Sir Unknown

The year is 2019, we are following up on a case that happened three years ago. We need more answers.

C. Welcome.
Please, take a seat. Are you comfortable with us recording this conversation?

M. Yeah, sure.

C. Alright then.
State your name, age, and date of birth for the record.
Then we may begin.

M. My name is Maxonn Cooper. I am twenty-three years of age. I was born July 16, 1996.

C. Let’s begin, shall we.
Can you tell us what happened on the day you got attacked?

M. It was my twenty-first birthday and my friends and I got wasted in the mountains. I got the drunkest because I actually waited to drink till I was twenty-one.

C. Ok that’s not what I asked…

M. Hey!
I’m getting there!
You want the whole story or not?

C. No, No. Continue.

M. Sheesh.
After a finished my shots, I strolled off to take a piss.
Well, I had a hard time with my belt and it was very dark. I could have sworn that I had my flashlight, but that’s when I saw it.

C. Saw what?

M. I don’t know how to describe him, it.

C. Him?

M. It looked like a very tall man.
But he didn’t look like any man I’ve ever seen.

C. What did he look like?

M. It looked like he was wearing a top hat.

C. A… top hat?

M. Yes and a suit, well, more like an overcoat actually.

C. Okay?. What did his face look like?

M. He… It… is not human.
His face was… blank.
He had hollow spots for eyes, but no eye.
He only wore a monocle on his right eye socket.
His skin was a very dark grey, but he may be brighter during the day.

C. Interesting

M. I started to back away slowly…

C. And…?

M. It looked like he was watching me move.

C. But I thought you said it didn’t have eyes?

M. It didn’t have eyes, but it was watching me.
I started to run back to camp, but it was so fast.
It grabbed me by my neck with its huge hands, and pulled me off the ground.
I couldn’t move. He could have killed me or something… But it didn’t.
Instead, it turned me around and showed me something I never thought I’d see.
It was all my friends… In pieces… all over the camp.
He released my body and I saw a smile of razor sharp teeth grinning at me.
He gave off a laugh I don’t ever want to hear again.
He pointed forward as another entity appeared from the tree line behind the camp.

C. Another being was there?

M. Yes, but him I recognized instantly.
The other was Slenderman.

C. Slenderman… really?

M. Just listen.
I looked at the smile on the grey ones face and asked him his name.

C. Ok… What was it?

M. I don’t remember.

C. Let’s call it Unknown then.

M. Yeah, but after he told me his name, Slender grabbed my leg with one of his tentacles.

C. Which… explains the bruises around your leg.

M. Anyway, that Unknown think just run up and stabbed him with his hand. Right through his heart.
But that should be impossible because Slender can teleport.
But right after he stabbed him it looked like he sucked out all his… energy or something. He looked like a statue.

C. We didn’t see a statue at the crime scene.

M. That’s what I was trying to get at.
Unknown turned it to dust when he hit him.

C. O..k..

M. But he hit him with tentacles that he didn’t have before. Like he took all of his powers.

C. Well, I believe this interrogation is over.

M. But I’m not done with my story…

C. Yes you are.

As he says this, tentacles shoot out from his back. His human skin stretches as his true body grows underneath.
And as he bursts from his flesh prison he says.

C. My name is Sir.
But You can call me…
Sir Unknown.

He then consumes your body to create another suit to use to lure the other creepypasta, so he can steal their power.
And their life.

  • this sounds like a dream i had
    rated 5 stars lit story :>

  • Rev

    Very creative

  • Madi

    I love it. It was very creative.