When It Breeds: Part 4

Journal entry: June 11th, 1919

The last time I wrote I’d said I heard a scream and that was a day ago. And here is what happened after my last entry I went outside. To where I heard the scream and this time it was a young child no older than 10 years old.

And there were people surrounding him as he laid there thriving and pain and agony. As I got close well as close as I could do to the police officers and people crowding around him he had that look a fear on his face. Just like black teenage woman I’ve seen days before and the same bloody foam coming out of his mouth as well. And that’s how I knew it had to be the work of The Breed again.

As he was thriving and jerking in pain. Without hesitation, his stomach burst open like some sick twisted bag filled with air. As blood and guts and internal organs launched everywhere and on everyone. And that’s when chaos broke out people screaming and vomiting.

At the grotesque site and as everyone was in a panic they did not see what I saw one of the ugly creatures oozing its way out of the child’s body like a snake slithering its way out of its nest. As it was making its way past everyone’s feet with precision and grace making sure no one would step on it.

So I decided to follow it to see where it would lead me to. And why is it species doing this? So I followed it making sure I wasn’t seeing by it. It took hours of the following end but I finally found it where it was going. It ran into an old mill house that hasn’t been in operation for many years so I look around making sure no one is watching me. And I went inside.

As I went in and looked around it was dark and Dusty cobwebs filled the room like small silk curtains. And the floors beneath me made a symphony of creaks and cracks. I tried to walk quietly I am not to give away my position of the thing I was following. Hoping it would lead me to the rest of the breed creatures.

And that’s where I got my wish when I really shouldn’t have. I made my way down to the basement of the old mill. And that’s where I found a nest the biggest one you would ever see in your lifetime well the biggest one I have ever seen in my lifetime. And as I got closer I noticed within the nest where a series of catacombs.

I would have gone in to see where it lead to. But I was stopped by a loud ear-piercing shriek coming from within the nest. And that’s when I decided to run away and get out of there I was not prepared properly the handle what was that in that place. So I ran back home and grab my gas tin. And some matches and went back to that place.

I started to douse the inside and out with gas making sure no one or none of those things caught me. When I was finished I ran outside and I quickly lit one of the matches. And through it on to the gas soaked building and it went up in ablaze. As it was burning I heard horrible shrieks coming within the burning building. Followed by a pleasing smile upon my face knowing that I did it I had beaten then the wretched creatures known as the breed.

But reward goes without its merits as I thought I had been seen earlier by a passerby and they call the authorities about my suspicion. And I was picked up by an officer and charged with arson. So as I sit here writing this in my jail cell waiting for trial and satisfied with what I did.

But my satisfaction went to dread and then went to fear when I saw one of the officers collapsed to the ground and bloody foam started to come out of their mouth. And some things started to move within their stomach. I’m just going to sit here in my cell for now and see how this plays out I’m signing off for now. May God is with me may God be with all of us.


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