The Dark Web Ch.1 Pig Pie

“Please, you don’t have to do this! I-I swear I won’t tell anyone. Just let me go, I’m begging you!” A woman spouts her tired words merged with trickled sweat that swam down her chapped lips. Tears formed at the upper part of her mouth before sliding into the crease of her lips. Her brunette hair matted to her glistening forehead as she sways her head left to right. Looking around she sees nothing but stained walls of what seemed to be a dirty warehouse. The wear and tear of the building suggested it had been abandoned for quite some time.

She shifts her legs trying to gain any kind of balance to release the pressure squeezing her wrists; wrapped around them were chains caked in rust that holstered her up. She was elevated just enough to have her toes and the top of her underfoot scrape against the grainy floor. A spotlight in the darkness shined right at her face with a small red light blinking next to it. The light blinded her from what was beyond that, all she could focus on was what behind and near her.

“Please, someone help me! Please!” she cried. Only her rapid thoughts responded.

She had no memory of how she got there, or why for that matter. Vanessa Perez was an elementary school teacher and didn’t have any enemies, the worst she had ever done in life was receive a ticket for jay walking once. So what could she possibly have done to deserve this? She looks down at her bare body, in shame she tries to cross her legs to cover her exposed crotch. Even in a moment of such tragedy her modesty still rises to flush her cheeks. A loud buzz is heard from somewhere in the room along with a bang. She squints her eyes to try to see past the light, but all she can do is simply imagine who is in the echoing footsteps of the person getting closer.

Out of the shadows a face appears, or what seemed to be one at first. A person wearing a black hoodie sticks their head out from behind the spotlight, a cracked porcelain mask covered the face. The mask seemed to mold to their features as it changed along with his facial expressions. Making a sad then smiling motion, the mask mimicked the movement. They waved a black gloved hand lightly at her before walking up to her and around her in a circle.

“Please help me, my daughter needs me. Please,” she whispers in a somber tone as if her pleas would actually make a difference. The person observes her up and down, the mask shifting motions from happy to sad, almost as if they were teasing her. The stranger then walks behind her.

Before she can make another failed attempt at reasoning with the stranger, a thick, pungent muck is poured over her head covering almost her entire body. It slides down over her bare, quivering skin as she yells out in fear. Her hoarse vocal cords felt raw and carried pain along with every cry she attempted. An empty metal bucket clings against the floor as heavy footsteps begin to recede. A loud buzz echoes once more, only this time a door to the right of her is heard sliding open. A trampling herd comes rushing in pounding their hooves along the floor with piercing squeals, a very distinguished sound.

Hogs, and lots of them.

Quickly, Vanessa pushes her feet off the ground trying to raise her body out of their path lifting her thick thighs into the air. A group of heated bodies gathered underneath her, fear was instilled into every orifice. Snorting and snipping at the under part of her body, the starved hogs desperately lunge at their awaiting dinner. She musters up the dying strength that wilted in her to hold her weight, only her body was drained of any power long ago. Against her will her legs drop as rough molars begin to dig into her calves separating muscle and bone. A chunk is torn out of one leg as she kicks and screams. One hog bites down on her foot and pulls back dislocating her ankle. Others join in fighting over each other for a taste of the feast. Her fighting legs are torn apart in hard tugs spilling blood across the floor, she cried almost all the way until her torso separated into sloppy pieces over a matter of what felt like hours, but in real time a mere few minutes. Her cold eyes glare into the blinding light as the upper half of her body shakes violently, greedy hogs fight over the rest of their warm meal trying to pull her down.

“Son of a b***h! Is that real?”

The video pauses on the woman frozen on the screen, her ripped torso caught bleeding out in buckets. Maddie spins around in her crooked computer chair with her dark red hair swaying in the motion. “I don’t know, but it looks so, doesn’t it! I mean, you hear the way she screamed? You can’t fake that s**t, I heard a lot of this stuff on the dark web is the real deal. Freakin’ love this!” Her green eyes glistened with sheer joy from her previous view.

Maddie always had a thing for splatter films and gore-hound horror, as she got older she lost interest in the over dramatic movie deaths and wanted to see what was out there in the real world. Through some shady forums she found out about the deep web (Or the dark web depending on how far you search). For a twelve year old girl, she certainly stood out from the rest her age. With an alcoholic father and her mother passing away when she was still pubescent, her home was unruly and wild. She grew a passion for the darker side of humanity at a young age having to see her dad smack around “bar whores” (as he called them), everytime he brought one home. It was usually her task to clean up the blood in the morning while her dad went on another bender as soon as he woke up. The “bar whores” usually collected money for some reason and left in a hurry, something she didn’t understand.

Her best friend, Karla, grew up much different. A strict household with bedtimes and curfews. Karla was home schooled up until fifth grade, heavily sheltered from reality she grew up in a false hope that most people were good, that life was promising, that the world was decent. What a crock of s**t. Apart from them were there other close friends Donald, Matthew, and Sara that completed the circle of their clique. They all attended the same middle school and hung out often at each other’s houses. They routinely had sleepovers together on Saturday nights, mainly at Maddie’s since her dad was usually on a bender those nights looking to get his d**k wet.

Karla rubs her small stomach while sitting on the messy twin size bed, she leans sideways and grabs a giant stuffed duck and squeezes it like it could provide comfort.

“Why you look that stuff up? Don’t you ever have nightmares from it?” she asks.

“Nah, I love this. It even says on this site you can pay to choose how they die, apparently some dude gets his rocks off for pig pie, it’s what her way of dying is called. Hogs are starved to almost the point of cannibalism, then set free to eat a hot meal. Some user called Phantom1976 requested this, sick huh?”

Karla rolls her slender body over towards the opposite direction and slides her hand across the rough wall, an uneasy feeling sweeps over her. “I can’t look at anymore of that stuff, it feels weird, makes me feel sad and queasy. I mean, what if that was someone you knew?”

“Well luckily it ain’t,” Maddie chuckles.

Her door opens quickly as a chubby boy enters the room, he bends down heaving in raspy breaths before looking to Maddie. “Ran all the way here..move over..gotta show you something!”

“Well nice to see you too Donald,” Maddie says while getting out of the chair. She plops down on the creaky bed next to Karla.

Donald gets on the computer and begins typing quickly, he turns out of the way and shows the screen to his friends. Karla turns aside with a hand over her mouth, she fights the acidic vomit forcing its way up her throat. Maddie jumps out of her seat with wide eyes and trembling hands.

An off sounding screech is heard from the monitor, it wasn’t hard to recognize that it was from a girl, a younger one than what was viewed just recently.

Maddie jumps up glaring at the screen and whimpers, “Holy..”

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    I don’t get the ending. Is it a cliffhanger or is there something I missed in the text

    • Ray Ramirez

      Just like a cliffhanger, it’s the first chapter to a series. The ending was rushed and bland but just wanted some kind of opinions before I decided to write more to it

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    You and your cliff-hangers….almost as bad as The Walking Dead lol but I love it 😁😁😁😁

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      Thanks! Walking Dead cliff hangers have got to be the most tense I’ve ever seen, freaking love that show

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        In definitely serious. I’ve been wanting to collaborate with someone for a while and you’re an amazing writer.

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          I really appreciate that! I’d love to make a book with you. Let me know when you would like to talk more about it or start and I’ll give you my email.

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    Is deep web real??

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      Actually things like this do exist, and it can be very dangerous to go on there. Youtube has a ton of videos about encounters on it and what people have seen, but I would suggest to never try to actually go on the deep web.

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    that’s the most AMAZING thing I’ve read in YEARS!

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