My name is officer Michel. I found this notebook in the woods when we where try to solve a house burning down and the murder of 50 people. I read the story to my boss and strange stuff started happening. Voices, shadows, and being watched. I’m telling you the story just in case something happens to me.

I just want to tell you that what I’m going to say will sound crazy. It started Oct 17 2018 1:00pm. It was my birthday, I was turning 15. My mom, dad, sister and annoying little brother were riding in the car. I told them it stinks moving my old street. I just put in my head phones in my ears. One hour later, we made it to the house.

It was old and ruined. It gave me the creeps but I opened a door to me and my brother’s room. I closed the door anchor unpacked then a book fell. I read it. Found pictures of the old family and a man and the dark back ground wearing a suit was standing there. I closed it and went to bed.

I wake up at 12 seeing the man down on the street. I had nightmares of a thing with black skin, a gray hoodie, and with yellow glowing eyes. Nothing but yellow was in the eyes and it said, “Tick tock tick tock tick tick.” I stand there confused then it told me the time will come. I wake up hearing my mom call me for lunch. After that, my mom ask me to pick up some milk, I nicely say, “Sure,” then head off. I get the milk from the store and leave then these kids tell me to give them every thing on me or I will pay. One of them pulled out a switch blade. I told them no one comes to kick me but I punch him in the jaw the tall kid comes and try to put my hands behind my back but I grab a metal pop on the street and break his legs. Them with the switch blade comes and aims for my gut but miss. I get on top of him and punching over and over again. I blacked out and I was told I punch that kid almost to death.  I go home. I worry what will happen if it happens again.

That night the kids break in and attack. They took me and a kid had thrown me in a campfire burned me badly. The cops came but they said before they left, “We are not done with you.” I black out, waking up in the hospital bed. The doctors told me what happened. There was covers wrapping my body. The doctors took my a mirror and showed me what happened. My skin was all black. It was quite the ride home.

The kids came back they burned the house. They came in. I was filled anger. I charged one the kid tried to kill me. I grabbed his body, held it while I shoved it into one of the flames. Another kid charged but a black thing came from my back. I grabbed him and threw him down a burning stair case. Last kid I shoved the knife in to him. I had in mirror, yellow glowing eyes and hanging. On the tree out side was a gray hoodie and the tall pale man.

Oct 18 2018, Michel was found with a hole died after saying the words YELLOW.

  • Sinestro

    This one is really rough. You may want to look into proof reading before you post.

  • Bobby Peksenak

    If ur officer Michael how are u only fifteen….

  • Julian

    This reminds me of a rough draft. The plot seems unclear. Might recommend getting help from a beta reader or proof read the story yourself before posting them.