It’s in My Dreams

I sure you’ve all seen it before, that silhouette from the corner of your eye. That shadowy figure looking at you with its purple and black fuzzy face. But when you blink, it’s gone?

I know how you feel. I had the same experience… Only mine didn’t go away.

I sit up in my bed and look around my room, its unrealistically dark, which gives it away: I’m having a dream.

I twist my legs off my bed and stand up, I can’t see my own hands. I walk forward and bump into my black desk chair, cursing myself for being such a goth,¬†literally everything in my room was black or grey, or had a bit of white.

I go to my door, which was about the only thing white in my room. I open it and walk through. My landing is really spaced out so no light could even reach around it. I look right, down where my parents room was.

Something was… Standing there, staring at me with cloudy white eyes.

I remember it’s just a dream, but that also meant I had no control over my body. I take a step towards it, for whatever reason. I’m now face to face with the thing, and it terrifies me.

It looks at me, I can now see it properly. You know that silhouette I was talking about? It looked EXACTLY like that.

I want to run away, to call for help. But something told be I had to keep looking at this thing, no matter what.

But then again, I had no control…

Stupidly, I turn around to run and I feel something prodding in my head, then a massive spike of pain in my scalp. I twist around and there it is, its teeth buried in my head. I hear a crack. Then a crunch.


I sit up in my bed and look around my room, it’s unrealistically dark, which gives it away: I’m NOT having a dream.

Voices call in my head, whispers…






I shake my head, I needed to chill.

I get up out of bed and freeze, seeing something at the corner of my eye, it disappears.

I approach my door and hear something outside. A creaky footstep and heavy breathing.

I pull the handle, and I feel a sickening sense of dread.

I open the door and…



I’m just being paranoid. Silly me.

I step out of the door and look left.

Oh no…

It was there.

It walks towards me and grabs me. I try to resist but my strength is quickly drained. I try to shout but my throat is dry.

It bites me on the head and I try to scream. But then I hear a crack…

…then a crunch.

  • Marso

    Amazing! The fact that the narrator assumed the reader would already know about what the silhouette looked like just added that little something to keep me hooked.

  • wifey30


  • Jed

    2/5 Within an interesting overarching story lies an uninteresting anecdote.