My Mom is an Alien

When I was born there wasn’t a doctor to bring me out into the world, it was a scientist. My mother didn’t have long hair or was in a hospital but an underground government facility instead. I looked human but was tested as an alien for years to come. I didn’t have any super human powers but one, telekinesis.

I could move things with my mind and make people feel certain emotions. I was only ten when they locked me in a steel box and talked through a speaker. They locked me away because I made a female doctor fall in love with me when I was fifteen. The only thing is I didn’t make her feel that way, she just felt that way.

I could control their minds through the walls in that horrid steel box but I never let them know. They only let me see my mother once a week but we talk through our minds and feel love through our hearts. Mothers on earth and among the stars still love the same way, they hold you, make you laugh, and no matter how hard they make everything seem okay. I heard my mother scream inside of my head one day and I snapped.

I broke the steel box and made people suffer I made people suffer in the worst way with my mind. I rescued my mother and fled to the deep woods where I tried to take care of her. My mother died in the woods three days later because she couldn’t survive but she told me she would rather die there than inside a box. I made her a grave and wrote mother on a wooden headstone since her name had no spelling and you couldn’t speak her name. Our names among the stars is like you get a feeling when you see someone but can’t explain how you feel, a name more unique than anything.

I walked back into the facility to make them pay for how they treated my mother but they had a special weapon, my brother. My brother looked almost like me but the humans put machines in him and tortured him to the point where he didn’t know who he was, where he came from, how to feel, he just followed orders. My brother picked me up with his mind and snapped my spine then through me inside a titanium box. He was the only one who’d watch me, feed me, look after me.

I spend the rest of my days inside this box with my brother staring at me with his blank eyes. I can hear him scream inside his mind and be controlled my his own thoughts. I can suffer in a box but my brother is in a worse pain than death. There are some of us who walk the streets and even go to work, school, jobs.

I can hear their voices and some of them don’t even know what they are. Some are like me and others are like my brother, invaders of earth. There will come a day where I have to choose a side. The side I choose will depend on which race is better, humans or aliens.

  • Rabdom

    Could use better grammar. Also, it said he was locked in a steel box when he was ten, but it was because he made a woman fall in love with him when he was 15? There are definitely parts in this story that really don’t make sense.

    • Jackson Snooks

      I said he was locked away when he was fifteen you assume it’s the same box but maybe I should have explained it better.

      • Edz

        You need to read your story again because what rabdom said is correct. .. Dude take criticism its only to help you get better.