White Wolf

Angel had never been so scared in her life. She yelled at the top of her lungs while running faster than she thought was possible for her hefty body to handle. It was coming, the white wolf and it was headed directly towards her.

Fortunately wolves like this one in particular only came out during the light of a full moon and sure enough, one glance at the yellow haze above and there was no doubt it was that time again, some clouds passed in front of it but it didn’t keep it from engulfing the sky with light.

She could have sworn she had played it safe, thinking the next full moon was still a few days away. She read her Farmers Almanac religiously and she didn’t recall it saying that the full moon was tonight. She had some more spells to do and she wasn’t ready for them yet. She must have read the wrong date or something. She thought the moon wasn’t supposed to be full for at least a couple more days. She loved the moon and was a self-proclaimed night owl. It was when she did her best thinking and also when she painted her best art work, always by the dim light of a candle. She felt it was therapeutic to say the least. But tonight she had gotten it all wrong.

She could barely make out the white outline in the dark but it was clear the wolf wanted her right then, and only her. Maybe it was that 20 pounds she had gained recently. She had lost her job recently and had taken to eating more. She not only lost her job but had lost her fiancé too all because of a horrible accident he had been involved in. So between the job loss and the loss of her man she had fallen into a lifeless, deep and dark depression.

She had loved him dearly and she had loved her job at the book store too, but the owner sold her beloved store and much to her dismay she had lost her job along with it. It was too bad. She had worked there for the past 6 years and had loved every minute of it. She was glad however that she had bought so many books to keep for herself. She had purchased one in particular about spells and magic. Actually she had bought many of them about magic and witchery.

She wanted to know as much as possible about the craft, it had always intrigued her. It wasn’t until she lost her fiancé though, that she had finally decided she was tired of being held up by her own home, that had become a dungeon of sorts, and that she needed to open them to see what they were all about. She had nothing to lose. Her Job and fiancé had been ultimately all she had. She was going to turn to a new life and she wanted to find a spell to cast to bring him back to life. She missed him so much and started to wonder if the last spell she had done was ever going to come true or not. She had done every thing the spell had told her to do and still there was no sign of him.

But maybe this wolf in front of her was going to somehow lead her to him. Maybe she shouldn’t be scared after all. His fangs we’re thick and sharp as blades. He growled a ferocious and unmistakable sound of terror into her inner being. She shook and started to run even faster. She was out of breath and sweat was dripping into her eyes. She was having trouble seeing. That expensive mascara she had just bought, that was triple coating her lashes, was sabotaging her efforts of escaping from this mad predator, each time a drop of sweat worked its way into her eyes, she became even more blind.

She turned the door knob as she made it to her destination and into her house as fast as possible, leaving all her groceries scattered among the walkway. This wolf was in no way interested in the steak or canned corn that were peaking out of white plastic bags. She hoped it would like the little cakes that were now scattered all around them, especially since those were her favorite. But of course not. Nope, he wanted her.

He was making himself clear right then for sure. She could feel her heart pounding loudly. It was so loud that it was deafening to her ears. She was next in line and knew this was it for her. The wolf got so close to her that she could smell his musky and repulsive scent, yet oddly familiar. She realized right then and there that this animal only wanted one thing from her. It wasn’t to guide her anywhere. It wanted her for dinner, her meaty body and her red pull over and torn jeans too. It wanted her raven hair and her full red stained lips. It wanted every bit of her being.

She decided to give into the wolf. She wasn’t sure what would come of this. Her life had been nothing but hell anyways. She thought it might not be so bad to go out with a bang. People would talk for decades to come about the gal that was eaten by the wolf. She would in fact leave a sort of legacy behind.

There he was looking at her. He looked rabid. He was huge and that made her laugh. She kept thinking of that Duran song, “Hungry like a wolf”. She sat there with her face to his. She was conjuring up every life moment that had ever happened. But all she could think about was the song and then the movie “Never-ending story”, the scene where the boy was confronted by the wolf popped up in her mind. Suddenly she was five again and scared just like she had been the first time her brother drug her to the movies with him to see it for the first time. That scene haunted her for life and here it was happening again, but this time it was real. This was not a movie, nor was it a song.

She saw that he was creeping himself closer and closer to her. It began to slap its paws at her. It ripped her hoodie into pieces. She remained quite as possible. She hoped she could just thow out a few spells but nothing came to her mind. She then decided that maybe this was not a wolf guiding her to her fiance but maybe it was actually him. Maybe it was jack. She decided to yell Jack’s name out loud.

The wolf began to howl then pant heavily. He paced back and forth in front of her. He suddenly began to convulse and foam at the mouth in mass quantities. He began to drown in the foam and the floor was flooded around him. She looked at him in shock.

It was her Jack. But the spell had went wrong in so many ways. He had not intended her any harm. He was merely trying to find his way back to her. She lay next to him once more. There he was for the last time in her home they once had shared as lovers. She draped her arm around him and shed tears once more into his grey fur. She would never again cast a spell like this. She was living a nightmare now. She knew right then that Jack was gone forever but until then she would sleep with this wolf until sunrise when he would disappear until the next full moon.

  • Richard Cutright

    Very good story. Word use is a bit repetitive, try using more synonyms maybe? Just to mix it up some is all (see how i didn’t say ‘a bit’ again? You got this 👍)

    • Lisa Love Skinner

      Thank you! I will keep that in mind.

  • Lisa Love Skinner

    Thank you!!!