They Imprint Among Us (CH 12) Light Like Fireflies

KANTHOS CITY OF SIN (300 years ago)

Fay squinted her eyes. Pure exhaustion has made its way into her body. Almost 24 hours of training had commenced since Aidan’s last real break. He was determined. The young vampire stood behind the reinforced door panting with his fists clinched from frustration.

The large steel room he stood in was unscathed from his training. The training grounds stood outside the building. Inside Fay conducted controlled exercises, and monitoring of each individual warrior to analyze and unlock potential.

She has seen something different with Aidan. Theylnn had personally requested his training to be secured and excluded from the others. At least until he could be understood. He had the highest T cell count anybody has ever seen. Fay would find a way to channel this. She was fascinated by his eyes. She simply had to know why he was so different.

On the outside fay noticed he was no different than the other childling vampires. He was more introverted than the rest. But this wasn’t exactly uncommon. All she could think about was how he displayed such raw energy merely days old. He hasn’t since though. She was worried it may have been a fluke. Not all child fighters unlock their potential.

But still… A T cell count this high…. There was no way he was a fluke. She had to push him. She needed to push Aidan harder than the others. Fay stood up from her chair, and rubbed her eyes. This was enough training for the day. They had gotten nowhere. They would have to try again tomorrow.

“OK Aidan… Let’s take a break. We can start over tomorrow.” Fay said masking the disappointment in her voice.

Aidan dropped his shoulders. A frown formed on his face as he wiped away the days sweat from his forehead. He slowly made his way out of the training simulator.

“I don’t know… Maybe I’m not cut out for this.” Aidan said softly. He looked up at Fay ashamed. The tension was high. All eyes were interested in their training sessions. Aidan was expected to be great. So far he fell short. He was slower than the others. He couldn’t do half as much as the other childlings.

Fay smiled, and placed her hand on his shoulder, “This takes time Aidan. You won’t achieve this in a day. Be patient young one, you’ll get there.” she softly spoke.

“Yeah but Ira can already shift. He unlocked his abilities. He’s faster, stronger, and he knows it.” Aidan said.

“Ira doesn’t have the potential you have. He also never conjured fire, or moved metal when he was an infant like you did.” Fay said.

“I don’t understand.” Aidan barked.

“What don’t you understand?”

“What am I Miss?” Aidan asked.

Fay frowned. She knew where this was going.

“Ira is a shifter. Esra has super strength. Others have fire abilities, electricity, but what about me? I can’t do anything. I’ve heard your stories about when I was a baby, but Ira says nobody has more than one type. You said I had two.” Aidan said sulking.

“Don’t worry about what Ira says. Ira… Like many others…. Are only afraid of what they don’t understand.” Fay said, removing the electrodes from Aidan’s body and head.

“It’s hard not to though. They make fun of me, and call me names.”

“Aidan…. By the time we’re done here…. Ira will regret everything he’s ever said to you.”

“Do you think I’ll ever be able to beat him?” Aidan asked.

Fay chuckled, “If you are what I think you are… you’ll never even have to fight him.”

Aidan smiled, and wrapped his small arms around her, and squeezed her tightly. She hugged him back, and brushed the hair from his eyes.

“Now get some rest little one. We have much to do tomorrow.” Fay said

Aidan stepped outside. The cool breeze felt refreshing on his over exerted body. He had been training for hours. He was on the verge of collapse as it was. He had a strong desire to be better. He had To. He had watched the other childlings train. He was envious of them.

Ira was a bit older than him, and was the leader of the pack. Of the 200 childlings in training, he was the strongest. There was a ranking system. Unfortunately Aidan was near the bottom. He had been at it for a long time, and was still unable to get much better.

Fay had faith in him. She was like a mother figure. He loved her. He wanted to make her, and Theylnn proud. They told him he had the potential to do things unlike any others. He couldn’t see it. He had to try though. It was all he knew.

Fay had placed him in rigorous testing, both psychological, and physical. He had spent hours trying to recreate the fire they said he had done, and failed every time. He had spared with trainers, and was mediocre at best. Aidan grew frustrated. It was His friend and Co trainer Tessa who kept him going the most.

She was no older than him but gave even Ira a hard match. She was a water conjuror, and she was beautiful. Her and Aidan had become friends during training exercises. While others had laughed at his failed attempts, and sparring losses, she would always encourage him to be better.

She had unlocked her abilities almost immediately after her training had begun. She was fast, and fierce on the sparring ground. Tessa had bright green eyes, and dark charcoal hair with bangs that brushed her eyes. She was a promising warrior. It was predicted she would soon pass Ira, and he knew it. Her thin framed body made it easy for others to underestimate, and she often uses it to her advantage.

The day was done. Other childlings were making their way back to the domiciles. Aidan stepped into the pathway, sore, and fatigued. He made his way towards his sleep quarters when he heard brisk footsteps running up behind him.

He turned fast, but not fast enough. He was flung to the ground hard. He rolled over only to see young Tessa on top of him, and she quickly pinned him to the dirt.

“Gotcha!” she said, flashing her fangs in a devilish grin.

“Get off!” Aidan said giggling.

“I don’t know… I kind of like seeing you like this.” she teased.

She sprung up, and helped the sore and tired boy to his feet. Aidan brushed off the dirt. She could tell he was tired.

“Did you make any progress today?” she asked.

“Some. But not enough. I’m starting to think Fay is getting frustrated.” Aidan replied.

“I doubt that. She knows you are powerful. You’ll get there. Just keep at it.” Tessa said cheerfully.

“Everyone keeps saying that.” Aidan replied bitterly.

“So…” Tessa said, grabbing his hand.

“I wanna do something. Come on.”

She pulled him down the path. At the far end there was a mass of shrubbery that had a small clearing. This was their secret spot. They often sat there together on late nights. They would share secrets and laugh. It was a good way to escape the stress from training.

She pulled him in, and peered back to make sure nobody was following them.

“what is it Tess?” Aidan said confused.

“I was thinking… You know how we’re supposed to imprint with a human when we get older?” she asked sitting down in front of him.


“Well… What if we don’t? I mean… What if we both don’t, or one of us doesn’t?” she asked.

“You will… Tess you are beautiful. If anyone doesn’t it would be me. I mean look at me.” Aidan said pointing to his eyes. “I’m a freak.”

“No… You’re not. I love your eyes Aidan. They make you unique. I was hoping that…. You know… In case we don’t… We could maybe be together.” she nervously said.

“What do you mean?”

“We don’t exactly need humans. I mean who cares as long as we can always have this.” she said grabbing his hand.

Aidan smiled, and held her hand. “yeah You’re right. Who needs humans? ” he said.

“Then let’s make a vow. If we don’t imprint when we grow up we will be together forever OK?”

“Yeah sure.” Aidan said

“But we have to seal the deal… Let’s mark each other so we never forget.” Tessa softly spoke.

Tessa inched forward, and leaned into Aidan slowly, allowing her fangs to press firmly above his shoulder at the neckline. She pressed down, biting into him. Aidan flinched as she bit deeper into him, and held on. Small amounts of blood dripped down his shirt, and onto the ground below.

A warm sensation overwhelmed him. Never has he felt this feeling before. What was this? He rested his head onto hers as he allowed her to softly drink from him. A soft moan escaped her throat as she clinched down harder. As she pulled away, she had a strange look in her eyes. It was as if she had discovered something amazing for the first time.

Saying nothing, Aidan pulled her to him, and repeated the process. She wrapped her arms around him as he drank from her. He drank slowly, as to not hurt her. Her liquid life tasted sweet to his senses. A mixture of hot copper, and sugar, intoxicated him. As he pulled away they both sat there staring at one another ignoring the blood on their lips. There eyes darted left and right like mad ping pong balls dancing in a gravity free world.

Aidan once again learned in. Tessa met him halfway, and they kissed intensely. Aidan pulled her body close, and she yelled excitedly from the sheer force of the pull. A static sound popped into the atmosphere around them, as small yellow sparks lit up, and danced like fireflies around them before burning out.

Tessa pulled back shocked at what happened. Her eyes grew wide as she looked at Aidan who was unaware of what was happening.

“Oh my god! Aidan! Look!” she said pointing at his hands.

Aidan looked down only to see a soft yellow glow illuminating them. Small sparks were flashing in all directions. His whole body seemed to be covered by this. His eyes flashed a blinding yellow before fading black again.

“What is this!?” Aidan said alarmed.

Aidan looked around them. They were both encased in bright yellow floating sparks of electricity. They Danced, weightless around them. Tessa giggled, and held out her hand to them. They pushed away simultaneously like two positive ends of a magnet.

“It’s amazing!” she cried aloud.

She learned in and kissed Aidan deeper. The excitement from her touch caused him to glow as the electricity swirled, and crackled around them.

“The High lords spoke of tiny flying creatures on earth remember? They said they were lightning bugs… Or fireflies remember? This must be what they are like. Aidan… This is beautiful… You… Are beautiful. Everything about you is a gift.” Tessa said.

“What am I?” Aidan asked.

“A miracle.” she replied.

The sudden sound of laughter haulted their moment. The glow around them faded to darkness. There were multiple voices outside the shrubbery laughing and whispering to one another. Aidan could tell one of them was Ira.

“You’re a miracle Aidan!” Ira mockingly laughed.

“Come here!” he yelled reaching in, and grabbing him by his shirt pulling him out.

“Stop it Ira! You’re such an a*****e!” Tessa yelled, rushing out behind Aidan.

Ira pulled Aidan up to his feet. His crowd of Childlings were all laughing behind him. Ira flashed a smile, and looked over at Tessa who was seething in anger. He pulled Aidan’s head to the side exposing his fresh puncture wounds before Aidan slapped his hand away.

“Aww look guys…. They made a blood bond.” Ira barked.

They erupted in laughter. Aidan could feel his blood start to boil. He clinched his fists together.

“You two are lovers now? Figures. The outcast, and the freak have already figured out they’ll never imprint.” Ira said

“Just leave us alone! Why do you always have to be such a piece of s**t?!” Tessa yelled.

“Piece of s**t?! Me? No… You see Tessa. Little demigod here is the piece of s**t. If it wasn’t for you Theylnn would realize I’m the strongest warrior with the most potential. Not you. For some reason he’s obsessed with you because your godless eyes. But he’s mistaken! You’re just a freak! A weak orphan!” Ira yelled

Aidan shoved Ira back, and took a swing as hard as he could. Ira dodged his swing, and shifted into his crow form. He flew circles around him, and shifted back into himself behind him grabbing him by his collar, and threw him to the ground hard.

“Ira! Stop!” Tessa yelled. She held up her hand with the threat of using her ability. Ira smirked and held up his hands, surrendering mockingly.

“You going to fight his battles now?” he laughed.

“Tessa don’t.” Aidan said. “I can handle him myself.”

“Right… You’ve never beaten me. You’d s**t yourself In the face of danger. How could you expect to be a warrior when you couldn’t even handle a single feral?”

“I can beat you Ira… And if I wanted… I could beat 100 ferals without even using my hands!” Aidan yelled

The crowd ripped out in laughter as Ira stood there shaking his head. “then let’s prove it.” Ira said

“What do you mean?” Aidan asked confused.

“There’s a spot at the west wall. You can squeeze under it to an embankment just on the outside. There’s always at least one stray feral out there.”

Ira casted a devious gaze at his friend’s, and then turned back to Aidan and Tessa. “if you’re so brave then why don’t you go and kill it? Prove you are who the high lords say you are.” he said

“You don’t have to prove s**t Aidan.” Tessa said with a worried look.

Aidan bit down on his lip. Ira had a grin on his face. He knew this was a test. Aidan was sick of being bullied by the childlings because he was different. He would kill this feral, and show them all.

“Show me!” Aidan growled

Ira smirked, “Right this way demigod.”

The whole crowd made their way across the training grounds, with Aidan and Tessa in the rear. Eventually they made their way to the west wall, and Aidan spotted fresh soil loosely packed at the rear of the wall. Someone dug it down to expose an exit to the outside, and loosely filled it back in.

On the opposite side lay a large embankment of soil. Often ferals would stumble upon it and slowly die. The lords deemed them no threat as they usually stumble back into the pits or starve to death. The very few who know about it, see it as an opportunity to train with live bait.

“Come on.” Ira said digging the soil out to expose an exit. One by one the group crawled underneath until Aidan stepped up, and flashed a concerned look towards his disapproving friend.

“You don’t have to do this Aidan.” Tessa said.

“But I do. I have to show them, I’m sick of being called weak.” he said.

“I’ve got your back then. Whatever happens please don’t be ashamed to ask for my help if you need it OK?”

Aidan nodded his head, and crawled through the hole to the outside with Tessa at his heels. The crowd all stood together with Ira at the front. His eyes were casted toward the pits.

At the far west tip of the embankment, stood a lone feral with its back facing them. It was staring out into the darkness. It hadn’t noticed the group of childlings behind it. This was Aidan’s chance.

“Here’s your shot demigod. Kill it, and no helping either Tessa. This is Aidan’s fight.” Ira said.

“To the death then.” someone yelled from the crowd

Aidan nervously stepped out onto the embankment trying to ponder an approach. “remember your training” he said to himself as he slowly stepped forward.

As he neared, the feral perched his head up, and started sniffing at the air around him. It must have gotten a whiff of their scent. Aidan swallowed hard and advanced.

He clinched his fist tight, and prepared to give it a surprise attack. If he could just trip it up enough, he could shove it into the pits for a mucky black death. Before he could swing the feral turned around fast, and caught Aidan off guard with a hot sharp swipe across the left ear.

“AHH!” Aidan yelled out in pain, stumbling backwards almost losing his footing. He caught himself before he fell, but not before he saw another sharp claw come across his right cheek. The familiar hot sticky heat dripped from his face.

This time Aidan fell to the ground hard. The feral let out a gutteral growl of madness, and he flung his body like a ragdoll in his direction. In mere moments it would tear him apart unless he could make a move… And fast.

Aidan could hear the crowd laughing behind him. In a panic he held his arms up to prepare for another set of sharp claws. He clinched his body tight expecting an immense amount of pain… But the pain never came.

He looked up only to see a large stream of water forcing the feral beast back. It’s feet were sliding back slowly as it resisted the blast, trying to continue forward.

“AIDAN BACK AWAY!” Tessa yelled as she advanced.

Both her hands were pointed at the feral spraying continuous streams of water. She grunted as the streams widened to force it back farther. The feral fought back pushing as hard as it could to advance but the force of her stream was to powerful.

In one last effort she pushed forward hard, and sent the beast tumbling into the dark black pits. It howled out in panic as it splashed in the muck. Within moments the black death consumed it, spreading across its disfigured face, and into its mouth.

The feral let out a wet gagging sound as it suffocated. Finally it fell still, and the darkness dragged it into the deep unknown beneath the pits.

Aidan sat up on his elbows trying to absorb what just happened. He was soaked from Tessa’s blast. She stood above him, her arms still outstretched, and was breathing deep and hard.

“That doesn’t count!” Ira yelled.

“We’re done with this! He could have been killed Ira! Tessa yelled back.

“I told you not to interfere with this! This only proves Aidan is weak! You’ve all seen it! Aidan has to have help with one single feral!”

“Whatever! We are leaving! We don’t give a s**t what anyone thinks! Tessa yelled.

She extended her arm to Aidan, and helped him to his feet. “Come on Aidan let’s go before we get caught out here.” she said.

Aidan nodded, feeling embarrassed he couldn’t even kill one. The shame hit him like a knife to the chest. They would never let him live this down. Aidan looked over at Tessa. She was amazing. There was a fierceness in her eyes. She would make a great fighter yet. Thank goodness he was on her side.

“Oh no! You don’t get to just leave!” Ira yelled angrily. He stood between the wall, and Tessa with his fists tightened.

“Move Ira… Now.” she growled

“Or what?” he taunted her.

“Or else I’ll be eating crow tonight!” she barked.

Ira let out a laugh as he stepped forward towards her. His eyes were lost to the madness. He wanted a fight. He went to speak, but was cut off by a loud shriek from the distance.

Alarmed, they all turned towards the pits. A large pack of ferals were running towards them. Somehow they evaded the pits as if they could see the path they were running on. Some fell off, while others toppled over eachother trying to make their way to the embankment. They must have been drawn to the sounds. It was the largest horde they had ever seen.

“Where the hell did they come from?!” Tessa yelled.

“We’ll continue this later Tessa. This is far from over. Everybody get the hell out of here!” Ira yelled to the pack.

Everyone took off running, and screaming towards the wall. Tessa grabbed Aidan’s hand, and took off behind the group. One by one they pushed under the wall as fast as they could. The horde grew closer with each second. At this rate some of them wouldn’t make it.

“Go faster! Faster!” Tessa yelled at the group, who were clawing past each other trying to squeeze through the hole. Ira was at the heel of the group, he peered back at Tessa, and Adian who were in the rear, and smirked at them.

As the group thinned out, Ira turned around and swiftly kicked Tessa in the chest hard. She flew back several feet, and rolled to her side clutching at her chest trying to rebound.

“Good luck lovers!” he said, and shot Aidan an evil smile. He quickly crawled through the hole, and was out of sight.

“Tess!” Aidan yelled out. She stood up dazed, and let out a scream as the horde made land, and made their way towards her.

“Aidan just go! Run! You have to go now!” she screamed.

“No! I’m not leaving you!” Aidan yelled, and ran towards her as fast as his legs would take him.

He was stopped short by a hard blast of water that pushed him back.

“No! Don’t try it! You’ll die!” she yelled, and turned towards the horde. Almost immediately she was swallowed by the beasts.

“No! Tessa!” Aidan yelled as he helplessly watched his friend being torn apart. Tessa let out a blood curdling scream as the feral vampires bit, and clawed at her flesh. They pulled her helplessly to the ground. All Aidan could see in the madness was sprays of blood, and vampires falling over each other trying to get to her.

Aidan’s face became hot with tears. His knees felt weak. His chest was heaving in a panic as he cried out for his friend.

“Tessa! No! Please! Please! Stop! You’re killing her!” he cried out.

Aidan’s whole world fell apart. In that moment all he could see was her. All his fear melted away, and was replaced by rage. His body tensed up. His vision became clouded with tears. Why her? She didn’t deserve this. She was the only one who accepted him for who he was.

Then his thoughts turned to Ira. The murderer. This was his fault. He pictured his face… Mocking him… Teasing him. You’re just an orphan. You’re weak. You’re nothing. You can’t even kill one.

“That’s enough!!!!!!!!!” Aidan screamed at the top of his lungs.

Spotlights shined over the horde of vampires. A flock of crows were overhead, indicating kanthos was now aware of what was happening. Aidan stood there screaming. His fits of rage exploded from him in the form of raw energy.

All the lights in the City flickered, and then dimmed as Aidan threw his arms out to the side. “I said stop it!” he yelled. He bore his deathly fangs, as sparks of electrical current erupted from body in violent spasms. His eyes grew into a fierce red, and yellow.

His feet lifted from the ground, and he slowly rose high above the city. Flashes of lightning cracked like whips across the sky in a violent electrical storm. Bolts of electricity shot from Aidan, killing the vampires one by one. They screamed as they fell over, instantly dead from the currents.

Aidan let out another violent cry, and flames swirled in a frenzy around his body as he levitated high in the sky. Fire, and lightning, blasted at the horde of vampires until it was thin enough to see Tessa laying there motionless, and a bloody mess.

Aidan looked to his right at the city of kanthos below him. He could see every vampire in the city all staring up at him stunned. Ira was nowhere to be found.

Aidan raised his hands high. Suddenly every feral vampire both alive, and dead shot into the sky, and started spinning like a tornado around the young black eyed warrior. Screams of terror, and death funneled around him as fire burned the bodies into black ash.

Finally after a few moments, the last of the screams faded away. All that remained were lifeless bodies flailing around him. Aidan lowered his arms, and they dropped like flies, splashing into the pits. He dropped down to the ground, and ran to his friend praying she was still alive.

He held her head in his arms. She was hardly recognizable. The feral vampires had ended her life. “I’m so sorry Tessa!” Aidan screamed, holding her tightly.

He started sobbing for his friend who gave up her life to save his. He pulled her into his lap, and started rocking back and forth while staring into the darkness of the pits.

Suddenly, he felt a hand gently touch his shoulder. He looked up to see Fay sadly looking at him

“Aidan?” she gently said.

“It’s my fault Fay! It’s all my fault! I wasn’t fast enough to stop them.” he sobbed.

“She’s gone Aidan. She’s gone.” she said

Aidan placed her down, and threw himself Into her holding her tightly. Fay turned around to see Theylnn, and the high lords staring at his mess in amazement. Never has anyone seen a display of that much power at once.

“Come on. Let’s get back Aidan. It’s not safe out here.” Fay said, kissing the top of the grieving vampires head.

The walk back was painful. Aidan kept his head down as he made his way back down the path to the science lab with Fay. All eyes were on him as they walked. Some vampires whispered to one another, and pointed.

“I know you are hurt right now, but be prepared to explain yourself Aidan. Be prepared for a lot of attention. I may not be able to keep you safe from whatever happens.” Fay cautiously said to him.

Fay opened the doors, and already there was a crowd of scientists all standing by. The High lords were present as well all talking among one another about the events that took place moments ago.

“have a seat in the study room Aidan. Whatever you do… Be honest OK?” Fay softly said. Aidan simply nodded to her. He was to sad to speak.

As Fay shut the door she looked back at the grieving vampire. “Aidan… I’m… I’m sorry about Tessa.” she said, and the softly closed the door. Moments later two vampires walked in. Neither spoke a word. They attached probes, and wires to Aidan’s head and body. Then left the room.

Outside the glass Theylnn sat in a chair alongside a vampire Aidan has never seen before. He clicked on the room’s PA system, and static popped from the speaker system.

“Hello… Aidan can you hear me?” Theylnn asked in a blunt voice. Aidan looked up. His face was stone and emotionless. He gave a simple nod.

“Good… Good… First I’d like to apologize for what you witnessed. I am sorry for your loss. I know you and Tessa were close. Secondly, do not be afraid. What you see are wires that read your brain activity, and help us get a better understanding of what everyone witnessed today. The room you are in in impenetrable to the elements. Now… I’d much rather come in there and speak with you instead of being behind this glass. If I were to come in there can you promise me you’d behave?”

Once again Aidan only gave a simple nod.the Pa clicked off, and Aidan watched as Theylnn spoke with the high lords. He could not hear them, but they obviously didn’t want him to go in. Fay stood behind him nervous.

Theylnn made his way in, and shut the door behind him. Suddenly Aidan jumped up and ran to him. Vampires outside the room all jumped up alarmed, ready to defend their high lord, until Aidan wrapped his arms around his waist, and Hugged him deeply.

Theylnn hugged the grief stricken boy, and waved them down. “I’m sorry Aidan. I know this is hard for you. I tend to forget you are still just a child sometimes. Please sit. Let’s talk.” he said.

Aidan sat back down. He wanted to speak, but couldn’t find the words. His head was swimming. All he could see was Tessa. He hadn’t given a single thought to the incredible display of immense power he displayed earlier.

“Aidan… As you already know, you are special. You are unlike any other childling here. Now, when you were born fay had discovered that your T cell count was higher than anyone else’s. At the time we weren’t sure what that meant. But after today… You have confirmed it. You are capable of things beyond the rest of us.”

“Aidan, what you did out there was incredible. Do you understand what happened?” Theylnn asked softly.

“No.” Aidan weakly said.

“You single handedly destroyed a large pack of feral vampires using multiple elemental abilities. Nobody can conjure that much power. You put on quite the show. Do you remember how you did it Aidan?” he asked.

Aidan just sat there staring at the wall in front of him. His face was void of any emotion at all. He was tired. He just wanted to go home, and sleep.

“Was it Tessa?” Theylnn asked.

Aidan nodded. Theylnn thanked him, and then stepped out of the room to speak with the others.

“You need to get more from the child!” Mika barked.

“He’s fatigued Mika… He just lost his best friend. Let him rest. We can try again tomorrow.” he said.

“Well do not forget it was your monster who drew power from the entire city to put on that show! Theylnn, it is our respect for you that allowed him to live. We don’t know what we are dealing with. But we do know that it could destroy us with that kind of power.” Mika said. The two observing high lords behind her were nodding their heads in agreement.

“He is grief stricken. That was what triggered his power. It was loss, not hatred, that fueled him Mika. I sense no Ill intent within him. Fay has been working hard to help him unlock his potential. Tonight, although unfortunate, it has finally happened.”

“You should have destroyed him as an infant. He is a wildfire. If you do not stop him now he will grow beyond our ability to stop him. This is to risky.” Mika said.

Theylnn chuckled.

“What’s so funny?” Mika asked frustrated.

“We cannot destroy him. The scribe wishes to train him himself.” he said

“Lies!” she barked

“Oh? Then ask him yourself. There are big plans with this one. Like it or not, we have the upper hand. He will aid us in this war.” Theylnn said

Mika Scoffed. “how do you know it wasn’t a fluke?”

“Let us see then.” he said.

He walked over to the PA, and clicked it on. “Aidan, Mika thinks what happened was a fluke. Could you please show her she is wrong? Can you show us something please? Do you think you could do it again?” Theylnn asked.

The sad child looked to Fay, who gave him a nod. He took a deep breath, held it, and closed his eyes. Immediately Tessa’s face popped in his view. He saw her. He saw her smile as her face lit up against the soft yellow glow of his light. Little did they know, it was the innocence of youth, the feeling of acceptance, and love, from which he drew his power. He felt it deep within him. Tessa had left him a gift. She showed him strength through compassion. Although she was gone, the warmth of her eyes were burned deep within him. It was his light that moved her.

“Light like fireflies” he whispered

Then he exhaled… And as he did, hundreds of tiny yellow sparks emitted from his glowing body, and danced in the air around him. They danced for her. As he opened his eyes, he saw a room full of open mouthed vampires staring in awe at what they will soon understand to be nothing short of a miracle.

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