He was Just Lonely

I’m just so f*****g lonely.
When i was nineteen, I still lived with my mom. (Embarrassing, yes) But I’ve lived there all my life. She didn’t want me to leave. But that’s besides the point. We’ve had the same neighbors for 5 years then. Because of my Mom being a lawyer, she makes lots of money. Therefore, we lived in a big and nice house in a good neighborhood. Both if our neighbors were quite friendly to us and we were nice to them too. It was such a good neighborhood, so no one expected anything bad to happen on the streets. Instead there was something terrifying going on. I’m close to my neighbor, Claire. Even after i moved, but i used to be close with Samuel. (My name is Vincent.. In case you’re wondering) Samuel was my other neighbor. Last time i had a full conversation with him was when i was fifteen. He used to ask me how school was after i ran hime from the bus stop two blocks away. He was always doing yard work with his dog drinking from the lawn sprinklers. His wife would always bring me a plate of food over when my mom went on her business trips and there was nothing to eat in my house. Delilah was her name. She was sweet and they were happy. I used to babysit their little boy. Daniel. I think that was his name. He loved to collect bugs and he was pretty cool. They all seemed like a happy family.

I stopped seeing them for a while.

Right after Delilah had her second baby with Samuel, They stopped talking to me and my family. Every once in a while, i would see Samuel walk to his car and drive off. He would always come back right as the sun was setting (i knew because i would smoke and watch the sun set). I thought I did something wrong. Everytime i spoke to him, he.would give me a confused expression or a rude one. Or he wouldn’t look at me at all. It was pretty odd. I stopped trying to have pur old conversations with him for about 3 years.

Until he was the one who spoke first to me. One month after my nineteenth birthday, I was sitting on my mom’s porch, smoking and just starting off at the raindrops and the grey clouds. Samuel parked in his driveway and gave me a stare from behind his wind shield. I acted like i didn’t see him staring. Though, i was uncomfortable. I decided to give him a small wave and a “good afternoon, Sam!” I seen a smile form on his face as he chuckled and exited his car. He walked out into my yard. He did gain some weight over the years. He was wearing a black suit with a blue tie. Maybe he got a new and better job. He smiled at me through his beard and exposed his crooked, yellow teeth.
“Hello, Vince.” He chucked as the conversation began. We spoke about a couple of things. His family, My mom, the weather. He invited me over to watch the football game that night. I’m a big fan of football, so i gladly accepted. I really wish i didn’t though. I just thought of it as a way to catch up with Delilah and the children. I did miss them a bit. I could tell he was excited when he raised his eyebrows and clenched his fists.
“Delilah will be pleased to see you.” He stated before walking into his own yard and into his house. Yes, i did find it a bit odd that he said that and left. I wish i looked more into that. I decided to shower and go over to the house around 6 o’clock. I dressed pretty normally. Sweats and a regular tee. Even though it was just next door, my mom told me to be home before she locks the doors at midnight. I grabbed a bag of chips before slipping out the door and to Sam’s. I rang the doorbell and waited as i listened to the static on the tv behind the door. I waited for about a minute until Samuel opened the door to a frown on his face.
“Something is wrong with the tv.. I don’t know if we can watch the game.. Delilah is gonna be so upset..” He actually sounded sad. I frowned and gave him some help. I looked at the tv he was missing a wire from the back. The one that connects to the cable box. I mentioned it to him and he though for a moment.

He told me he had one in his basement.

I nodded and suggested that we go get it. He smiled and nodded and said the same thing as before.
“Delilah is going to be so pleased”
I didn’t think that one was weird. He was just happy that there wasn’t nothing terribly wrong with the tv, Right? He unlocked the basement door. 4 locks. 4 different keys. Now, this was a bit weird, but i was a dumbass enough to go i to the basement first. I turned on the lights and looked down the wooden steps. They made their own individual creak when i stepped on them as he followed me. The basement was neat and freezing. You could keep Frozen meat in there and not let it go bad. That’s what i thought he was doing. The basement smelled horrible. The rotting meat and blood. I gagged a couple times as i looked through his tools for the wire. I searched the whole first basement room as he went upstairs to to check for the wire. The smell was disgusting. I can’t even describe it in words. There was another room to the basement, it was a blue door and the door knob was rusted. Maybe the wire was in there, i thought. I covered my nose as i turned the door knob and seen a standing figure of a person in the dark room. It frightened me, but i thought it was just something Sam had in his storage.

I turned on the light.

There dim lights shined on the figure, making it easier to see. A dead body standing on both of its feet, staring forward at me. Delilah. Her eyes were grey and dead and her mouth was wide open. Her white skin and brown hair were so pale, they were both a slight grey color. He arms calmly at her sides with her church dress on. Maggots swam in her mouth as flys circled around her corpse. This was f*****g terrible. This disgusted me. The smell was stronger as i puked up my lunch on the cold concrete floor. Her body was forced to stand. The stairs creaked behind me. Samuel touched my shoulder and smiled.
“Doesn’t she look gorgeous in that dress?” His voice was yet happy and cold. I was terrified. It was like i was frozen. I wasn’t able to move. He kicked the back of my knees and let me fall. He placed a wet rag against my mouth and nose. I don’t quite know what happened, but I completely blacked out at this point.

I woke and i felt extremely sick. I was in the same room with the bodies sitting around me. Daniel and delilah’s dead eyes staring at me from the other side of the room. Daniel’s mouth was filled with blood and chunks of skin from his own body. His head had no hair. What did Samuel do to that poor boy? They were both dressed nicely. Like they would look for church every Sunday.

Samuel was religious.

They were just staring at me. Its been years since i seen them alive. I should’ve expected something happened. The chair held my arms and legs down as i closed my eyes. I couldn’t stand to look them in their eyes. The door opened in front of me. Samuel smiled at me. He pushed a play pen in front of him i to the room. He didn’t.., i thought. He did. He was also nicely dressed. He pushed the play pen to the middle of all of us and sat right next to me.
“I don’t know if you met my little girl” He spoke softly as he reached in the play pen and lifted up the pale baby’s body. This was f*****g sick.
“She’s beautiful, isn’t she? She has my eyes” He smiled at me. Her eyes were dead and wide open. She was dressed in a onesie with purple poka dots and a white background. He looked in her eyes with a smile. He looked sad yet happy as he stroked the baby’s head and sat down beside me.

He began to talk to the them like they were alive. I just stayed quiet after he asked me questions about how my mother is doing or when I’m going to college. The smell was still there, but i held my breath and let my eyes water. After about an hour or longer, He began to sob softly.
“Delilah tried to leave me with the kids 3 years ago. I didn’t want her to leave. We have so many memories together. And we have two beautiful kids! I didn’t want to lose them.”
He held something to his forehead before standing in front of me. The object was a gun and i wasn’t sure if he was going to me or himself at first.
I’m just so f*****g lonely.” He gulped as something was moving on the floor above us.
“They’ve been asking for you. They miss you. But You’re just going to leave like they tried. Ill make you stay.”
I shook my head and basically begged for my life. He pointed the pistol at me. A loud bang, but not gun. Someone grabbed him. His dead son grabbed him and Wrestled with him. His hands around the gun right before the gun shot me in my shoulder. I passed out from shock i think, but i woke up in the hospital with my mother beside me. She cried over me and I didn’t even react. Maybe it was her who saved me, but why did i see daniel grab him? I tried to ask my mom about who saved me. She ignores the question all the time. I don’t know why.


  • Taylor Lee

    Wow that was amazing!

  • Caryn

    Once I got to the phrase “I seen..” I knew the story would be crap. Really, use correct grammar and proof read your s**t dude. This one was just full of basic grammatic and phonetic errors. I seen…I just can’t…

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  • Lawrence-dale Calderon

    Either he became a zombie or god gave him a second chance

  • Kelsey

    Had it not had the dead baby involved, I would’ve liked it alot more. It was a good story, I just didn’t like the part about the baby dying…

  • MarshKip Gaming

    Other than a few grammatical errors, top notch.

  • eliana

    Wtf he/she tried have some respect dude

  • eliana

    That was awesome 5 stars