You are Lucky Boy, You Got Away

It was a Friday afternoon. I was playing with my friends in the sand that they just unloaded from a truck for the construction of this building near my house which was a few blocks away. It was a sunny day. I felt tired and went to a store which was in front of the construction building to ask for some water to drink. The store keeper was a friendly old man. He gave me some water and I sat down on the bench to drink.

I was taking rest and a lady came to the store to purchase few things. I don’t remember much about what she purchased. I’ll tell you the reason in the end. The lady had long black hair and brown skin, but she was beautiful. She looked at me and smiled, and I smiled back. Suddenly a man came and called her “Maya,” and he said, “it’s time to come,” and the lady went with him.

I was wondering what would it be, but I had taken rest. I felt good, so I went back to play with my friends. We all were leaning on the sand, rolling from the top to bottom and enjoying our day. Anyways, there was another house at the corner of the street may be two blocks away. A man came from there and asked us that he needs help in pulling a rope. We thought we need to pull some luggage to the top.

Me and my friends went with him. He went in and told us to stand out, then he gave us a rope and told us to pull. We were outside the house standing near the wall, the gate was closed, the house had a garden were there was a coconut tree. It was small, maybe 15 feet in height. We started pulling the rope and we were having fun doing this, but what we didn’t knew is we were pulling a stone to the top of the coconut tree, and the pulley was on the top. Below the pulley, there were three sheeps tied to three sides of the tree. I don’t know how exactly this person managed to  tie the sheeps in the middle of the trunk, it was as if the sheeps were hanging but they were not, he had given them support. And above the sheeps there were three axes which faced on the throat of the sheeps.

We didn’t knew what exactly was happening, we were just told to pull, and as the stone went on the top, he said us to leave the rope, and so, we left the rope and the stone fell, in such a systematic way that the axes cut the sheeps throat in a single shot. We got so scared but curious of what was happening. We just saw the sheep’s heads were hanging and bodies fell. We wanted to see, so I started peeping from a gap of the gate and wall. And what I saw scared the s**t out of me. I was so terrified. It was the lady from the store, she was sitting under the tree, her hair were open, red powder on her forehead, and she had red and yellow colour circle surrounding her. In the middle was a small bonfire, and there were some skulls and bones of humans.

I could understand that it was some sort of ritual, but I was terrified. I could see the blood of the sheep on her head, and she went on taking each body of the sheep and drinking the blood like one drank water from the bottle. I was so terrified, she kept drinking. I couldn’t take my eyes of her, they were stuck, but suddenly her eyes fell on me. I looked in her eyes, so demonic. She suddenly got up and ran towards me. I started running to my house.

All my friends had vanished, I don’t know what happened, even the store keeper wasn’t there. The public street had gone empty in a snap. I started running, she came following me, her open hair were all on her face, her face was covered in blood, it was a terrifying look. I reached my house and jumped inside as the door was open. My mother was praying with her eyes closed and I went behind her and hid myself. The lady stopped near the door, she didn’t come inside, I don’t know why, but she said me these horrific words giving me a terrific look, and laughing at me which I can never forget in my life.

“You are lucky boy, you are very lucky, you got away,” she kept on repeating these words many times. I was terrified, scared to death, and I suddenly woke up. It was all a dream! God, I was sweating, I couldn’t move my legs or hands. I was paralyzed for few minutes. I calmed myself down telling myself that it was a dream, but I still wonder some times. Why did she tell that I was lucky, and I come to the conclusion myself, that I hid behind my mom, who was praying. Remember I said I don’t remember the things the lady purchased? I never got that dream again, but the house and places, THEY ARE ACTUALLY REAL.