I am the Music Man

Crack! Snap! Me and Tyrone trudge through the woods. It’s getting dark, like really dark. It’s now pitch black and we’re still lost. I have no idea where we are but Ty wants to carry on walking. I follow like always, to scared to do say anything.

Suddenly Ty stops and shouts at me to look up. I do as I’m told and see a large dilapidated church looming down on me. Ty told me that this was what he was looking for, apparently satan worshipers used to worship here. I was petrified, no way was I going in there! But of course Ty made me (like always). He knocked on the door jokingly and asked if anyone was home. The door opened. It freaking opened ON ITS OWN. Like the idiots we were, we walked in.

We walked through a large hallway into a room lined with pews. A huge grande piano stood in the corner silently eerie in the darkness with only our phone to light the way everything looked extra spooky. When we had walked through the aisle Ty saw a door to a cupboard and suggested that we go in (to sleep) I was too tired to disagree so I just nodded.

As soon as I shut the door behind me the piano starts playing. Not a happy song ether, it was creepy and out of tune. Ty looked at me eyes wide with fear. He nodded toward the door and silently stepped toward it. He opened it just enough to see the silhouette of a hunched figure at the piano. I wanted to scream. We were the only ones here I was sure of it but this figure made me rethink. I whispered that we had to get out and immediately regretted saying anything because the piano stopped playing and the figure looked our way. Its eyes glowed in the darkness and it felt like they were staring into my soul. The figure let out an inhuman scream and jumped on top of the piano. Its body was contorted into a weird creature like appearance. Ty slowly mouthed the word run to me and I did. I pelted out of an emergency door that led out back to the graveyard. Unfortunately Ty was not as fast as me and the creature grabbed his ankle and pulled him to his death. I only got a quick glance at the thing but what I saw was horrifying: it had a mouth the size of my face and two pools of light for eyes that a black goo dripped out of.

As soon as I got far away from the church I called 911. When they rescued me I was almost dead from the cold. When I told them my story they took it and believed it! They told me that many hikers had fallen victim to the creature in the church. But each time they try to send people to stop him they disappeared without a trace.

Who knows. Maybe you will be its next victim.

  • Wingman

    Guess I’m not going to church anytime soon.. Cool story!

  • nk

    what does this have to do with music men

  • Whatever-man

    Thanks god and dont entet in satanic churchs in the middle of nowhere

  • Creeper

    Good story