Zwart and Wit

Valenta was a normal highschool girl, she is pure, knows nothing bad, still pure like a baby, always happy, has no problem in live, she’s the optimistic type. Valenta had a crush with a certain boy named Peter. Peter was like the opposite of Valenta, Peter had problems in his live, but he always forget them when he sees his love smile, but it’s such a coincidence that they both liked each other.

Valenta was described white while Peter was black.

Valenta was always trying to make Peter happy, and peter will always protect her, but their happy lives was changed in just one incident…



“Valenta, you always had the love from mom and dad, you were happy when I was left alone.”

Tears were forming in her eyes, she saw death, death of her own parents.

“I wish you a good afterlife my beloved sister.”

Her brother was slowly walking towards her, with a knife in his hand, she can’t stand it no more, she snatched the knife from his brother hands, she pinned him down to the ground and stabbed him multiple times in the chest, she was crying non stop.  She looked at his brother laying there lifeless, her hand was stained with blood and also her clothes. She backed away while crying, with her bloody clothes on her, she ran away from the house. Thankfully it was midnight so no one is in the streets. But somehow, even when she didn’t notice, she felt pleasure while stabbing her brother.

“What have I done!?!?”

She ran and ran, she bumped into someone. Her tears formed again, Peter was the person she bumped into, she hugged him and start crying and tell him everything.

“I’m a monster.”

Peter was shocked at the moment but he comforted her, he pulled her into his embrace telling that everything is fine.

“Shhhh… It’s not your fault.”

“But why are you being nice to me? I’m a monster.”

He kneeled down and cupped her cheeks making her look to his eyes,

“Because I love you.”


Peter was ditched by his own parents so he lives alone,

“Thank you so much for taking me in, Peter.”

“No problem.”

Valenta is now living at Peter’s house, she still goes to school, but rumors about her and a family spreads like a wildfire.

“I heard she killed her family cause she didn’t get what she wants.”

“I heard she forced Peter to let her stay with him.”

“What a monster.”





She became a bully victim at school, she didn’t want to drag Peter into her problem, even when he said to tell him, but she always hide it with a smile, but Peter felt something odd.


“You monster, you should just die.”

“You are better off getting killed instead.”

She cried, she was bullied by almost everyone at school, even her friends betrayed her. She felt an urge to kill, but she doesn’t want to do the same mistake again.

Peter who was passing by heard her cried and people insulting her, he took a cutter from his pocket that he used before. He went to the source of the sound.

“Leave her alone.”

He said.

“Why? She’s a monster, join us instead,” one of them said.

“Didn’t you hear me? Leave her alone!”

“And what are you going to do about it?”

Peter ran towards them and stabbed them, there was only one more person left unharmed. The girl who was unharmed backed away slowly with fear in her eyes, Valenta was shocked.

“I gave the honor to you love.”

Peter said while handing the cutter to Valenta, she gladly took it and cut the girl’s throat, she smiled, she laughed maniacally.

“That was beautiful, right Peter?”

“It was dear,” he responded while patting her head, their clothes was stained in blood, Valenta was wearing a beautiful white dress, while Peter wore a black hoodie.

“Here you go, your own weapon.”

Peter handed her a pair of scissors.

“It’s still very sharp. Do you like it sweetheart?”

“I love it! Thank you Peter.”

“Your welcome sweetie. Don’t  you want to change your clothes? It’s stained with blood.”

“Nah… I like it like this, isn’t it better?”

She asked, Peter gave her a smile.

“It is, now let’s get out of here dear.”


Valenta hugged his hand and walked away with him.


A student who passed by saw the dead body that Peter and Valenta left behind, he quickly tell the teacher. The faculty called the police and they started the investigation, they checked the security camera and saw a girl with long black hair wearing a white dress, and a boy with dark brown messy hair wearing a black hoodie and a pair of blue jeans killed the students.

Weeks passed and more people was killed, the witness said the killer was 2 teenagers who seemed to be around 15. People doesn’t know who are these killer and what are their motive. People called them “Zwart and Wit” which is black and white in Dutch that represents the girl cheerful personality and the boy who is always seemed isolated and it also represents what they always wear.

If you see a girl with Raven black hair with a white dress, or either a boy with dark brown hair with a black hoodie, try to avoid them.


“Hey there, what is a beautiful girl doing here alone?”

“I’m waiting for my boyfriend, now leave me alone.”

“Sassy huh? Why don’t you play with me?”

“I’m sorry but I lost my scissors.”

As the boy was confused by her answer, a by with dark brown hair appeared,

“Hey love, here’s your scissors.”

“Thank you, would you please join me dealing with this guy?” she said taking the pair of scissors,

“With pleasure my love.”

The boy took out a cutter out of his hoodie and the girl walked towards the other guy with her while playing with her scissors. They both cornered him and they both gave him a creepy smirk.

“Hope you have a good time in afterlife.”

That is the last thing he heard before a sharp blade slit his throat.

  • Stephanie Reynolds

    I really like the premise of a killing couple, but make sure you’re proofreading as there were a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. Also, it doesn’t really make sense that they didn’t know who they were. I would imagine that only two kids that fit that description went missing at that school. Keep writing, you’ve got a great imagination!

  • Ari

    like dis if yu cry evrtim