was the center of attention of the kids, but in a negative way. Her hair stand out from the rest and the kids made fun of her. Luna couldn’t handle it, she would start crying and kids would laugh.

As she grew up and and moved up from grades, she often move from school to school because of the bullying and the woman’s work. Luna learned to control her emotions and she just took the words kids yelled at her and the beatings she didn’t cared anymore. Soon there was something that pique Luna’s interest. She started a love for the unknown. She found it highly interesting and fascinating. The woman didn’t believed in the same things though, She was a religious woman. She found it stupid and foolish and despised it. Luna had to hide all of her books and things about the supernatural. Unfortunately one day she sitting in the kitchen eating pumpkin spice cookies and reading a book about demons, it was late night, even later than the hour that her mom usually arrived from work. The door opened and the woman walked in, swaying slightly.

Luna looked up afraid, quickly trying to hide the book with her 9 year old hands.

The mom looked down at her and snatched the book out of her hands.

“What is this?”, she asked slowly getting angrier and angrier by the second. Luna didn’t answered.

“Answer me!”, she yelled at the cowering 9 year old. Luna could smell alcohol in her breath.

“I told you a million time not to bring that kind of s**t in my house!”

Luna looked down as tears started forming at the corner of her eyes as she yelped in pain from the grip her mom now had in her arm. Then she threw her down and the woman yelled, ” I’m so tired of you! Of your b******t, what did I do to deserve a daughter like you! A f*****g piece of s**t!”

The woman kept hitting over and over and over again as Luna quietly protested, weeping and sobbing begging for her mother to stop. She didn’t. After for what Luna thought as hours, the woman finally stopped. She left, leaving her daughter bruised up near the kitchen in the floor, just weeping.

This was the first of many beatings that she took from her mother and soon later from the kids in school. The kids thought she was a freak because of unnatural hair color and often bullied her. Until 5th grade when during one of the beatings, Luna snapped and attack the kid back. Of course she was weak and was easily overpowered by the other kid. Luna obtained a different feeling, a feeling of power, a feeling that she enjoyed. Soon after this incident she started standing up for herself, she felt much happier with herself. She got into many fights and little by little learned to be stronger, to fight back and tolerate pain. There was only one person she couldn’t stand up to which was her mother.

When Luna was 12 years old and was going to enter Middle School. She had to move to a different school in a different city. Her and her mom were moving because of work, plus Luna was expelled from her old school, apparently she got into too many fights. Luna decided that she was going to change her image, she wasn’t going to let herself be bullied again. She had been thinking a lot and she realized that the only way she could get away from being bullied was to be accepted in society, and that was following society standards. Be what society wanted. She decided she would change her ways, at least in public.

The firs day of school she put on a black hair wig, a pink skirt with a white top and sandals. She knew if she looked like the other girls and acted like them soon shell find the necessary pawns in this game. Life was just a game for her and she wasn’t planning to lose. Clearly as she thought she made friends with four girls, her perfect pawns. She stayed with them and pretended to be their friend. The girls never knew of the reality that Luna lived or her true intentions. Every time anyone tried to bully Luna they stood up for her, just as planned, Luna would think. Luna kept this facade for as long as her sophomore year in High School. Her likes never changed, they only grew. She became even interested even more in the paranormal and satanic. She loved it. Only at home hiding, could she enjoy it. When she turned 16 she went to court to emancipate from her mother and won the case. She moved to a small apartment near the forest. She was more than happy. Soon she got her hands in an old ritual book, more like satanic rituals. Everything was going magnificent in her life, until one day after rejecting the request of her pawns asking for them to go to her house after school. The girls were curious as to why Luna rejected, since she was such a nice girl and their bestfriend.

They decided to investigate and followed Luna from school to her home. When Luna arrived she immediately took of the wig and change clothes. Instead of the pretty blue flower sun dress she change into black shorts with a black top and red and white strip leggings. The girls were shocked. The person they thought they knew was actually a complete stranger to them, from her clothes to her short silver hair. Luna decided to go take a walk to the forest. The girls took their chance to enter and were horrified to find in that small apartment, charms, satanic crosses and ritual knives. There were herbs and dead animals from past rituals Luna had done, the apartment was dark and when Luna came back she didn’t realized the girls were there until she entered.

Luna was shocked.

“What is this..? WHAT IS ALL OF THIS??!!” one of them yelled.

Luna didn’t answered.

“Who even are you?”, another one asked.

Luna stared blankly at them. “So I see you found my secret.” Luna said with a small smirk in her lips.

The girls looked shocked.

“You see this is all a game for me, you all were just my pawns.” Luna continued.

The girls were at verge of tear knowing they were just used, but one of them, the leader said in between gritted teeth, “You’ll pay for this.”

Luna didn’t care much, she didn’t thought it could be that bad, or so she thought after the girls left. Was she wrong.

When she was back at school that next day, her whole life changed. She got dirty looks from everyone and was even called to the principal’s office. The reason? The girls had spilled telling everything they saw at Luna’s apartment. Luna was enraged at this, her pawns betrayed her but she should have seen it coming. Luna couldn’t control herself and attacked the girls. Luna was suspended and was going to have to go to therapy and counseling.

After Luna went to her first appointment with her therapist she instantly hated it. Soon as she was back to school the bullying started. She was made fun of her, called a freak and witch. People pushed her around, broke her stuff. Again Luna lost control and started getting into fights and being called to the principal’s office. At home, she was broken she would cry, she didn’t cared anymore about her well being, the worst though, she had hallucinations. She would see sometimes someone following her, like a very tall man in black. She wasn’t able to sleep, she always felt watched.

After many visits with her therapist, Luna was given medication. She hated that. She wasn’t crazy or so she thought. She became unreasonably angry at moments and would start breaking stuff in her apartment, she was extremely violent at school and home.

The encounters with the tall man grew, making feel Luna even more insecure. One day Luna would be crying and the next be breaking stuff, she was unstable. She wished she could change everything, then she got an idea, she would make pay everyone, she would get payback. So searching in her ritual book, she found what she needed a ritual to summon a demon.

Soon that night when everything was ready, she summoned the demon or attempted to. Nothing happened. Luna overwhelmed with sadness and anger once again started a rampage in her apartment. What she didn’t knew was that I was there. She didn’t had to summon me, I had followed her all her life. The next day when Luna came home from school she was followed by the girls, the same girls who made everything happen in school.

“Hey freak”, one of them yelled. Luna scared turned around.

“Oh no..”, Luna mumbled.

“What are you doing here in the forest huh, Gathering more herbs for your rituals?”, another said.

“LEAVE ME ALONE”, Luna yelled and began to run deeper into the forest. The girls chased after her.

Luna met a dead end by a cliff.

“You should probably jump, nobody want you here.”

“Yeah why don’t you jump?”

The girls started coming closer pushing toward the edge Luna.Until one of them gave a shove that made Luna fall in the cliff. The girls looked horrified as Luna screamed bloody murder. Luna hit the ground.

The girls got out of there before anybody saw them or Luna. That when I finally decided to appear and entered Luna’s body to revive her. Days passed and Luna was asleep. When she finally opened her eyes an incredible wave of rage came over her. She was completely blinded by her rage. She didn’t noticed the pain in her body but it was also because I was slowly healing her. Luna started climbing back to the top of the cliff.

Once she finally made it to the top, she was disorientated, she didn’t even knew where she was anymore, she started walking to a direction. She wandered aimlessly for an hour, until she found a small cabin.

She entered.

It was abandoned, it was old and dusty, but something caught Luna’s eye. Something glistening in the distance. She walked towards it and saw a a pair of big shears lodged at the wall of the cabin. Luna grabbed them and pulled them out. She held them and smiled, she had the perfect idea to what to do with them.

Though she felt a burning sensation, an anger deep inside her firing her up. Then she felt someone behind her, she quickly turned around and swung the shears to see nothing. She continued exploring the cabin but found nothing else.

She exit the cabin and finally remembered her way back home.

When she arrived, she thought of her plan again. She was starting to have doubts.

“Don’t worry, just go along with it” I told her

“Who are you”

“Don’t you want them to know the pain you felt, you know they deserve it.”

Luna looked down and thought about she knew I was right. Then she entered her room and changed her clothes. Putting on a striped black and white shirt and black ripped jeans. Then her gray jacket with a blue hoodie and some color stripes in the bottom on with brown boots and a black scarf with a red stripe in the end. She put on the hood and looked in the mirror she no longer had scratches on her face. Still something felt different she opened her mouth and looked at the now razor sharp teeth.

“You like it? I thought it would match us perfectly.” I told her.

She sighed and then asked ” Are you going to tell me what are you already?”

“Maybe Later”

Luna grabbed the shears and walked out of the house. She looked at the moon it was a new moon. How long was she out? She pondered. Last time it was just a little before the new moon. Luna started walking in the road towards her “friends” house. Once she got there, she climbed a tree and looked into the window of the room were one of her “friends” resided. Turns out there were all there.

“I cant believe your parents are out of town, we can pretty much do anything we want!” one of them exclaimed making Luna smirk, this was going to be easy.

Luna climbed off the tree and went to the back door. It was open. She entered and crept slowly towards the stairs and went up. She then heard the door of the room were all the girls were opening so she quickly hid in the bathroom, behind the shower curtain. One of the girls entered the bathroom and Luna took her chance and well…. the girl was gone not before letting a small scream pass her lips. Once Luna saw the blood she felt a burning feeling in her throat, she felt so thirsty and couldn’t help and start taking in her mouth all the blood she could. She snapped back when another of the girls walked into the bathroom and screamed. Luna quickly grabbed her foot making her fall and stabbed her with the shears.

The other two girls came into the bathroom and tried to run but Luna tackled them and knock them out. When the girls woke up they were tied up back to back with some rope Luna found in the garage.

“P-Please d-d-don’t hurt us!” One of them yelled. Luna got close to her while she squirmed in the ropes and Luna forced her mouth open  and cut off her tongue. Blood started gushing out of her mouth as she tried to scream.

“Shut up. You’re annoying.” Was all Luna said.

The other tied girl instantly recognized her voice.

“L-Luna?” She asked.

Luna turned to the frightened girl, and looked at her removing her hood.

The girl gasped. “Why are you doing this!!?”

“Why… why WHY AM I DOING THIS? You should know that.” Luna yelled.

The girl flinched and looked down crying knowing the answer.

“Please forgive us, we… we didn’t mean it….”

Luna stayed quiet rage forming in the pit of her stomach.

“You know something…. I forgive but… I don’t her forget!” Luna yelled as she started stabbing the girl and started cutting he body up mutilating it.

The only girl alive now sat there horrified by the view and cried knowing she was next.

“Now… its your turn to pay….” Luna said her eyes shadowed by her hair.

Then she heard sirens of police cars. S**t Luna thought. She instantly bolted up and started running getting out of the house. The police saw her and some started chasing her while other entered the house. She got to the forest and hid herself.

“So this is it…?” Luna mumbled.

“Maybe its not a good time but if you’re wondering why drank her blood, you’re dead and constantly you’ll need new blood in your system to keep living not that you’ll be able to now.” I explained.

Luna sighed just waiting for the cops to find her until she felt the same feeling in the cabin, that someone was behind her. She slowly turned around and saw a tall shadow of a man over her. She felt as if he was beckoning her.

“You can help me?” Luna asked.

“So be it.” Then Luna dissapeared with the tall shadow.


The girl laid in a hospital bed. She couldn’t talk because of her tongue being cut off, so the police couldn’t ask for her testimony. Then one of the police officers had an idea.

“Can you draw her and write her name?” he asked the poor girl.

She nodded and got to work, once she was done she showed them.

That same night the girl was found dead and Luna had dissapeared, the only thing the police, doctors and nurses saw was a flash of silver with red running away and then dissapearing. Obtaining her name “Bloody Silver”.


  • Mason Heimsoth

    Who ever made this please make more I love it u got a knack for this please make more

  • Rose Morrison

    Excellent story, but so poorly written with all the spelling, grammar and sentence construction mistakes, it was very hard to read and enjoy.

    • Ellpa Elgae


  • Desthenes

    It has the potential to be a great story, the only flaw I found was the poor grammar. Other thAn that, good effort.

  • Mason Heimsoth